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Shortland Street

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12 - 16 September 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Monday 12 September (6081)

Kylie learns TK spent the whole night with his mystery woman.

She struggles to shake of pangs of jealousy. But then Kylie gets jealous about Cam too, and fears she's becoming an emotionally confused mess.

She confides her feelings to Lucy. Keen to distract herself from her own worries over her father and Rachel, Lucy suggests a girls' night in. 

Kylie's pleased by this, until she finds herself face to face again with mystery woman Sass.


Having secretly invited Howard to stay, Nicole's hoping Leanne won't be too busy to spend time with him.

But Leanne's determined to work hard. She tells Harper she'll not only take over Bella's duties while she's away, she wants her own leave revoked too.

Concerned she’s taking on too much, Harper agrees to think about it. But Leanne lies to Nicole, saying that Harper has asked her to fill in for Bella.

Nicole angrily confronts Harper about this, only for Harper to reveal Leanne's lie. She assure Nicole she won't revoke her mother's leave.


Blue's upset about his break-up with Lottie.

At first he holds Kate responsible for the "helpful talk" she had with Lottie.

Kate feels bad. Though they later make up, Blue makes her promise not to interfere in his love life ever again.


Esther learns about TK's night of romance with Sass. She's pleased her uncle is starting to move on.

Later she discovers his Sass will be around for longer than TK thought. She forms a plan to get them together, starting with an invitation to dinner at the IV.

Esther's pleased when her own love-life looks to be on the rise too.

Finn wants to meet up to discuss work with her. He confides to Kylie that he may be open to renewing his relationship with Esther, now that she seems more confident. 

At the IV that evening, Esther manoeuvres Sass and TK together. Sass agrees to a drink.

But when TK tries to let Sass down gently,  saying he's not interested in an ongoing thing, Sass is humiliated. She covers by being rude and contemptuous about TK to Esther.

Esther complains to Finn in scathing terms about TK's date. She's shocked and mortified to discover the woman she's just so badly maligned is Finn's sister.


Tuesday 13 September (6082 )

Leanne drafts Mo into helping with the Spring Picnic. Mo in turn co-opts Curtis to the cause.

Both Curtis and Mo try to placate patients whose meals are running late, as the kitchen struggles to implement Cam's new menu.

Nicole refers their complaints on to Harper, who's distressed. She feels that her brilliant solution to the food issue is actually causing more


Finn's thrown by the arrival of his triplet-sister Sass, in typical turbulent style.

She claims she's not staying long. But she slyly offers herself as Harper's temp PA.

When Harry invites her to stay with them, Finn realises he's stuck with her loving interference for the next little while.

Meanwhile, Esther feels she's put her foot in it with Finn by putting down his sister.

Kylie and Lucy want to bolster her with their support group, but Damo wrecks their plans.

When Finn assures Esther that there are no hard feelings about the misunderstanding, Esther feels confident.

She ignores TK's note of caution, thinking maybe she can still reconcile with Finn after all.


Leanne's in her element organising the Spring Picnic.

She's thrown to realise she's been overthrown for the PA job by Sass. She vents to Nicole that experience and knowledge have been trumped by youth and beauty.

When she learns that Sass is Finn's sister - another Warner - she's convinced favouritism is at play too.

Mo soothes Leanne's ruffled feathers. But when Nicole inadvertently criticises Leanne's appearance, she's freshly riled.

Irked by Sass's attitude, Leanne unleashes all her pent up anger and stress.

She rants about entitled millennials, which is when Howard arrives to surprise her.

He declares his love and proposes again, leaving Leanne speechless.

When Nicole urges her to say yes, Leanne snaps. She won't be told what to do, and her answer is still no.

Leanne's defiant, but Nicole's frustrated that her stubborn mother is rejecting her own happiness.


Wednesday 14 September (6083)

To Harper's frustration, problems with the hospital catering are far from over. She clashes with the catering manager over late meals.

After complaints from Mo and Curtis, she goes to the kitchen to negotiate a way through the problem.

Later, she meets with Cam. She challenges him to give the staff another prep lesson, or accept his menus are a failure.

The next day, she's pleased to hear breakfast was on time. But the caterers aren't using Cam's menu.

After a terse call from the DHB, Harper is forced to reduce the complexity of Cam's menu. This leaves him feeling unfairly blamed.


During a complex surgery, Finn opens up about his troublesome relationship with his sister. This draws Esther closer.

When he asks her and Kylie out for a drink, an already-planned girls' night means Esther has to refuse.

When she later talks about Sass, an eavesdropping Damo confirms that she's a nice person.

Sass meanwhile, collects info on Esther, and grills Harry about Rachel and Chris.

She tries to warn Finn off Esther, suggesting she's a social climber, but he refuses to listen.

Later at the picnic, Sass is intrigued to learn about Curtis and Esther's romantic history. She uses this to plant a seed of doubt in Finn's
mind about Esther's feelings.


Concerned, Nicole urges Leanne to go and see Howard. She needs to explain why she rejected his proposal. But Leanne refuses.

While Lucy and Nicole comfort Howard, Leanne hides from her own feelings. She keeps herself busy with the charity picnic.

The next day, Howard says goodbye to Leanne for good, breaking her heart.

Nicole forces Leanne to admit the truth. She's afraid of leaving Ferndale, and is using her job and her family as excuses to stay.

Nicole later urges Howard to give Leanne another chance.

When Leanne admits her fears, Howard again declares his love.

It's not until Leanne finds the ring with Howard standing over her that she realises he is her Prince Charming. She proposes to Howard.

But when the couple jump for joy, Mo is thrown from bouncy castle and seriously injured.


Thursday 15 September (6084)

Thanks to a mortified Leanne, Mo is in agony with a broken leg.

Kate swings in to help, and gets herself assigned as his nurse.

Curtis is rocked to see his father so vulnerable, and decides to step up while he's out of action.

When Curtis finds out that Harper's decided to cut their overtime, he realises Mo won't be able to pay the rent. He takes drastic action...


Nicole's shocked to learn that Leanne and Howard are planning to emigrate to California.

Nicole can't bear to lose her mother, but can't bring herself to burst her bubble either.

She tries to distract herself by organising a surprise wedding for her mother, but realises she can't cope without her.

Not prepared to beg Leanne to stay, Nicole instead asks Howard not to move to America. But Leanne overhears. 


Harper is still upset by Garrett's continued ill-health.

She is struggling to deal with the pressures of the CEO role too.

She's grateful for Sass's help in solving a catering problem. But her solution proves controversial.

Sass's taken money from the HCA department, and Curtis comes to her, angry.

Preoccupied with Garrett, Harper can't deal with Curtis, and sends him away.

As it turns out, Harper's badly underestimated Curtis and the HCAs.

He comes to her again to tell her that unless she gives them back the money she cut from their department, they'll go on strike.


Friday 16 September (6085)

When Leanne finds out that Nicole doesn't want her to leave she pledges to stay. She assures Nicole she's happy with the decision.

Nicole feels terribly guilty to think she's forcing Leanne to stay.

She arranges a beautiful surprise wedding for her mother, complete with a special guest star.

But ultimately Nicole comes to realise she's made the wrong decision, and tells Leanne to leave.

Mother and daughter are closer than ever as a result, aware of how much they mean to each other.

Sass is upset to think she's not Harper's right hand woman any more.

She leans on Finn for support, but he keeps her at arm's length.

Sass switches focus to Harry, her half brother.


Mo is uneasy to think Curtis will get in trouble, leading a strike against the hospital.

But when first Curtis and then Kate challenge Mo to trust his son, Mo backs off.

He's rewarded when Harper agrees to rethink cutting their overtime.

With the Hospital Worker's Union threatening strike action, Harper has to think fast to come up with a solution.

She sticks to her guns, afraid to rock the boat in Rachel's absence.

When TK challenges her on her unethical behaviour, Harper trusts her gut.

She pledges tentative support for Curtis and the HCAs. They withdraw their strike threat, and Harper's relieved.

She starts to enjoy CEO, realising she can actually make her mark on the hospital.

Her newfound stability is threatened however, by the arrival of Rachel. She's come home weeks early from her rehab program.