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Monday 11 August (5559 & 5560)

Wendy tries to play down her emotional meltdown, but Murray and Dayna see through this and begin treating her with kid gloves.

This infuriates Wendy until Sarah suggests she could use it to her advantage.

So Wendy milks the situation for some much needed rest and pampering, earning herself a rest day from work.

However, Murray and Dayna are concerned for her mental wellbeing and book her in to see a counsellor.

Wendy is forced to come clean to Murray and admit she's frustrated with her lot in life and doesn't know what to do about it.

Michael blames a misdemeanour on Nev, who Vinnie and Nicole think he's inventing to fill a gap in his life.

Leanne acknowledges to Michael that lying about Nev is wrong, and she agrees to come clean when the time is right.

Michael innocently passes this information to Nicole, who confronts Leanne and is appalled to learn that Michael has been telling the truth and Leanne has been lying to them all along - and using Michael to do it.

While Rachel convinces Ava to end her trial, Brooke informs Boyd all about Ava's secret, unapproved drug trial.

Boyd reads the evidence and is deeply disappointed in Ava.

Meanwhile, Rachel's guilt grows at knowingly supporting Ava's illicit activities.

Boyd questions Ava about the trial and Ava convinces him she was driven by science, not personal profit.

Meanwhile, Rachel tells Brooke about her own involvement and implores her to keep Ava's activities secret, pointing out that exposing Ava impacts negatively on her relationship with Boyd.

Ava shows Boyd her research and Boyd is stunned by the potential benefits of Extract Seven.

He approaches Brooke and urges her to keep Ava's activities secret as they can benefit mankind, but Brooke accuses him of being motivated by feelings for Ava.

Boyd claims to be acting in the interests of the greater good, so Brooke insists he proves it by swearing never to see Ava again.

Boyd agrees and farewells Ava.

However, the moment he has done so, he begins to feel a terrible sense of loss.

He confides in Rachel who reveals that Brooke is not the woman he thinks she is and tells him about her alleged one night stand - not knowing it was a lie cooked up by Chris and Brooke to cover Chris's secret contact with Grace.

Betrayed, Boyd goes back to Ava and they finally give in to their passion.

Inspired by Murray's support, Wendy asks for Nicole's support to gain her level-four portfolio.

Nicole's reluctant given Wendy's recent meltdown, and Wendy's defeatist.

Irked, Murray rallies the family to support her, and he, Bella, Dayna and Evan create mischief against Nicole whilst lauding Wendy's merits.

Nicole grows annoyed and, learning what's going on, Wendy maturely shuts down her family's campaign.

Seeing she hasn't given Wendy enough credit, Nicole offers her a place on a conference and support for her portfolio, satisfying Wendy’s need for greater purpose in life.

Leanne sets out to win her family over to Nev, by dressing him up and exaggerating his achievments in life.

Nev realises Leanne is embarrassed by him and is hurt.

Leanne makes a bold move by publicly announcing how much she loves him, winning over Nev, and Vinnie and Nicole.

Brooke's desperate to mend her relationship with Boyd, but when he reveals both that he slept with Ava and that he's learnt she had a one-night stand, Brooke's shattered.

She admits her 'affair' was only a lie to cover Chris's contact with Grace, but it hurts Boyd even more that she's made him out to be a cuckold just to help Chris and Grace.

Brooke's distraught when they come to the sad realisation that their marriage is over.

Meanwhile, Chris is surprisingly sympathetic and supportive when Rachel admits she's been taking Ava's Extract Seven.

Having also learned Brooke's white lie about her alleged one night stand is out, he fears she'll reveal his secret contact with Grace.

Fearful that Brooke will seek to expose her illegal trial, Ava, with Boyd's helps, wrests incriminating documents and a memory stick off her.

However, Brooke has copies and when Chris learns she is hellbent on revenge, he worries for Rachel.

Together they try to dissuade Brooke from exposing Ava as it will probably mean Rachel's involvement will be revealed and her career will be at risk.

Brooke is thrown, desperate to make Ava pay for taking Boyd but she doesn't want to wreck Rachel's life.

She rails at the unfairness of it all and breaks down, leaving Rachel wracked with guilt.

Later Brooke admits revenge is her prime motive but she is also trying to do the right thing.

Rachel is inspired to do the same herself, urging Brooke to report Ava to the authorities, even if it costs her her career.



Tuesday 12th August (5561 )

Feeling culpable and determined to resign, Rachel refuses to listen to Chris's protestations.

He appeals to Brooke to try.

Challenged by Brooke, Rachel starts to regret resigning, but accepts it's too late.

To her surprise, Gloria wants to protect her own reputation so rejects Rachel's resignation, and only stands her down pending an investigation.

Boyd's uneasy to learn that Ava intends to secretly continue her drug research.

When confronted by Brooke, he lies to protect Ava, saying that she's shut down the lab and given up on the research.

Trying to repair his reputation, Garrett informs Ula of how his dodgy father Steve ultimately returned himself to prison.

Ula's impressed that Garrett finally did the right thing and Garrett takes hope he can win her back one day.

But his bad reputation continues to haunt him professionally when he gets reprimanded by Boyd.

But Garrett's surprised when Chris acknowledges his extra effort and diligence.

Elated, he tries to celebrate with Ula.

But wary of getting close to him again, Ula rebuffs him.

Having suffered under a tarnished reputation herself, Kylie empathises and a spark of attraction flares between them.

Nicole's eager to be a good parental figure to Michael, but worries that she and Vinnie disagree when it comes to discipline.

She grows frustrated when Vinnie dismisses her concerns.

But Vinnie gets a sharp shock when Michael attracts potentially dangerous attention from his unsupervised access to online chat groups.

Although worried, Nicole is glad she finally has Vinnie's parenting support.

But when the supposed predatory adult only turns out to be Bella, Vinnie undermines Nicole's concern.

Seeking Leanne's counsel, Nicole resolves to assert equal parental rights.

This is tested when Michael is disobedient and swears at her, but Nicole stands her ground and disciplines him.

But when Vinnie comes home, he undermines Nicole's disciplinary action.

They argue and Nicole is deeply hurt when Vinnie asserts that she has no right to discipline his child - ever.


Wednesday 13th August (5562)

Despite his efforts to make amends with Nicole, Vinnie inadvertently undermines her parenting to Michael.

Heading to Dallas's place for some respite with Michael, Vinnie goes back on Nicole's edict to restrict Michael's screen time and lets him play video games.

When Michael's happier and more obedient, Vinnie feels his leniency is justified.

But Michael uses inappropriate language with Bella.

Dallas firmly disciplines him for his rudeness and Michael snaps back into line.

It's a wake up call for Vinnie who finally realises Nicole's been right to try to enforce some boundaries.

Rachel agrees for Chris to step in as interim CEO.

But she's uneasy when Gloria insists she must keep the full facts about the Perpetua inquiry from the staff.

Feeling better after coming clean to Garrett, Rachel sees the rumour mill in action and realises the speculation is worse than the facts.

She's up-front with a selection of the staff and prepares to face the consequences with Gloria.

Gloria gives her a rark-up, leaving Rachel still in the dogbox.

Garrett gets grudging credit from Boyd for his work and resolves to prove his attitude has changed.

But he faces more judgement from Boyd.

He's alarmed when Ula, Kylie and Leanne swing in to defend him but enjoys the chance to engage with Ula.

Meanwhile, Kylie accepts an invite to go out clubbing with Dayna, only to find she can't afford it as she's covering the full cost of her flat.

She gratefully accepts Garrett's suggestion to warm up her lonely house with a party.

Through the party, Kylie's friendship with Ula strengthens and she starts to feel drawn to Garrett.

Understanding from a chat with Ula that she's over Garrett, Kylie is even more attracted. She gives him a kiss.

Backing her off, Garrett confesses that he still has a thing for Ula. Kylie accepts this.

But they are floored when Evan protectively reveals the situation to Ula and Dayna.

Kylie is embarrassed that Ula and Dayna think she's a slapper but Garrett decides to save Kylie and takes the fall, claiming he tried it on and Kylie rejected him.

Ula's hurt and only too ready to believe it.

Kylie's grateful, knowing he’s sacrificed his romantic hopes with Ula to help her.


Thursday 14th August (5563)

When Ula and Dayna try to bond with Kylie over their dislike of Garrett, Kylie's scared she'll lose their friendship if she disagrees.

She thanks Garrett for sacrificing his chances with Ula to help her, and grows more attracted to Garrett when he waves off her thanks.

But when Boyd continues to misjudge Garrett too, Kylie's sense of injustice irks.

She stands up for Garrett, but only makes the situation worse.

Garrett makes his own progress with Boyd when he proves he's working hard, and happy, kisses Kylie.

He loves how Kylie sees him, and they begin some no-strings fun.

Boyd nearly catches them together, but it only adds to the thrill.

Though Vinnie backs up Nicole as a parent, he still refrains from making disciplinary choices.

Michael takes advantage of this to test boundaries, which results in him breaking something - and Vinnie's temper getting the better of him.

Vinnie feels horrible when this upsets Michael, and admits to Nicole his reluctance to set rules stems from his resentment of his own father doing so to him.

Off parenting advice from Leanne, Vinnie determines to be better.

Parenting together, they turn the situation into a positive learning experience for Michael, and Nicole and Vinnie are warmed.

Sarah happily takes advantage of contact from Claire Johns to ask her questions about her movements before contracting the mystery virus, hopeful it sheds light on the source.

But before she and TK can follow it up, another case presents.

The patient gives Sarah a lead - her husband works for the same airline service as their first virus patient, Quentin Fraser.

The lead proves false and Sarah tries to force a connection.

Sarah luckily stumbles on a connection between the patient and Claire, and follows this.

Sarah thinks a cat could be the source, but Claire disputes this and admits she's been stealing beauty treatments from her sister-in-law, Tracy, including Ava's Extract Seven.

Sarah's horrified to realise this could be the cause of the mystery virus.


Friday 15th August (5564)

Dayna assures Murray she and Evan no longer have feelings for one another, but deep down Evan's not so sure.

When Dayna gets chatted up by a guy at the bar, Evan realises he's jealous.

When Murray calls him on this, Evan defends that he's just looking out for Dayna like a brother.

However, unbeknownst to Evan, Dayna starts to tire of the blowhard Dale.

Meanwhile, Ula urges Evan to be upfront with Dayna about how he feels.

When Dale persists with Dayna, she makes out Evan is her boyfriend to get rid of him.

Evan's hopes are raised until Dayna makes it clear she only sees him as a brother.

Evan feels like a fool to have got his hopes up.

Sarah tells Ava of her grave concerns there is a link between the virus and Extract Seven but Ava doubts Quentin was on her trial and urges Sarah to consider another source of infection.

However when Brooke reveals she still has files from Ava's trial, Sarah discovers Quentin did take Extract Seven.

With the link confirmed, Sarah and Brooke petition Boyd to convince Ava to hand over a sample of Extract Seven for testing.

Ava continues to stall, frustrating Sarah - that is until Rachel realises the Extract Seven syringe she disposed of might still be amongst the hospital rubbish.

Chris tries his best to utilise Rachel's experience in dealing with the new mystery virus outbreak but Gloria overrules it.

Rachel also feels powerless to help Sarah in her mission until she realises that the Extract Seven she disposed of may still be retrievable.

Sarah, Brooke and Rachel search through the rubbish and Rachel cuts her hand on glass.

It turns out to be the broken Extract Seven syringe and Rachel is horrified - she may have just contracted the virus...