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15 - 19 August 2016

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Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Monday 15 August (6057 & 6058)

Leanne sincerely regrets her irrational outburst at Michael. Nicole and Vinnie accept her apology.

Nicole advises Leanne to give up the Phyllovite business, as she thinks it's causing too much stress. But Leanne refuses.

After her experience with the video clip, Leanne reveals that she intends to go through with plastic surgery. She's unhappy about Nicole's lack of support.

But when a patient is admitted with post-operative complications, Leanne realises the real risks of cosmetic surgery.


TK's relieved that his virus patient, Trina, is much better.

He's concerned about her returning to Q Road, given she helped him expose Hayden's dodgy dealings.

Boyd agrees, suggesting she stay in hospital until they learn more about the virus.

In a bid to distract Trina from hospital boredom and put his own fears at ease, TK encourages her to open up about her life.

They discover they have more in common than they realised, and develop a genuine bond.

Trina insists she wants to live better life, focusd on her study at university and help the women that Hayden exploits. TK is impressed, but worries about her safety nonetheless.


Rachel's workload becomes near impossible, with Harper away and Bella taking time off.

Becoming increasingly frazzled Rachel takes it out on Chris. He forces Rachel to relax, and points out he's in a much better position to give a report to the DHB.

Rachel takes the opportunity to attend an AA meeting. She is surprised when Glen turns up. 

Although he planned it, Glen pretends it's a coincidence.

Glen plays into Rachel's emotions. He talks of his love for his daughter Lucy, and his daily struggle with addiction.

After the meeting, Glen manipulates Rachel into giving him a ride to the hospital.

In the car, she starts to open up about her vulnerabilities. Glen reassures her, leading to an unexpectedly close moment.

Rachel urges Glen to get out of the car, which he does.

However, Rachel so flustered that when she drives off, she accidentally runs down a jogger.

Rachel panics seeing that the jogger is seriously hurt. She and Glen try to give first aid, but Rachel feels helpless and deeply guilty.

THe jogger, Julie, is raced to hospital.Rachel begs Chris to do whatever he can to save her.

Although he does everything in his power, he isn't optimistic about Julie's prognosis.

Meanwhile Glen's attempts to ease Rachel's guilt fall on deaf ears. She lashes out, forcing him to leave her alone.

When Rachel's given pain relief in ED, she knows she should refuse. But she can't resist the sense of escapism.


Kate is heartened when Boyd tells her that a vaccine has been developed that could help Blue's recovery.

Although its results were initially positive, Boyd discovers that several patients have deteriorated since receiving the vaccine. He's pained when he realises he needs to inform Kate of this.

However, she is determined to have faith in the treatment. She's adamant that Blue will make a full recovery.

Jack, Mo and Curtis all keep vigil as they wait for signs of Blue's improvement.

After a rocky start, Boyd's happy to report that Blue's symptoms are looking better.

Kate is hopeful, and thanks Boyd and TK for their tireless efforts.


Leanne consults Finn about her doubts regarding her plastic surgery. He answers her questions, and assures her she can cancel at any time.

Leanne has lingering doubts. But when Michael comes to apologise for the viral video, he makes an innocent remark about her age. That cements her decision to pursue surgery.

Kylie answers her last-minute questions, and Leanne reassures herself that all will be well.

However, she becomes conscious in theatre, her anesthetic isn't completely working.

She's unable to move, and unable to alert the staff as the surgery starts to begin.


Tuesday 16 August (6059 )

Finn and Kylie initially fail to notice that Leanne is awake.

However, Kylie picks up on her elevated heart rate and Finn notices she is crying. They decide to abandon the surgery.

Kylie worries they ended the procedure without good reason. But Drew stands by their decision.

When Leanne fully recovers from her anaesthetic, she is horrified, reporting that she was awake the entire time.

Finn is stunned and can offer no explanation.

As the repercussions from the alarming incident spread, Leanne vows never to have surgery again.


Jack happily reports to Cam that Blue is on the mend.

Pleased to hear it, Cam offers money to buy Blue magazines. Jack falls a little more in love with him in the process.

Meanwhile, Damo overhears Blue is getting better and drops in to check on Kate. But he flees when he learns Kate is a carrier of the virus.

Boyd offers Kate the same vaccine Blue took, in the hope it will cure her. Though there are risks involved, Kate agrees to begin treatment.


Rachel's devastated that despite Chris' efforts in surgery, Julie will still suffer. 

Chris is keen to know how the accident occurred.

Rather than admit her close moment with Glen, Rachel says she was distracted by him spontaneously coming on to her.

Chris feels protective of Rachel, and blames Glen entirely for the accident, calling him out on his inappropriate behaviour.  

Lucy steps in to call Chris off.

In private Glen opens up, telling Lucy that their close moment wasn't as onesided as Rachel's made out.

Though Lucy doesn't tell Rachel what she knows, she complains to about Chris' attack on her father.

Rachel's guilt rises, and she apologises to Glen, both for Chris' behaviour and her reluctance to tell the full story. Glen assures her it's okay, still trying to get closer to her.

In the process, he spots the codeine Rachel has started using. 

Later, when Rachel's at home with Chris, Glen calls. He pretends to be slipping back into alcoholism, urging her to come to his rescue.

The ploy work. Rachel leaves Chris to support him, confiding that she too has succumbed again to temptation.

Glen is supportive and Rachel it heartened, not realising she's falling right into his trap.


Wednesday 17 August (6060)

Chris is waiting up when Rachel arrives home from meeting Glen. She's relieved when he doesn't question her.

Glen is boosted by his increasing closeness with Rachel. He pushes Lucy to support Rachel as much as possible, but not telling her exactly why.

Mistakenly thinking this is her father's newfound selfless ways, Lucy makes up with Rachel for getting so defensive. She's relieved when Rachel assures her everything is fine.

Both are pleased to think their bond has been repaired.


Leanne stays with Nicole and Vinnie while she recuperates.

She insists she's fine, and that Nicole should go away to a management course as planned.

But when she has nightmares about her failed op, Nicole refuses to leave her. But Leanne, is adamant that she shouldn't compromise her career just to support her mother.

Nicole agrees, but only to avoid stressing Leanne further. 

Rachel demands answers from Drew and Finn about what went wrong with the anaesthetic. They're stumped.

Until Leanne is feeling up to being questioned, they're unable to solve the ongoing mystery.


TK offers to take a recovering Trina to stay with her friend after she's discharged.

On the way, they're relaxed and comfotable in each other's company.

The good vibe is burst, however. Trina gets nasty messages from Hayden, indicating that he's watching her.

Realising she can't stay in Ferndale, TK insists on taking her to stay with his whanau.


Drew busts in on a close moment between Kylie and Cam, dampening the sexy spark.

Later, Kylie learns that Lucy and Esther are looking for a flatmate. She explains this to Cam, pointing out that not living together will take the pressure off their fledgling relationship. 

Cam runs it by Lucy, who's stoked at the thought of having him as a flatmate. She directs him to deal with Esther.

Ali has reservations, but Lucy's looking forward to having an in-house chef as a flatmate.

She's pleased when Esther reports that she's locked down a flatmate. He's already paid bond and two months' rent in advance.

But Lucy is appalled to realise that the flatmate isn't Cam, as she had assumed. It's the notorious local pest, hospital IT guy Damo.


Thursday 4 August (6049)

Kylie doesn't take Cam's declaration of his feelings seriously. But he insists he means every word.

He gives her time to think it over, and makes it clear he's not pressuring her.

After a push from Lucy, Kylie starts tentatively flirting with Cam. 

But she spots TK and is reminded of their break-up. She decides she’s not ready.

Her and Cam relax back into their easy friendship, and grow closer than ever.

Drew's a bit put out by Kylie’s decision not to return to the PSC yet.

Noticing how comfortable Kylie is living and working with Cam, Drew starts to feel left out. He doesn't like one bit.


Lucy's excited when she and Glen bond, helping them to overcome their past problems.

When he reveals he's intending to stay in Ferndale, she's thrown at first. But she starts to come around to the idea, seeing it as a way for them to reconnect.

The news doesn’t go down so well with Chris.

In spite of Rachel's assurances that Glen has nothing to do with her, Chris isn't sure he wants his wife's old lover sticking around.


Leanne is enthusiastic about Bella's new multivitamins. 

Bella starts to realise there might be a market for it in Ferndale.

She learns the distribution licence is up for grabs and buys it, despite Boyd's reservations about the product.

She and Leanne get very excited about the business.

They accidentally get boxes of the multivitamin delivered to the hospital. To their horror, this happens right in front of Rachel, who's just finished warning them of the need to be focused, given the virus crisis.

Leanne and Bella are left with a lot of explaining to do.


Friday 19 August (6062)

Boyd enters to find Leanne arguing with Finn and Vinnie over Phyllovite's.  

Boyd agrees the pills could contain an illicit substance.

Leanne reluctantly agrees to a urine test.

To her shock, the results prove amphetamine is in the pills. Leanne realises they are going to have to recall every bottle sold.

Boyd phones Bella, who is returning from delivering Phyllovite to a rest home. She hurries to stop the supplements from being consumed.

Leanne and Bella do everything possible to stop further sales of Phyllovite. But they fear they will be in huge trouble when Rachel learns they've been selling drugs.

However, Rachel has just succumbed to her addiction when they tell her the news. She's uncharacteristically relaxed about the whole affair.

Regardless, Leanne and Bella swear off selling supplements again.

Until an offer to sell a hand cream comes through that is too good to refuse.


Ali and Curtis are delighted when their PiggyBack business suddenly picks up.

However, all the bookings prove to be fake.

Damo warns them their app could be hacked.

Curtis refuses to believe it, but Damo hacks the app himself and reveals they have been targeted by Ferndale Taxis Ltd. Curtis vows to seek revenge.


Chris realises Rachel is choosing to discuss personal matters with Glen instead of him. He feels a pang of jealousy.

Glen's generous donation to TK's programme wins him support from hospital staff. Chris begins to suspect Glen is trying to buy respect and good will.

This is confirmed when Glen offers Chris free tickets to an exclusive golfing event.

Chris guesses that Glen was the AA member whom Rachel was called away to support the other night. His annoyance turns to fury.

This causes tension with Rachel, who gives in to her addiction again. She takes codeine in a bid to erase her feelings of guilt.

When Glen gatecrashes a Warner family dinner at The IV, Chris reaches breaking point. He confronts Glen, warning him that his feelings for Rachel aren't reciprocated.

As Rachel enters, Glen assures Chris they are and looks to Rachel for confirmation.

A guilty Rachel struggles to respond and. Chris is concerned that his wife does have feelings for this other man.