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16 - 20 June 2014

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

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Monday 16 June (5513)

Boyd fears Brooke's ruined everything by impersonating Rachel and sure enough, the next morning, the caterers follow through on their threat to walk off the job.

With lunch fast approaching, Boyd and Brooke fear they won't be able to give the patients meals.

They reach out to the Coopers and together they all make lunches.

Boyd wins his staff's approval for not folding to the caterer's unfair demands.

But his relief is short-lived when he realises the problem is far from over.

Brooke decides it's time to play 'Rachel McKenna' once more.

This time she goes further and offers the caterer's lawyer a reward for convincing her clients to accept her terms.

Brooke's approach works and the caterers agree to come back.

Despite her concerns about his moods, Kylie sympathises with Brett - Toby's departure for science camp will prevent him from spending much time with Brett.

She urges Brett to tell Toby and Emma about his cancer, but Brett doesn't want to look weak.

He decides he'll find a way to convince Toby to stay in Ferndale.

Intending to draw Toby away from his science interests, Brett arranges for Honour to have a meeting with Nathan, a sound engineer who promises to connect her with bigwigs in the music industry.

This succeeds in making Toby worry that he'll miss out if he's away at his science camp.

Brett keeps working on Toby, encouraging him to concentrate on his music career - and ultimately stay close to him in Ferndale.

Kylie's worried that he's falsely inflating their hopes that they could have a music career and prompts Honour to check Nathan's credentials.

Honour does so, revealing to Brett and Toby that Nathan's only a small time sound engineer.

She opts out and Toby rejects Brett's help to crack into the music industry, which secretly infuriates Brett and he holds Honour to blame.

Brett makes a desperate attempt to get Toby under his control.

Putting on a dark ski mask and clothes to hide his identity, Brett jumps out at Toby and Honour as they walk home through an alley at night.

Honour is terrified as the mysterious attacker grabs her throat, while Toby's frozen in fear...


Tuesday 17th June (5514)

When Bella learns Honour's been assaulted, she's shaken by how similar it is to Zac's attack on Roimata.

Dallas struggles to support her, so calls in Wendy to do so.

Meanwhile Bella's confessed her upset to an also rattled TK, and draws some comfort from TK's insistence they will not live in fear like they did with Zac and Josh.

Bella is grateful to TK, and to Dallas for providing the right support.

But Dallas has been moved by Bella's upset, and with the police's approval resolves to catch the assailant by forming a community watch group - so he can keep the people he loves safe from now on.

Vasa looks forward to a romantic night alone with Sam, but it's interrupted by the news Honour's been attacked.

Sam's upset he wasn't there for his daughter, but to Vasa, this reads as regret he's spent so much time with her instead of Honour.

Things become strained further when Vasa suggests Sam is being overprotective by not letting Honour out of his sight when he cancels his work shifts.

Sam chooses to spend time with Honour rather than make peace with Vasa, leaving them at odds.

Toby calls for help, scaring off Honour's assailant.

Dazed and upset, he takes Honour to ED, but can't help feeling he didn't do enough to stop the attack.

His guilt grows when Brett (hiding his role in the attack) points out Toby isn't big or strong enough to have done anything anyway.

When it's certain Toby and Honour can't implicate him in the attack, Brett's confidence grows.

He continues to emasculate Toby in the hopes to break him and rebuild him in an improved image - one reliant on him.

Toby feels better when Honour genuinely thanks him for his help, but Brett quickly undermines this by excluding Toby from the community watch group he and Dallas have started.

Pushed to breaking point, Toby wants Brett to teach him to be a strong man, starting with letting him join the group.

Brett finally allows him.

Toby's relieved to have won Brett's support, but is thrown when Brett insists he can teach Toby dangerous self-protective measures.

Toby quashes his natural reservations and agrees, not realising Honour's attacker is moulding him in his own image.


Wednesday 18th June (5515)

When the community watch group preach non-violence, Emma and Kylie start to think it might be okay that Toby's involved.

Toby has second thoughts about Brett's dangerous selfdefense technique, but Brett challenges him to man up.

Toby practises with it and enjoys the feeling of power it gives him.

But Kylie and Emma discover he's been doing so and, not knowing Brett gave it to him, are very concerned.

Brett convinces the girls to allow him to talk to Toby in their stead, and convinces Toby that Emma and Kylie don't understand him, while he himself does.

They draw closer - so much so that when a worried Emma and Kylie try to talk to Toby about his problems, Toby rejects them and decides he wants to move in with Brett.

Vasa worries Sam's over-protective parenting is feeding Honour's fear.

She tries to intervene, but Sam's affronted to think she's challenging his parenting.

But when he sees how fearful Honour is thanks to him, Sam wonders if Vasa might be right.

Garrett feels like he's acing both his job and his burgeoning romance with Ula.

When he's late for a shift, Harper's forced to cover for him.

Nicole counsels that she needs to stop enabling his bad behaviour. So Harper reprimands him.

Garrett tries to focus, but is distracted by Ula and accidentally loses some vital test results, causing a patient's condition to worsen.

Though busy with her own patient, Harper covers for him yet again.

But while she's busy helping his patient, her own gets worse.

She manages to stabilise both patients, but won't let Garrett off the hook - this is his fault.

Garrett apologises, but tries to persuade Harper not to file an incident report, worried it will affect his career.

Harper's upset to think he's disrespecting her both as a doctor and his sister, and tells TK what happened.

Garrett's left humiliated and betrayed when in front of Ula, TK gives him a formal warning and tells him he's failed his ED rotation.


Thursday 19 June (5516)

When Garrett accuses her of disloyalty for reporting his mistakes to TK, Harper worries she's let him down as a sister.

On his date with Ula, Garrett's frustrated to realise he can't let his frustration with Harper go.

When Garrett's stuck in ED for another shift, before he's moved on to a surgical rotation, Harper worries he'll start an argument with TK.

But he's professional and Harper hopes that means Garrett's learned his lesson.

But she's aggrieved when he's passive-aggressive towards her at home - he clearly hasn't forgiven her.

So despite Nicole's warnings, she decides the time's come to fight fire with fire...

Kane's dejected prior to his knee surgery, so Murray resolves to cheer him up to aid in his recovery.

When he finds out Kane hasn't done his assignment for school, Murray promises to get Kane an extension.

He fails, but lies to Kane that he has, determined Kane won't go into surgery feeling pessimistic.

When Evan finds Murray doing Kane's work, he convinces him to only do the research notes, not write up the actual project which would be cheating.

Murray does so, and is hopeful that Kane will finish the rest.

But when Kane's too tired after his surgery, and falls asleep, Murray realises all his hard work may be for nothing, so starts writing up the project too...

When Vasa tries to gently talk to Sam about how he's parenting Honour, he shuts her out.

Ula convinces Vasa to try again with her trademark bluntness - only for Sam to become defensive and angry.

Vasa starts to fear that despite everything, she and Sam might not work out as a couple.

When Honour finds out about the tension between Sam and Vasa, she worries she's to blame, despite Sam's assurances otherwise.

She challenges Sam to focus on his relationship with Vasa rather than her for once.

Meanwhile, Vasa fears she will have to move on from the relationship to avoid heartache.

But when Sam professes his love to her, Vasa's won over, and in a big, romantic moment they finally fully commit to one another.

Friday 20 June (5517)

Honour is unnerved by Brett, who creeps her out for reasons she can't fathom.

Still unsure who attacked her, she distracts herself by playing music with Toby.

Toby boasts about the community watch group, but only succeeds in unsettling Honour by reminding her she was attacked in the alley last week.

Later, a close brush with Brett causes a flashback to the attack and Honour panics.

Ula urges Honour to tell Sam about the flashbacks but when Honour sees how happy he is with Vasa, she decides to not spoil his happiness and keeps her troubles a secret.

Sam and Vasa realise their strong personalities will mean they will always clash, but that won't stop them loving one another.

Vasa invites Sam back to her place for the night, taking their relationship to a new level.

They're so busy romancing that Sam misses calls from Honour.

Garrett and Harper's conflict grows when they get caught up in a prank war at home.

Nicole fears where the sibling rivalry is heading.

When Dallas gets caught up in the cross fire, he and Nicole insist on a truce.

Garrett makes up with Harper, but forgets about the dog food bolognese he's made to trick Harper.

He's appalled to find that Nicole has taken it to snack on at work.

Garrett rushes to the staff room, but it's too late to stop Nicole, Bella and Boyd all eating the food.

Disgusted, Boyd and Nicole remind Garrett that they'll be over-seeing his work in surgery and they warn him to watch out - he's on their turf now.

Using Murray's notes, Kane believes he can successfully complete his overdue assignment.

Later, Murray is proud to find Kane has doggedly completed his work but soon discovers the work is of a very poor standard.

Murray tries to fix it but Wendy intervenes.

Murray justifies that Kane has run out of excuses with the school, and as he's suffering post-op effects he needs help.

Murray works all night to tidy up the assignment and Kane is proud to hand the work in.

But Kane's school dean visits to report the work was out-dated and ill-informed.

Offended, Murray defends the work and in his fervour reveals he was responsible for most of it - which sees Kane suspended for cheating on top of all his other misdemeanours.