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15 - 19 July 2013

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Shortland Street

Pearl McGlashan plays Jasmine Cooper - Shortland Street

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Monday 15th July 2013 (5291, 5292 & 5293)

Josh is thrown when Neil turns up at the hospital and informs him the drug heist is happening now instead of next week.

Josh knows he needs to warn the police, but instead hes trapped helping Neil.

Josh makes it to Triage, where he talks in code to TK, purposefully informing Detective Roman Sylvester and warning him of Neils plan.

Hoping hes done enough, Josh tries to make it back to Neil, believing hes best off keeping his cover in case anything goes wrong.

However when Neils men, dressed as orderlies, activate smoke bombs and begin the heist, chaos unfolds.

Unprepared for this, Josh chooses to prioritise patients and starts aiding the evacuation.

Running his operation from the security room, Neil is initially pleased that his heist seems to be going to plan.

However, when the Armed Offender Squad arrives, he realises theres been a tip off.

Scrambling, Neil shuts down access doors in the hospital, to ensure police cant reach the security room - enabling him to plan his own escape.

Vinnie and Kylie are frustrated when their lift stops working.

Unaware of the hospital crisis, Vinnies annoyed to think theyre in for a long wait.

In the meantime, Emma panics when shes trapped in a drug room with a fake orderly. She stands up to him, but gets stabbed in the process.

Fighting back, Emma is surprised when she manages to knock him out.

But thanks to Neil, Emma cant escape the drug room - the doors locked.

Anxious that his operation is under threat, Neil feels increasingly trapped.

Calling Bella up to the security room on false pretences, Neil takes her hostage.

Trapped in the lift, Vinnie and Kylie try to stay cheerful. Overheating, Vinnie takes some layers off.

Attracted, Kylie becomes flirtatious but Vinnie studiously ignores it and is relieved to think they will soon be freed.

Realising their situation may be serious, Kylie is sombre.

She blames herself for her dysfunctional relationship with Evan giving Vinnie food for thought about how deeply he cares for Nicole.

Locked in the drug room, a frightened Emma has to bash her way through a locked door to escape but her injury makes it hard.

When she manages to free herself, she feels guilty about abandoning her now unconscious attacker.

Conscience getting the better of her, she returns to save him.

When she eventually drags her attacker out to safety and TKs give medical help.

Though shes sustained an injury, Emma assures she feels fine and throws herself into helping her colleagues manage evacuated patients.

Ula is blind-sided when her call-out is Adam, the son she adopted out to Matt.

She keeps this from Dallas, determined to hold it together and stay professional.

When Dallas says they have to go to a hospital quite a distance away, Ulas determined that they go to Shortland Street - its closer and they wont be turned away.

Chris orchestrates a successful evacuation, but is frustrated when the police are unable to give a clear answer on whats happening inside. Hes further irritated by restrictive police protocols.

Josh faces the wrath of his colleagues, who believe he is somehow responsible for the crisis, but works hard to do his share in the crisis.

However, when he realises Bella is missing, hes appalled and returns to the hospital to find her.

Meanwhile, Neils increasingly vexed when his associate Ant abandons him.

Taking out his frustration on a terrified Bella, hes distracted when Josh - maintaining his cover - manages to talk his way back into the security room.

Under the mistaken impression that Josh has returned to the dark side, Bella is devastated.

Meanwhile, Chris ignores police protocols and leads his team to set up a makeshift triage at the I.V. Things go well, until Emma collapses.

Anxious about Bellas safety Josh - still maintaining his cover - tries to convince Neil to leave the hospital.

While Neil is distracted by a phone call, trying to shore up a pre-organised safe house, Josh attempts to text Neil to tip him off. However, when

Neil catches him in the act, he loses it. Pushing Bella into the corridor, he beats Josh.

Then returns to Bella, drugs her and prepares to leave the hospital.

Trapped in the lift, Kylie and Vinnie fear for their lives when they smell smoke through the doors.

Pulling the doors open, Vinnie is horrified to be confronted by a wall of flames.

They manage to pull open the doors, use the extinguisher to get safely past the flames.

Once safe, Vinnie observes Kylies happy facade with Evan and is forced to consider the false pretenses hes maintaining in his relationship with Nicole.

Off this, Vinnie cant bring himself to live a lie and breaks up with Nicole.

TK diagnoses Emmas haemo-pneumothorax. Chris suggests they go ahead and perform the chest drain. TK assists.

The procedure is successful.

When Harper notes a tender moment between TK and Emma, TK is awkward.

Josh comes to in time to see Neil, via the security cameras, preparing to escape the hospital with Bella.

Digging deep, he manages to catch up with them, but when Neil ignites a real fire, Josh is trapped.

Meanwhile, Ula and Dallas are diverted to East Bays Hospital, when both Central and St Caths claim theyre full.

A distressed Ula forced Dallas to go Shortland Street, despite the police cordon, and seek immediate help.

Outside the hospital, frantically searching for Kylie, Evan is approached by a Doctor (Neil) who has an unconscious Bella on a stretcher.

Rocked to see his sister needs help, he directs Neil towards Ulas ambulance.

Parked outside Shortland Street, waiting for Dallas to return,

Ula is shocked when Neil pushes his way into the ambulance with Bella - tasers Matt and orders Ula to drive.

Outside, Josh is thrown to learn that Evan has sent Neil off to an ambulance. Determined to save Bella he gives chase.

Ula, driving under duress, is worried about Adam. She asks Neil to give Adam more adrenaline, convincing him he doesn't want a murder charge as well.

He does so and Ula is relieved.

At the Marina, Neil takes both Adam and Bella hostage.

Josh arrives and Ula insists that he doesnt chase after them - otherwise Neil will hurt Adam. But Josh promises that hell rescue them both.

Seeing Neil escaping, Josh leaps off the pier onto the boat. Josh makes sure Bella and Adam are safe before he attacks Neil.

As they struggle and fight, both fall overboard.

Bella has to turn the boat around, but after another fight, Neil is knocked unconscious.

Exhausted and angry, Josh lies that Neil is dead and leaves him, unconscious, to drown.

With Bella and Adam safe and Neil gone, Josh feels like a hero.


Tuesday 16 th July (5294)

When a cold Nicole wont stop and talk to Vinnie about their break up, Vinnie worries hes wrecked their friendship.

He challenges her to acknowledge that intimacy isnt what defines them as a couple and Nicole realises hes right.

Easily shifting back to just friends, Vinnie realises theyre going to be okay.

Finally getting The I.V back to rights, Murray is thrown when his father arrives.

With a long established hatred of Wendy and disappointment in Murray, Len causes tensions in the family and Murray struggles to bite his tongue.

Tensions continue to escalate, and when Len oversteps, Murray cant hold back and Len leaves the house.

Jasmine worries for Len, and Wendy starts to think theres more to his story.

Wendy rings Lens wife and reports to Murray that problems at home have led to Len leaving her, but when a family argument erupts over Murrays treatment of Len, Murray puts his foot down.

Blaming Len for the new disruption, he refuses to let him back in the house.

Josh feels conflicted over his decision to leave Neil to die, but when Chris and Det. Sylvester praise him for going above and beyond, he starts to believe it was the right choice.

Further praise from Bella and TK justify his decision but when Harper cautions his inflated confidence can potentially be dangerous,

Josh dismisses her, buying into the hero status hes been given.

Having taken a bullet to save her son, Adam, Ula bonds with him, and struggles to distance herself.

Vasa worries when she notices this, and when Ula learns that Matt and Sue have split, she cant help but worry about Adams environment.

She tries not to get too emotionally involved, but shes confronted when Matt invites her to comfort an upset Adam.

Vasa worries for Ula, who realises she cant be around Adam when hes no longer hers.

Trying to help, Matt offers her the chance of an open adoption, but now aware thats not enough, Ula confesses to Vasa she wants her baby back for good.


Wednesday 17 th July (5295)

Vasa is forced to dampen Ulas hopes of getting Adam back, and is relieved when a discussion with Dallas leads Ula to accept giving up Adam was the best choice.

But Ulas conflict returns when she sees Matt and Adam, and Vasa is thrown when Ula breaks down over her regret at giving Adam away.

Vasa vents her worry over Ula to Roimata and learns there may be a legal loophole for Ula to fight to get Adam back.

Aware it may lead to more hurt, Vasas conflicted whether to tell Ula.

Sarah feels bad when Brookes annoyed by Tillies presence in the flat.

She gets TK to take Tillie to ease the pressure and reconnect with her flatmates.

Sarah lets Brooke know Tillies away for the night, unaware Brooke thinks Sarah will be away too.

Anticipating social time with her flatmates , Sarahs embarrassed to interrupt their romantic time and upset when she realises they want her to move out.

Wanting to protect his heart, TK reiterates the boundaries of his relationship with Emma but hurts her in the process.

When he tries to make amends, hes heartened to fool himself into thinking they can have a platonic friendship.

But when Sarah wants to spend time with him, hes forced to choose Emma over her - and hes happy about it.

Jasmine overrules Murrays reservations and launches a search for Len, later revealing to Bella that she hopes to use Lens visit to bring the Coopers back together.

Jasmine uses her powers of deduction and finds Len at a tram stop.

Relieved her hunch was right, Jasmine takes Len home, unaware hes shaken from being genuinely lost.

Disappointed Murray and Len are immediately at odds again, Jasmine challenges Murray to be the bigger man.

Accepting Jasmines right, Murray broaches an agreement from Len to mend their rift if he wants to stay.

Len realises hes got to rely on Murray and agrees.

Proud that shes brokered peace, Jasmine enjoys a late night chat with Len, but is shocked when he mistakes her for someone else and then kisses her.


Thursday 18 th July (5296)

Reeling from her grandfathers inappropriate kiss, Jasmine gets the sense that Lens behaviour may not be intentional, and she becomes upset when her parents concern for her overrides their ability to realise there might be something wrong with him.

After confronting him about his behaviour, Lens obvious confusion gives Wendy the sense that he could be suffering from dementia, and Murray is pulled up to realise that his animosity towards his father may be blinding him from seeing the truth.

Len grudgingly agrees to see the doctor, and when tests possibly indicate dementia, Murray is challenged to discover an unknown weakness in his father.

Murray becomes daunted by the prospect of having to play a hands-on role in Lens future care.

Fearful of the implications of his diagnosis, Len initially struggles to face the facts, but a caring Jasmine manages to break through his tough exterior, and moves him with her support and forgiveness.

Vasa reveals that Ula has a chance to get Adam back, but after calling a lawyer, Ula realises that regaining custody of her birth-son is going to involve a big, dirty battle.

Vasa tries to suppress her own desire to regain her grandson in favour of allowing Ula to come to her own decision, and is privately overjoyed when Ula chooses to fight.

Searching for a friend, Sarah convinces a reluctant Henry to accept her help when she finds him living in his car and invites him to stay with her at the apartment with Brooke and Boyd.

Sarah tries to convince Henry that he, like Rachel, was a victim of Seth, and hoping to broker peace surprises Henry by inviting Rachel round under the guise of initiating a conflict mediation between them.

But Sarahs attempt at peace-making fails, resulting in a noisy argument that proves the last straw for Brooke, who can no longer tolerate Sarahs presence in her flat.

Friday 19 th July (5297)

A guilty Sarah saves Brooke and Boyd the uncomfortable task of asking her to leave and offers to vacate the flat.

But, her stress increasing, she slips up at work and TK asks if shes okay.

Despite being tempted to off-load to TK, Sarahs learnt her lesson and keeps her worries to herself.

TK enjoys his time with visiting Emma, but is unsettled when Emma shows up in the ED unannounced.

Emma admits her disappointment to Kylie that shes broken some sort of unspoken rule of privacy with TK and accepts Kylies advice to play it cool.

When TK clearly responds to her new approach, Emma resolves to play by his rules.

Aiming to balance his CEO role with surgery, Chris entrusts his HODs to take more initiative and is encouraged by support from the staff.

However, Chris is faced with an antsy Rachel whos struggling with her time off and gives her an administrative task to help out.

Pleased to have a focus, Rachel realises shes failing with Harry and Phoenix when she prioritises work again.

But Rachel gets a reality check from Chris who insists she uses her short absence to get some rest.

Rachel soon discovers relaxing isnt as easy as she thought but commits to keep trying.

Resolved to fight for Adam, Ula kick-starts the court proceedings to try to get Adam back.

But Ulas rattled when Vinnie expresses his doubt and cites convincing reasons for her to back out.

Vinnie's disappointed when Vasa insists on supporting Ula despite the fact she may not win Adam back.

But Vasa explains she cant risk alienating Ula again and insists Ula must decide what to do.

But Vasas forced to be truthful when Ula challenges that she wants Adam back too and gives in to Ulas appeal for support.

Vasa feels compelled to temper Ulas overinvestment when she starts making plans for Adam.

Struggling to remain noncommittal, Vasa accepts Ulas conviction and resolves to support her fight no matter what.

But Ula and Vasa are shocked when Adams adoptive parents, Matt and Sue show up, hurt that Ulas fighting for Adam.

Protective, Vasa stands by her pledge and defends Ula.

But Sue believes Vasas manipulated Ula to get Adam back and Vasas rocked by her bitter accusations.

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