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Shortland Street

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12 - 16 May 2014

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Robbie Evison plays Toby Reynolds on TV2's Shortland Street

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 12 May (5488)

Toby draws even closer to Honour, unaware that Kane is uneasy after seeing Toby and Honour's music clip online.

Just as Toby's making a romantic move, Kane wags school and shows up.

Honour's delighted and Toby’s disappointed to come second best to Kane again.

Out of Kane's hearing, Toby declares his feelings to Honour, but she’s committed to Kane.

When Kane turns up again the next day, raising Honour's hopes of time together, Toby is irked to realise that Kane is keeping Honour on hold, when really he has no time for her.

Toby challenges Kane and reveals that if he ever wins Honour as his girlfriend, he'll treat her better.

Murray's nervous about The I.V's opening day and quashes Dayna's idea to put the staff in themed outfits.

Dayna is disappointed that Murray won't even hear her out, but to support Murray, she makes sure she sticks to his plans.

Aware that they owe Dayna more respect than this, Wendy pulls Murray up.

Dayna is surprised when Murray accepts her fun theme idea after all and acknowledges her valuable contribution as his partner.

United, the opening breakfast goes well.

Murray finally relaxes, confident the bar's troubled days are over.

Nicole's prevented from telling Harper about her feelings for Vinnie when Vinnie summons Harper home.

At the flat, Harper works to keep her dodgy uncle Benny calm.

Garrett only ends up antagonising him further and when violence threatens, Harper shames Benny to pull him into line.

As Harper mediates, Nicole watches, impressed, and her feelings for Harper grow.

When Harper learns Garrett will have to give up his medical studies when he returns to Dunedin, Harper insists he stays and offers to find them a place together.

Vinnie's delighted Harper's cleared the way for Nicole to be single, but the truth is Nicole's not sure that's what she wants anymore as she's falling in love with Harper.

When Nicole is finally forced to break up with her, Harper is shocked and hurt.

However, Nicole's now torn between Harper and Vinnie.

Upset and confused, she confesses to Vinnie that she loves them both.

Hurt and fed up, Vinnie ends it with Nicole and moves out, leaving Nicole devastated to realise she's lost Vinnie once and for all.



Tuesday 13th May (5489)


In the face of Vinnie's departure, Nicole declines Harper's support, reasoning she deserves to feel bad given the hurt she's caused.

Vinnie's so heartbroken even Vasa and Ula fail to cheer him up - but he eventually finds comfort in Dallas's quiet boysy company.

Meanwhile, Nicole is upset when Vasa asks her not to contact Vinnie lest she continue to hurt him.

But Boyd challenges her to accept that as the price you pay for chasing love.

When Garrett urges Harper to take a chance on love, she and Nicole recommit to a relationship.

Murray is chuffed when Leanne insists the success of Murray's bar means he shouldn't be degrading himself by doing the trolley run.

Faced with the new notoriety his popular bar is earning him, Murray revels.

Meanwhile Wendy feels the financial pressure, and is a little aggrieved when Murray defers talks of finances.

But when it's time for Murray to go home and talk bills, he elects to stay and hang out with TK and Leanne instead.

Toby throws a small party to celebrate a sporting achievement of Honour's.

He's vindicated when at the party, Honour cuts short a phone call from a now worried Kane.

Toby wins points with both Honour and Sam when he proves how much he cares for Honour by demonstrating how well he knows her.

Kane arrives to see what's going on and is frustrated to see evidence Toby is winning Honour over.

But when it's clear Honour still prefers Kane, Toby decides to make sure Kane can't keep sneaking out.

Kane admits his biggest upset to Jack - that he dearly misses his friends and family while he's at school.

But he realises he's going to miss them more than ever when Toby's plan is enacted.

St Bart's is alerted to Kane's truancy, and Kane knows he won't be able to sneak out ever again.

But what hurts most is the betrayal of his best friend, and Kane's left gutted.



Wednesday 14th May (5490)

Toby feels guilty about betraying Kane and Kane's rugby mate Jack figures out what he did.

When Jack confronts him, Toby has to confess and a furious Honour tells him to apologise.

Toby does so and is hopeful when Kane breaks up with Honour since he won't be able to see her.

But a heartbroken Honour blames Toby, who loses both her and Kane from his life.

Worried Garrett's past will affect his job interview, Harper's relieved to think she can go as whanau support.

But TK, who distrusts Garrett, promises he'll tell Rachel of Garrett's unsuitability.

Harper convinces TK to give him a chance and TK agrees - as long as she lets Garrett do the interview on his own.

When Garrett's honest with Rachel about his past failings, she gives him a temporary job as a trial.

Garrett tries to fix the lingering tension between Nicole and Vinnie at his own celebration.

Harper's warmed to think he's behaving himself.

And when he succeeds Harper's stoked to think he's on the straight and narrow once more.

But she's oblivious to Garrett making eyes at Ula, who he's promised he won't go near...

Murray's deflated when Wendy is too worn down by work to share in Murray's enthusiasm for the bar.

So when she's asleep, Murray spends the night at the bar - enjoying the aura of his success.

Wendy's work pressures increase and get the better of her when she takes her frustration out on a rude patient.

But she feels bad when she hears the patient is recovering from looking after her ill husband.

Emotional, she needs to unload to Murray, but refrains from burdening him with her story when he lies that he's working late.

Dayna, who knows he's socialising and is forced to lie to stop Wendy going in to help with accounts.

But when Wendy goes in the middle of the night, assuming he's hard at work, she's deeply hurt to see him in the middle of a late-night poker game.



Thursday 15 May (5491)

Dayna tries to be the family support Wendy needs and though she's grateful, it's small comfort.

Wendy's resolve is tested when Murray doesn't come clean about the poker night.

When she learns he's making large purchases without consultation, she finally erupts - only to learn today's secretiveness and large expenditure was to fund a romantic meal and present for her.

Wendy feels foolish for doubting his love, and the two enjoy a happy night together.

Vinnie sees pictures Michael posted on a photo app, and begins to get an insight into his son.

When Vinnie starts to respond, Vasa cautions that if he's going to make contact he needs to commit to it. Vinnie assures he will.

Nicole sees Vinnie posting photos and thinks it's for online dating.

Harper points out it's tactless for Nicole to try to connect with Vinnie over his attempts to date, but Nicole wants her friendship back with Vinnie and does anyway.

Vinnie reveals his desire to reconnect with Michael and is warmed when Nicole understands how big a deal this is for him.

They share a drink and when a tense Harper finds them, Vinnie does his best to normalise the situation.

He and Nicole are satisfied their friendship is back on track.

Kylie commends Emma's dealings with Sam post break-up, and Emma reveals she intends to move on positively from failed relationships.

But she's thrown when her father Brett gets a job at the hospital and wants to reconnect with her.

Emotionally affected by him, Emma struggles with this.

Not trusting her father after it was learned he tried to kill Julia and the unborn Toby, Emma appeals to Rachel to fire him, but is unsuccessful until Boyd, having learned of Brett's arrival himself, backs her up.

Rachel tries but fails to convince Brett to leave through legitimate channels, and reports to Emma that Brett is staying.

Emma's devastated to think she's unable to protect herself and Toby from her father's dastardly influence.


Friday 16 May (5492)

Rocked she can't get rid of Brett on professional grounds, Emma is bolstered by Kylie to confront Brett personally.

However, it goes badly when Emma's inadvertently rattled by Brett's admission he only wants forgiveness.

Kylie's worried by Emma's ongoing upset and suggests they pretend to give Brett the forgiveness he's looking for just to get rid of him.

But though Emma puts on an act, she can't continue such a horrendous lie.

Brett sees that Emma will never forgive him, and leaves, saying that he will resign.

But, when Brett sees a student ID, it confirms that Toby lives in Ferndale.

Brett pockets the student ID and sets his sights on his son...

Harry's annoyed to see Toby moping over broken friendships with Honour and Kane.

Harry realises off Honour's reaction that music is the way Toby can get closer to Honour.

He organises an afternoon gig at Sugar for them. However, Honour outrightly refuses to play with Toby.

Toby is humiliated and Harry feels bad his plan has gone so badly.

When Harry lies that he'll be in trouble for cancelling the gig, Toby risks public humiliation by offering to do the gig alone.

Honour's conscience is pricked to see Toby struggling and joins in.

They make up, but Honour asks to only be friends.

Toby's conflicted and afterwards is delighted when Honour admits that she has feelings for Toby as well.

Harper brings Garrett in for his first shift in ED.

TK is hard on Garrett, giving him the easy jobs, nothing tricky.

When a patient, Megan, is brought in with conflicting symptoms, Garrett gets an inkling she's been on synthetic cannabis but fails to convince TK when Megan lies.

Although Garrett's proven right it still fails to impress TK.

After Garrett's shift, he offers Megan advice about the pros and cons of real cannabis over synthetic and TK hears.

Rachel isn't impressed with Garret's error of judgement.

She challenges TK that he should've dealt with this within his department.

Rachel demands to know what the real problem is.

Under pressure, TK refuses to nark.

But, feeling guilty, Garrett confesses his and Harper's crime - that she covered for him when he turned up high on drugs.

Rachel's furious and Harper's worried that her job is on the line.