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Shortland Street

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17 - 21 June 2013

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Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

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Monday 17 th June (5267 & 5268)

Seth attempts to rise above the fallout from his public outing by claiming that hes made the hitherto oblivious Rachel and Harper look like fools.

Meanwhile, Brooke is charmed that Boyd understands her efforts to advance his career, despite her failure to make headway.

Harpers in damage control and Brooke, keen to curry favour, is quick to agree to spread the cover story that Harper and Rachel knew about Seth and Henry all along.

However, Brooke thinks it might be politic to realign herself with Seth so secretly offers him her support.

Josh tries to lift his attitude and his game in ED, but is knocked back by TKs patronising attitude towards him.

So he is cheered by a plan to party with Harper.

At the I.V., Josh is unsettled when Harper introduces him to a new acquaintance, Neil Hesketh.

Harper dismisses his concerns and later Josh is drawn in by Neils luxurious lifestyle and agrees to attend a swanky party the following evening.

Jasmine is excited to be close to signing with Lincoln but dreads telling Dayna of her success.

Dayna is gutted and Jasmine feels compelled to bin the contract for the sake of their friendship.

However, following a stinging serve from Ula, Dayna re-thinks and is supportive of Jasmines modelling career.

Despite Wendys attempt to cover, Bella becomes convinced all is not well with her.

When she expresses her worries to Evan, hes dismissive.

Later, when Roimata commiserates with Wendy about her miscarriage, a guilty Wendy admits that she actually had a termination.

Wendy fears that Evan has overheard this and unfairly berates him.

Evan is pulled up when Roimata hints that Wendy has medical concerns.

Thinking Wendy is going through menopause, Evan is sympathetic and offers his support.

However, a surprised Wendy assumes he has found out about about the termination and admits she struggled with the decision.

Evan finally clicks that she's talking about a termination not menopause and he's deeply shocked.

Josh is frustrated when TK wont allow him to treat an injured Neil out of turn.

Ignoring TK, Josh treats Neils cut finger in the carpark, winning his gratitude.

When Josh phones Harper about meeting up to party, Harper ignores the call and distracts TK with sex to protect her association with Josh.

When Harper does finally turn up, she tries to warn Josh off Neil but a slighted Josh chooses to go party with him.

At Neils apartment, Josh is alarmed to find an injured man bleeding out.

Neil refuses to take the man to hospital and implores Josh to help.

With his career potentially riding on this decision, Josh is caught in an impossible position.

Murray okays Jasmine signing the contract. Her happiness is tempered by her concern for Wendy.

She calls Murray and is relieved when Murray claims that nothing is wrong.

Jasmine is further buoyed when Dayna reassures her of her love and support.

When Jasmine has an attack of nerves about a possible modelling job, Dayna is quick to bolster her, encouraging her to accept it.

Seth is unsettled to realise how much professional respect he has lost in the aftermath of his and Henrys outing.

Henry too, is saddened to realise the disapproval Seth feared has now come to pass.

When an opportunistic Brooke tries to firm up her alliance with Seth, he challenges her to prove her worth.

Boyd refuses to play a part in Brookes political ploy, and implores her to give it up.

Crushed by Evans harsh judgment over her termination, Wendy worries that hell tell Bella and Jasmine.

Later, she expresses her fear to Roimata that she has lost both her husband and son.

Roimata is sure that she just needs to give them some time.

Kylie is even more sympathetic towards Wendy when she learns that she, not Jasmine, had the termination.

But Evan cant let his anger go and he rejects an unwell Wendys attempt at a reconciliation.

However, he is thrown into panic when the pain gets too much for Wendy and she tells him to get help.

Tuesday 18 th June (5269)

Wendy is rushed to ED and a fearful Evan calls Jasmine and Bella into the hospital.

However, hes conflicted when he sees how difficult it is for Wendy to reveal shes had a termination.

Hoping it will gain her his support, Wendy is fully honest with Evan.

This is enough to stop him from telling Bella and Jasmine the truth.

Wendy manages to reassure the girls but she worries that all is not well between Evan and Murray.

When Evan is furious with Murray, Wendy intercedes but Evan is unable to let his anger go.

He decides hell be the sole support for Wendy, instructing Murray to stay away.

Josh is left with no choice but to do what he can for the injured Wade.

When Josh reports to Harper, she is horrified and warns that Neil will be back wanting more favours.

Despite her further warnings, a reckless Josh shrugs off her concerns.

Roimata is pleased when Vasa asks her to keep an eye on Ula in her absence.

Meanwhile, tension ensues when Nicole and Vinnie fight their mutual attraction.

To be free of the pressure of living with Nicole, Vinnie volunteers to watch over Ula .

When Nicole learns that hes moving out, she feels a prickle of jealousy which translates as annoyance with Vinnie, who takes it that she wants him gone.

Jasmine chooses to be there for Wendy and flag her modelling assignment.

The Cooper kids plan to treat their mum and Dayna feels sidelined.

When Dayna wants to meet up with her, Ula reluctantly agrees but rejects her invitation to join her in persuading Lincoln to let them substitute for Jasmine.

However, Ula worries about Dayna's reckless attitude.

Determined to get what she wants, Dayna arrives at the photoshoot and throws herself at Lincoln.

Appalled, he pushes her away and moves off to another room.

Ula arrives to find Dayna, upset and hurt. A shocked Ula fears the worst.

Wednesday 19 th June (5270)

Roimatas bemused when she discovers Vinnie fibbed his way into staying at Vasas.

This starts to make sense when she learns that Vinnie and Nicole are hot for each other but fighting it.

When Ula hears about the fledgling romance, shes both keen to get the lovelorn pair together and to avoid having Vinnie watch over her.

Roimata skillfully works on Vinnie and manages to convince him that it would be in everyones best interests if he stays on at Nicoles.

Vinnies pleased that Nicole is happy about him staying on but his romantic frustration continues.

Ulas concerned when Dayna claims that Lincoln assaulted her but doesnt want to do anything about it.

On hearing about this alleged assault, both Jasmine and Evan are sceptical but Ula urges them to find out the truth.

They confront Dayna but she sticks to her story.

Evan and Jasmine go to confront Lincoln. But when they hear his story, they quickly accept that Daynas claim is a false.

Feeling unable to help Dayna, Wendy turns to Daynas mother. But Jennifer is not prepared to come home from overseas.

Feeling for Dayna, Jasmine decides to give up on her modelling career to take on the responsibilty of looking after her troubled friend.

Brooke tries to quash her ambitions for Boyd when he makes her promise to be good.

Josh is appalled when Wade appears at the hospital for further treatment.

Harper insists that Josh pushes Neil to get Wade out of the hospital as soon as possible.

Brooke feels vengeful on Boyds behalf when Boyd picks the wrong moment to alert Harper to his idea of creating a stand-alone cardiothoracic unit.

Coming across Harper and Josh locked in an intense conversation, Brooke thinks they are having an affair.

Brookes snide comment makes Harper fear she knows about Joshs illicit surgery and Harpers cover-up.

Brooke tries to use her newfound knowledge to gain influence with Seth.

Hes not interested but Brooke is intrigued to see that her exchange with Seth has troubled Harper.

When she attempts to press some advantage out of this, she is astounded when Harper agrees to support Boyds cardiothoracic unit in exchange for Brookes silence.

Thursday 20 th June (5271)

Brookes smug after stumbling onto an opportunity to blackmail Harper in order to advance Boyds career.

Meanwhile, Harper is embarrassed at jumping the gun with Brooke and is anxious to find out exactly what she knows.

When TK offers to help with Harpers stressful workload, shes determined not to reveal her vulnerability and backs him off.

Cynical about the value of the information Brookes peddling, Seth leaves Brooke questioning whether theres more to Harper and Josh than shes aware of.

Harper tests Brookes knowledge by bluffing, and is relieved to learn Brooke has no idea that Harper is really covering up illicit operations that Josh has been performing on criminals.

A tired Evan loses faith in his business when he realises how little hes earning for his effort, but hes bolstered by Kylies enthusiasm, and accepts her offer to help ease his cleaning burden.

When an exhausted Evan falls asleep on the job, Kylies sympathetic, and urges Evan to take a night off with her right then and there, and watch a movie at the Warner house.

Evans tempted by the idea of a rest, but more tempted at the thought of making a move on Kylie, but he fears that she still sees him as a kid.

When Kylie reassures that she doesnt feel that way any more, Evan makes his move and is delighted when its reciprocated.

Vinnie tries to divert his feelings for Nicole by using Dallas and Bella as chaperones.

They invite Bella and Dallas to lunch, but their own spark is so much more obvious that Bella and Dallas leave them to it.

Alone with Nicole, Vinnie lets his fear rule his heart.

Kicking himself, he opens up to Dallas, who encourages him to take a risk on wooing Nicole.

When Josh mentions that Vinnie is entertaining a woman at home tonight, and wants him out of the house, Nicoles hurt to think Vinnies moved on.

But when Vinnie offers to cook for her, Nicole is stoked to realise shes the one.

Bella queries whether Nicole fancies Vinnie, but not wanting to create pressure, Nicole protests too loudly that it would never work.

Unfortunately, Vinnie overhears and is crushed.

Friday 21 st June (5272)

Nicole is crestfallen when the romantic night she was expecting with Vinnie turns out to be anything but.

Trying to get to the heart of Vinnies problem, Nicole gets the sense it might be her.

Vinnie vents his frustration when Dallas asks how his romantic night went, and kicks himself for daring to believe Nicole might like him.

He has no option but to accept Dallas advice to move on fast.

Nicole opens her heart to Bella, who instructs her to tell Vinnie how she really feels, but when Nicole tries to seize the day, she comes across Vinnie flirting with a hot nurse, and realises shes missed her chance.

Evan hopes that his night with Kylie might translate into a more formal relationship.

She clearly likes him, but both fear disapproval, so they agree to keep things quiet for the moment.

Evan hides his amusement when his mother puts his absence down to hard work.

Evans disappointed when Kylie is invited out to a man hunt night with Emma.

However, hes delighted when Kylie organises to meet Evan back at Warner house for a bit of passion.

After escaping from Brookes sleuthing, Josh reluctantly accepts the need to trust Harper and accept her no-risk directive, but quickly finds the risk-free life tedious, and he ignores protocol to attempt a risky procedure.

Josh is angry when Roimata brings TK into the decision, and resentful when TK usurps his case and earns a win with Roimata.

Josh complains to Harper about his treatment, and gets the impression that he has scored himself a night out with her in return.

He hopes to turn it into a romantic one.

Josh gets suspicious when TK gets overly familiar with Harper, then smells a rat when TK inadvertently addresses Joshs confidential complaint.

Josh confronts Harper about it, and feels betrayed when she reveals she has been having sex with TK for some time.

Banned from having fun, excitement or Harper in his life, Josh has no reason to keep playing nice, and calls Neil to offer his services to the dark side.

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