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13 - 17 May 2013

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Shortland Street.

Amelia Reid plays Bella - Shortland Street on TV2

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Monday 13 thMay (5237 & 5238)

Feeling empowered, TK returns to ED to reclaim his department.

Off TKs anger at Josh, Roimatas given hope TK still cares, but shes knocked when he rejects her.

Hurt, Roimata uneasily accepts Joshs suggestion that they go out in public.

In ED, Harpers impressed by TKs leadership.

Later, she meets up with him at the IV and though neither of them is looking for company, they have a drink together.

Meanwhile, Roimata self-consciously dines with Josh in public, hyper aware of TK with Harper.

Sarahs worried when she hears about TKs confrontation with Josh, but decides to take Seths subtle advice not to get overinvolved.

Observing the thaw between Seth and Henry, Sarah distracts herself from TK by inviting Henry to join her and Seth for dinner.

Meanwhile, a stressed Rachel is finding Zlatas rigidity wearisome and, when Zlata cancels her meeting without asking, she decides to reinstate Henry as PA and move Zlata to the admissions desk.

Looking forward to the dinner with Seth, Henrys torn when Rachel obviously needs him to work late.

At Sarahs, Seth waits for Henry to arrive, unaware Henry has decided to prioritise Rachel.

At the girls confidence course, after group leader Kathy learns that two girls tried to break into the music festival, she asks them to own up.

Jasmine is keen, but stays quiet for Dayna, so Kathy imposes a group punishment.

Guilty that the others are paying for her misconduct, Jasmine confesses, then tries to make Dayna confess too, so she wont be left on the outer.

Dayna scoffs at Jasmines naive belief that the other girls will embrace her for owning up.

When Ula is prickly with her and the other girls are unfriendly, Jasmine feels let down - more so when Dayna arrives with vodka and the girls agree to party with her.

Faced with alcohol, Taylor reveals shes pregnant and talk turns to sex.

When Dayna tells her first-time story with a much older man, the other girls see her as a victim.

As the girls start sharing their stories about their love lives, Jasmine accidentally reveals that she slept with Jared.

Ula is shocked and furious at Jasmines betrayal.

Despite TKs rejection, Roimata hasnt given up on him, and she feels bad for stringing Josh along.

At work, Roimata challenges TK to give her a second chance and when they work well together she gets her hopes up.

But Nicole transfers her to the medical ward with TKs agreement and Roimata realises theres no hope of a reconciliation.

Angered by TKs unfairness, Josh threatens to lay assault charges against him.

TKs unfazed, but sensing trouble from Josh, Sarah forces him to pull his head in.

Josh shares his frustration with Roimata, who decides to give their relationship a chance.

Seths disappointed when Henry doesnt show up at dinner and Sarah challenges Henry to put Seth ahead of his work.

Henry attempts to do this, but Rachel has a work crisis and he cant let her down.

When he finally meets with Seth later, Henrys blown away by the offer of a job at St Caths, as well as a public relationship with no conflict of interest.

Henrys tempted, but then realises that Seth could be accused of nepotism and the gossip could harm his career.

Henry refuses the job, but agrees to leave Rachel and go public, on condition he can find a suitable replacement first, hinting that Rachel is fragile and needs support.

Intrigued Rachel is having problems, Seth decides he wants Henry where he is. He claims to be willing to sacrifice his principles for Henrys happiness and agrees to keep their relationship a secret.

Upset at Jasmine over Jared, Ula verbally attacks her, but Dayna intercedes on Jasmines behalf and cuts Ula down to size.

Jasmine tries to calm the situation, but Dayna reads this as a betrayal. She rejects Jasmine and goes to the festival by herself with her alcohol and ecstasy.

Jasmine and Ula resolve their differences but Ula reveals she's still hurting from Jareds rejection.

The next day, Jasmine connects with Erin and Taylor, whose friendship is a refreshing change from Daynas manic behaviour.

Their camaraderie is interrupted by a medical emergency, with Kathy falling ill.

Ulas taken with the ambulance officer, Dallas, who attends to Kathy. As the ambulance officers attend to Kathy, Jasmine recived a panicked phone call from Dayna.

Ula's intially annoyed when Jasmine insists leave to go and find Dayna.

But Ula's annoyance turns to concern when she learns Daynas taken dodgy pills and she and Jasmine split up to look for her.

Ula eventually finds Dayna, who is in a very bad state.

Ula wants to run for help, but realises shes the only one who can help Dayna and is forced to overcome her fears and stay to help.


Tuesday 14 th May (5239)

Ula digs deep and uses her first aid knowledge to help Dayna.

When Dallas and Jasmine arrive, Ulas calm, focussed and ready to help.

Later, shes quietly proud to receive praise from Dallas and basks in the kudos of a job well done.

Ulas new self esteem enables her to reach out to pregnant Taylor.

Later, gratified to have Daynas thanks, Ula begins to understand how it feels to have really helped someone.

Though she brave faces, Brooke is deeply wounded to hear staff members gossip about her desperation and loneliness.

Concerned that Brooke is being distant, Boyd tries to rark her up, but when a fragile Brooke verbally attacks him, Boyds rattled.

Later Boyd apologises and Brooke opens up and admits she was a phone sex worker in her former life.

So when Boyd offered her cash for something she viewed as an act of friendship she felt humiliated.

Boyds genuinely moved to see the level of Brookes vulnerability and the two share a close moment.

Murrays frustrated that Wendy is taken advantage of by Zlata.

Aware that Bella will be vulnerable to Zlatas request for money if she meets baby Luca, Murrays under pressure to get rid of Zlata before Bellas return.

Later, Wendy comes to realise that Murray was right - Zlata has been taking advantage of her and she vows not to let that happen again.

TKs wounded by Roimatas public display of affection with Josh, but has to wear it.

Meanwhile, Sarahs relieved when she deduces that TK is in the clear in Harpers report, despite hitting Josh.

But Sarahs rattled to see a smug Josh baiting TK and, protective, issues a heavy-handed threat to get Josh to back off.

Harper submits her report to Rachel, assuring that Sarah is able to separate professional from personal.

Sarahs reassured that TKs job is protected, but shes unaware that Josh has lodged a formal complaint against TK with Rachel.

When Rachel asks Sarah about any tensions in ED, Sarah lies to Rachel.

Later, when she is summoned to Rachels office, and advised shes had to make a serious staffing decision, an angry Sarah presumes TK has been fired and launches into an impassioned defence.

But Sarahs floored to learn that TK hasnt been fired - she has.

Wednesday 15 th May (5240)

Sarahs left reeling when Rachel tells her to clear out her desk and go.

TK glosses over his written warning and Josh is irritated that it hasnt been taken further, but Roimata convinces him to let it go.

Sarah tries keeping a brave-face when she learns that Harpers been appointed to her old job but blames Rachel not Harper.

When Seth learns of Sarahs unfair dismissal, he tears strips off an unrepentant Rachel and doesnt realise that he nearly causes her to have a panic attack.

Later, an unhappy Sarah is touched when TK vows to get her a job in ED.

Murray is pleased to convince Wendy that Zlata has to move out.

When Wendy breaks the news, Zlata tugs at her heartstrings by pointing out that shell be homeless and jobless.

Her plan backfires when Wendy and Murray sort out a job and a homestay for her.

With no excuses left, Zlata packs but rethinks when she intercepts a phone message from Bella who says shell be home tonight - a day earlier than she planned.

Zlata engineers to stay in the house until Bella arrives and, just when Bellas due home, Zlata starts an abusive argument with Murray and Wendy.

When Bella walks through the door, Zlata plays the helpless victim.

Bella, however, only has eyes for Luca, who she immediately realises is Lukes baby.

A protective Murray and Wendy are gutted to observe the strength of Bellas connection to baby Luca.

With their friendship back on course, Brooke is buoyed by Boyds support at work.

However their united front irritates Vinnie and he becomes increasingly convinced that Brooke is taking advantage of Boyd.

Unable to resist prying, he asks Brooke outright, but Brooke reveals she signed a pre-nuptial agreement and has no claim on Boyds money.

Later, Vinnie publicly reveals that hes cracked Brookes plan - shes going to lull Boyd into a false sense of security and trust, then shell wear him down.

Though theres a lot of truth in this, Brooke is hugely humiliated, especially when Boyd also hears Vinnies theory.

However, when Boyd fiercely defends her honour, Brooke struggles not to swoon.

Later, Boyd arrives on her doorstep and romance blossoms for real.

However later that evening, both Brooke and Boyd are shocked to learn that Boyds father is charging him nearly a million dollars for his medical school education.

Thursday 16 th May (5241)

Brookes frustrated when her emotional connection with Boyd is undercut by his father Alasdairs demand for money.

Boyd wants to pay him off as quickly as possible, and Brookes worried to realise he may need her help.

She raises her concerns, and Boyd offers to dissolve their marriage.

But, realising her relationship with Boyd is more important than money, Brooke decides to support him financially.

Boyds blown away by Brookes generosity and realises hes let his stoush with his father rule his life.

He decides on a more modest payment plan, making him and Brooke equal financially.

Their commitment to each other is strengthened as a result.

Chris resolves to prevent any legal repercussions surrounding Sarahs dismissal.

Sarah plans to fight the decision, but Chris points out shell damage Shortland Streets reputation.

Sarah accepts she overstepped her bounds as Clinical Director, and she and Chris come up with a compromise: shell drop her personal grievance in return for Rachel signing her ED contract.

Chris expects Rachel to be relieved, but shes frustrated Chris has gone behind her back and refuses his solution.

Harper manages to change Rachels mind and Chris is concerned to think Rachel deliberately discounted his advice.

Surprised by the realisation that Luke had a son, Bella queries why her parents kept Zlatas reappearance a secret.

Wendy and Murray justify that Zlatas after Lukes money, and they wanted to save Bella from stress.

She meets with Zlata, who convinces her she only wants whats best for Luca.

Bella invites Zlata and Luca back home, and insists her family welcome them to the house.

They begrudgingly do so, and Bellas hopeful Luca and Zlata will become honourary Coopers.

However, Zlata reveals she wants to raise Luca overseas, and Bella scurries to put the kibosh on her plans.

She offers to set Luca and Zlata up in Ferndale, and help her raise her son.

A desperate and stressed out Zlata offers to give him to Bella in return for a payout from Lukes estate.

Friday 17 th May (5242)

A shocked Bella refuses to accept Zlatas baby-for-cash deal, and Zlata is forced to accept her offer of help to be a better mother.

Bella begins her mothering boot-camp, and Murray and Wendy are impressed at how well Bella is able to handle Zlata.

Zlatas irritated by Bellas new focus, and makes a play of trying to feed Luca alcohol on his dummy to highlight she shouldnt be looking after a kid.

Bella falls for it, and after intervention from Wendy, realises shell have to try a different approach to help Zlata to bond with her baby.

With prompting from Zlata, Bella agrees to a job and baby-share arrangement.

Sarah arrives for her first shift in ED determined to put personal acrimony aside, but is annoyed to be working alongside Josh.

When Josh is defensive about a patient treatment plan, she gives him the benefit of the doubt so as not to cause waves.

Later, when Joshs patient doesnt respond, Sarah offers her opinion as an alternative.

But Josh accuses Sarah of setting him up to fail and TK is forced to step in to break up the argument.

Sarahs aggrieved to be in a compromised position but is willing to do what it takes to make it work in ED.

When she and Josh work on a patient together, she gives him props for a job well done and their working relationship thaws.

Fronting up to a hurt Ula, Jared is torn between her and his promise to Vasa to keep it platonic.

But Vasas praise proves can't make up for the loss of his relationship with Ula .

When he and Ula get on better, Jared fools himself into thinking that they can just be friends.

Vinnie witnesses a charged moment between Ula and Jared and hes concerned Vasas plan to separate the teens isnt working.

He assures Jared that being part of the family means he receives unconditional love, whatever mistakes hes made in the past.

But Jared knows that Vasas love comes with a major condition - stay away from Ula.

Realising he cant live with Vasas rules, he confronts her, issuing some harsh home truths in the process.

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