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12 - 16 October 2015

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Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

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Monday 12 October (5856)


Victoria is rattled when Harper challenges her about her negative attitude to Chris.

With Mo's support, Victoria sucks up her pride to apologise to Chris, hoping he'll believe she regrets her behaviour.

Chris thinks he might have a solution, and transfers her to work with mainly-female staff in the plastics department.

Harper and Rachel believe it is a positive move - but Victoria is left feeling isolated, with no one left to support her.


Bella is mortified her waters have broken at the party.

With Dayna's help, Jimmy stays to support Bella and she is touched.

Bella asks him to accompany her to surgery for her emergency cesarean, so he can see the baby be born.

Jimmy is relived that the operation goes well, but when their baby daughter arrives, she is not breathing.

Jimmy tries to stay strong for Bella and they are both relieved when the baby is saved and they get to see her for the first time.

Sharing this momentous moment with Jimmy, Bella is shocked when he collapses.

He is having a heart attack! Bella fears her baby will lose her father.


Tuesday 13 October (5857 )

Murray is relieved that Bella and the baby are safe, but worries about Jimmy after his heart attack.

Despite the pain, Jimmy's only thought is for Bella and the baby.

After surgery, Jimmy is determined to live a healthier life and be the dad his baby needs.

Bella and Jimmy unite as parents and inspired by the baby's loud wail – they decide to call her Stevie.


On his first pay day, Curtis is deflated to realise how little he earns as an orderly.

His frustrations build when Lucy gives him the cold shoulder.

When a patient offers him money for helping him run an errand, he realises he can make some quick cash.

When Ali is impressed and believes ‘bad boy’ Curtis has changed his ways, Curtis sets Ali up to play Cupid on his behalf with Lucy.

It works, and he is delighted when she invites him to join her and Ali for coffee.


Victoria's disgruntled to have been shuffled into the Plastics Clinic.

To cheer her up, Mo invites Victoria to a family dinner, assuring that Margaret won't mind.. but Margaret does mind and starts to feel uneasy about Victoria's attachment to Mo.

When Victoria senses she is not welcome she makes a move to leave.

On the doorstep Margaret tells Victoria her suspicion, that she thinks Victoria is in love with her husband… and Victoria can't bring herself to deny it!


Wednesday 14 October (5858)

After last night's confrontation, Margaret's insecurities about Mo are at an all time high.

When she decides to befriend Victoria – she goes too far when she shouts her an expensive lunch – making Victoria suspicious about where the money has come from.

Victoria gets a clue when she learns Margaret has access to hospital accounts.


TK worries when Kylie doesn't show up, still on edge following the abduction.

When she does eventually arrive, she is sensitive to TK's fears. She doesn’t tell him about an admiring patient who has been lurking around the hospital.

When he finds out from Wendy, TK is worries again when he can't reach Kylie.

He hurries home, to find the door unlocked and signs of an intruder.

When the intruder appears – TK grabs them, to discover it is his cousin Esther – who has arrived to take up the house officer role at the hospital.

TK is embarrassed that his fears about Kylie are totally unfounded.


Curtis continues to push ahead on both fronts – subsidising his wage with cash tips and getting back in Lucy's good books.

When Curtis gets a chocolate bar for a patient, not realising she is diabetic, her life is in danger.

Suspecting the truth, a disappointed Lucy tells Curtis she'll have to report him.

Aware it could lose him his job, Ali steps in and claims it was his mistake – Will Curtis let Ali take the fall?


Thursday 15 October (5859)


Curtis considers telling Lucy he gave Mrs Hudson the chocolate – but his inherent self-interest wins out and he allows Ali to take the fall.

Ali apologises to Harper, who is firm but kind, reminding him of the Shortland Street standards. 

Hoping to get back in Lucy's good books, Curtis and Ali try to help Lucy out by selling her soap. But Lucy is angry, knowing it's immoral. 

Curtis later admits that it was him who was taking the money from Mrs Hudson. Lucy is left wondering if there is some good in his heart after all.

But Ali realises Curtis is still lying to Lucy anyway.


Margaret is alarmed to discover someone has been trying to guess her password and log into her computer.

Her attitude further fuels Victoria's belief that she is stealing from the Plastics accounts.

Victoria rattles Margaret further by threatening her, suggesting she knows about the theft.

Unaware Victoria has no proof, Margaret is shocked and realises she's now well and truly under Victoria's thumb.


TK prepares himself to deal with the gung-ho Esther in ED.

When they lose a patient who had suffered a fall at a rest home, TK finds evidence that the patients might have been neglected.

Unconvinced by the rest home owner's explanation, he becomes even more suspicious.  

TK decides to visit the home, after learning that Len, Murray's Dad, is also a resident there.

At the home, the owner is reluctant to let them speak to the residents.  

Esther wanders off on her own walks in on a sleepy patient, not realising it is Len.

When they leave, they are oblivious to the fact that Len urgently needs their help.


Friday 16 October (5860)

When TK learns from Murray that Len couldn't have been on an outing when he visited, TK and Murray return to the rest home. Only to be told he is out again.

Suspicious, they decide to wait.  They sneak off to see Len's room when nobody's looking.

When Len returns, and he seems okay, they feel they might have got it wrong.

But when they try and leave, Len becomes very distressed and begs Murray not to go.

TK notices the restraining marks on his wrists – very similar to the ones on the old man that died.


Chris has a run in with the officious IT guy Damo – much to Mo’s amusement.

When a run in at the pub between Damo and Chris happens again – Mo intervenes.

Damo complies, but he is not happy about it – and there's a strong sense this may not be over!


Rachel sings Drew's praises when she sees the increase in revenue.

But Millie, the underage patient turns up with a post op infection.

Margaret tries to deal with her, whilst at the same time trying desperately to gt hold of Drew.

When Victoria discovers Millie and sends her through to ED for urgent treatment, she smells a rat when Millie is vague about her details.

Victoria then confronts Margaret, who is forced to admit the truth.

Drew arrives back from his break only to have Victoria challenge him in front of Rachel – she knows what he has done and he needs to come clean.