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Shortland Street

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14 - 18 March 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 14 March (5943)


Esther's torn about whether to believe Curtis's claims that he didn't steal Mrs Bell's money. She shares her concern with TK, and is swayed by his bad opinion of Curtis.

Curtis meanwhile is convinced she's going to tell on him and he'll lose his job and go to jail as a result.

Ironically, Victoria believes his story and offers to speak up for him. She questions Mrs Bell, and they discover the missing money, which Mrs Bell had

Esther braces herself to tell Harper about Curtis but is interrupted by Victoria, who's able to exonerate him.

Curtis rejects Esther's apology for mistrusting him.

Guilty and embarrassed, Esther thinks it might be time to move away from TK...


Ali is inspired to focus more on Sabina after learning his mother also struggled with a pre-marital infatuation for another man, but overcame it with no regrets.

Sabina's touched by Ali's declaration of genuine affection and their connection is strengthened.

Sabina feels empowered to politely put Lucy in her place: Lucy's no threat to her relationship with Ali because she'll never understand their culture's approach to love.

Stung to feel told off, Lucy vents to Dayna but resists the temptation to get in touch with Billy again, deciding to enjoy being single and not focus on boys.


Nicole continues to struggle with a shortage of nurses, running herself ragged. She's grateful to George for covering nursing tasks as well as doing his own doctoring.

Leanne raises the idea of industrial action but Nicole dismisses it - she needs help right now.

Harper learns that George has been helping a desperate Nicole, and comes to realise that the nursing shortage is a real problem.

When Rachel (who's still away) can't release more funds, Harper laments to Boyd that even as stand-in CEO, she doesn't have enough power to make a difference.

When Nicole checks on an unresponsive patient, she and George only just manage to resuscitate her and it's a grim reminder that patient lives are at risk with limited staff available.

Nicole takes it to Harper, unwilling to oversee such a dangerous situation. She issues an ultimatum: if she doesn't get more nurses, she'll walk.


Tuesday 15 March (5944 )

With Margaret gone and Curtis finally on track, Mo's finally starting to hope his crisis days might be over.

Victoria persuades him to go on holiday, but Mo struggles to relax. Victoria ends up taking him on a huge hike to tire him out. It works well - Mo is shattered, but content.


Esther finds the perfect opportunity to resolve her squabbling with TK - by moving in with Dayna and Lucy.

TK's left saddened to think he's pushed her away, by caring too much.


Jack's determined to step up in the cafeteria to support hardworking Dayna. But when he twice fails to stop a thief from stealing food, Jack decides to take matters into his own hands.

He tackles the thief, but is shocked to discover he's just gotten into a fight with a girl.


Harper decides to help Nicole get more nurses - but the only way she can do it is to take money from another part of the hospital.
Fearing Rachel won't be okay with it, Harper decides to exercise her executive privilege... and not tell Rachel she's doing so.

Nicole's deeply grateful to Harper, and starts interviewing applicants. But the most qualified nurse turns out to be a woman Nicole knows from university, who she has a long-standing grudge with.

Nicole worries she won’t be able to keep things professional, but Harper convinces her to hire Kate anyway.

Nicole does so... and is shocked when, seconds after she's hired her, she sees Kate punch Jack in the stomach.


Wednesday 16 March (5945)

Nicole and Jack are stunned by Kate's tough stance as she deals with her wayward child.

In the morning, Jack's curious to see Blue wagging school, but decides not to get involved.

Nicole fears employing Kate may have been a mistake, but is reassured by her efficiency and enthusiasm on her first day.

However, when Kate rubs both Harper and George up the wrong way, Nicole's concerns grow. She has a word to Kate who makes a concerted effort to quell her first day nerves and eventually hits it off with Harper. Nicole's concerns are finally put to bed.


Bella is lonely living with Stevie in her parent's house all alone. She's still on a relationship go-slow with Boyd, she can't bring herself to ask him to stay.

After another sleepless night, Bella turns to Dayna for help, and is relieved to concoct a solution to move elsewhere.

She updates Boyd, who realises he hasn't done a great job of supporting her. Bella disagrees but Boyd thinks he knows the perfect fix - he suggests they take their relationship to the next level and spend the night together. Bella's delighted.


Kylie can't get hold of Norelle in Wellington and is worried her she's alone without support.

Wanting to see her mum as soon as possible, Kylie's frustrated that Chris and TK advise against her travelling.

Drew manages to distract Kylie from her worry about Norelle by taking her to lunch. But, when TK arrives, Kylie admits she is still troubled.

TK suggests they both go to Wellington and Kylie is relieved.

However before they can leave, Norelle turns up. She reveals she has stopped having chemotherapy. She wants to live what's left of her life to the

She's given up the fight against cancer, leaving Kylie shocked.


Thursday 17 March (5946)

Nicole's relieved when Vinnie returns from school camp with Michael, hoping he'll take a load off her at work.

Vinnie's surprised, and a little jealous (though he denies it), after meeting Michael's mum's new partner. Patrick and Michael bond, and Vinnie's left feeling inferior. Nicole and Leanne assure him that Michael loves him more than anything. 

At work, Vinnie’s natural ebullience ends up being more of a hindrance than a help when he and Kate bond instantly, and their constant
joking frustrates Nicole.

Vinnie realises that Nicole's more wound up than he realised , after her fraught two weeks at work. He's determined to help her relax.



Boyd and Bella finally take their relationship to the next level - and are absolutely besotted with each other.

As they learn more about each other, Boyd's amused and warmed by Bella's spirituality, though he bites his tongue about his own rational scientific outlook.

Bella urges him to embrace the unknown - the chance comes when a patient of Boyd's turns out to have been mysteriously cured of Hepatitis C.

But Boyd refuses to accept that it was thanks to a spiritual healer.

He's left clinging to his belief in the rational, even in the face of evidence to the contrary...


Kylie is shocked to learn that Norelle's cancer has spread to her liver.

Norelle's decided that she doesn't want to seek treatment to prolong her life - she'd prefer to feel like herself, even if it's for a shorter amount of time.

Kylie can't accept this. She tries everything she can think of to convince Norelle to look at other options... but, ultimately, is forced to accept that it's
Norelle's choice.

Kylie's left devastated to face facts: her mother's dying.


Friday 18 March (5947)

Curtis is put on the spot when he encounters a pregnant woman in the ambo bay. He finds reinforcements in the form of Vinnie and Kate, but the woman gives birth before they can get her to the birthing suite.

Curtis is gobsmacked by the whole experience but Vinnie and Kate are on a high after working together to get a good result.

Nicole's angry however, believing they’ve been slacking off. When Vinnie explains their absence and challenges Nicole about her attitude to Kate, Nicole decides to put the past to bed once and for all.

She invites Kate and Blue to come round for dinner. It all starts off well, apart from Nicole having to shush Leanne, who still resents Kate and struggles to make sense of Blue.


Kylie's still struggling with Norelle's decision to avoid treatment but, having determined to support her, now needs TK's support like never before.

When Drew meets up with Norelle, he decides to entice her out for a bit of fun.

Kylie worries when Norelle drops out of contact, but Norelle's having a great time driving round in Drew's flash car.

Kylie's left grateful that Drew cheered her mother up, but with that bucket list item ticked off, Norelle becomes contemplative about her future.

When she assures Kylie that all she really wants is to have Kylie by her side from now to the end, Kylie is touched.


Boyd is increasingly irritated by Earl's claims that he's been cured of Hep C by a Sri Lankan shaman. Tests show his liver function is good, which Boyd can't explain.

Meanwhile, Bella meets Earl and they bond over a shared frustration with closed-minded individuals. 

Boyd reaches his limit, and resolves to perform the test for Hep C, just to prove once and for all that Earl's condition hasn't miraculously disappeared.

He takes the blood himself but sustains a needle-stick injury and is left worried that he may have contracted Hep C from the contaminated needle.