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10 - 14 November 2014

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Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

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Shortland Street

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Monday 10 November (5626)

Before Kane and Honour can make love, they're interrupted by Wendy's arrival home.

Their secret romance at an all-time high, they vow to find another time and place to be together.

However, preparation for Toby's trial takes over and they realise it will be impossible to be together until after they give their testimony.

Seeing how stressed Kane is, Honour determines to lovingly support him through the ordeal.

Dayna also wants to support Kane but feels emotionally unable to do so.

She urges Murray to stay with Kane while she manages the bar.

But Julian is unhappy Dayna is neglecting him, especially when she chooses to attend Kane's family meeting with Kylie and Honour instead of being with him.

However, he manages to tempt Dayna away from supporting Kane with the promise of a wild night out...

Dallas is relieved when Bella agrees to keep their relationship problems from his mother.

But Bella and Elaine press Dallas to discuss his suppressed emotional issues regarding his dead brother, Todd.

That's too hard for Dallas, who seeks refuge from the challenges at home by going to work.

He finds himself faced with the prospect of an ambulance ride-along with Lucy.

Lucy is determined to keep her crush on Dallas in check but the ride along gets off to a bad start when a grumpy Dallas snaps at her.

To Dallas's surprise, Lucy backs off, and is far more amenable to his needs than he feels Bella is being.

However, Lucy accidentally locks herself in a patient's bathroom.

She and Dallas have a heart to heart about his problems, drawing ever closer, while Dallas works to free her.

Back at the hospital, Lucy accidentally trips and falls into Dallas's arms leading to a romantic frisson.

They're both unsure what to say or do.

But, when Dallas avoids going home to Bella by working late in the staff room, his close proximity to Lucy leads him to give in to temptation and he kisses her.

He breaks off, realising his mistake.

A mortified Lucy flees and Dallas is overwhelmed with guilt.



Tuesday 11th October (5627 )

A guilty Dallas resolves to address the issues causing tension with Bella, and his family.

Bella's disbelieving at first but Dallas proves he's as good as his word.

Bella and Diane are delighted by the change in Dallas and his willingness to discuss the farm, Todd's death, and the wedding - but his recent kiss he keeps secret.

Meanwhile, Lucy is shamed by Rachel's view that she and Dallas have both betrayed Bella.

She hopes Dallas comes clean but in the meantime she advises Lucy to steer clear of the couple.

Observing that Dallas has made peace with Bella, Lucy agrees not to tell of their kiss, but when Dallas thanks her for being discreet, Lucy challenges that he should be treating Bella with more respect.

Taken aback, Dallas realises she's right.

With Toby's trial date looming, Kane struggles with his testimony and his dread that he's going to be the one to let Toby down.

Alone with Honour, Kane admits his struggle and is pulled up when she admits she feels the same.

She's scared of reliving Brett's attack on her, but reminds Kane that the defence lawyer is there to guide them through the process.

She assures Kane that with the lawyer's support they can both do a good job.

Seeing it this way, Kane is left with new confidence.

Murray's worried when Dayna arrives home after partying all night with Julian.

Unaware she's off her bi-polar medication, he accepts her hyper state as a sign of the stress she's under worrying about Kane.

However, his concern grows as he learns more facts that point to Dayna being unbalanced.

When Ula and Kylie show him shocking images of Dayna from the previous night's party, Murray confronts Julian and hopes he's warned him off seeing her.

Dayna's furious with Murray and secretly meets Julian to let him finish off the series of pictures.

Believing Dayna is safely back home, Murray's shocked to see images of her uploaded on Julian's website and rushes to find them.

Alarmed to see Julian has posed her standing, blindfolded on the edge of a rooftop, Murray appeals for Dayna to step down.

Fighting against Julian's instructions for her to stay, Murray attempts to talk Dayna down.

He finally gets through to her but as Dayna takes off the blindfold, she panics and slips - can Murray save her?



Wednesday 12th October (5628)

Murray only just saves Dayna, catching her as she loses balance and falls.

He helps a grateful, regretful Dayna regain her equilibrium as she gets back on her medication.

Concerned, Ula warns Murray that Julian will only stay away from Dayna if she is the one who tells him to.

Murray supports Dayna as she does this, taking back control of her life from someone she now sees as a bad egg.

Murray and Chris join forces to ensure Julian's unable to legally sell any art involving Dayna and to prevent him treating others as badly as he has Dayna.

Through this, Dayna and Murray's relationship grows ever stronger.

Boyd worries about Garrett's drop in confidence following his mistake in surgery last week.

Harper advises him to teach Garrett using medical simulations, in order to rebuild his confidence.

Garrett is soon back to his cocky self, so much so that Boyd worries that he's created a monster...

Grace gets into her new hospital role, but misses baby Trinity.

She's wary of Chris threatening her independence, and reacts badly when he offers to take Trinity to her immunisations when Grace has a work clash.

Chris realises this is because she fears she'll be seen as a neglectful mother once again, and pledges full support.

Grace sees it's okay to rely on him.

Honour and Kane try and be positive about giving evidence, and both are happy to think they can finally move on with their lives - whatever the trial outcome.

Off this, they plan to finally have sex tonight.

Ula guesses what's going on, and carefully advises Honour to look after herself; based on her own teen-love experience, Ula cautions boys rarely think the same as girls.

Honour tries to cover her doubts but when the evening doesn't turn out as perfect as she expected, the two end up fighting and an upset Honour runs off.

Kane's unsure what he's done wrong, but pained to lose her.



Thursday 13th November (5629)

Having rejected Kane, Honour's grateful for Ula's support and advice.

She can't face seeing Kane, so avoids him.

When he tries to reconcile with her at Sugar, Clementine, who's waiting for a job interview, saves Honour from having to answer.

Honour's grateful, and strikes up a friendship with Clementine , but when Clementine takes Ula's jacket to appear more dressed up, Honour worries she's a bad influence.

When Ula catches Clementine wearing her jacket, Ula takes her anger out on Honour.

Clementine is unfazed, assuring Honour that Ula is over-reacting and will soon calm down.

When Kane tries again to resolve things with Honour, Clementine backs him off again, giving Honour the confidence to do the same.

When Clementine comes to the house, Honour fears Ula's wrath, but is pleased when Clementine turns Ula around with a sweet gift and a thank you.

Chris is determined to prove to Grace he's a good father so she'll stay in Ferndale with Trinity.

But when Trinity's immunisations cause her pain, he realises parenting a newborn is harder than it looks.

Chris tries hard to do all the right things with Trinity, but when she still seems hungry after a feed, he accidentally spills the only breast milk he's got.

He won't tell Grace and risk upsetting her, so Harry secretly calls Rachel for help.

Chris is initially frustrated, but when Rachel's happy to help, he's grateful.

It leads to a close family moment, pleasing Chris, but Rachel fears she's getting drawn back into his orbit and leaves.

Chris is sad to realise that he may have impressed Grace, but he has a long way to go with Rachel.

Emboldened off his work successes, and Ula's praise, Garrett's upbeat at work.

But this reads as cockiness to Boyd, who tells him he needs to start taking his job seriously.

When a friend of Kylie's, Jacinta, requires surgery, Garrett offers any help he can, but realises that thanks to his inexperience, there isn't anything he can do.

He's pleased when he's able to give Kylie some emotional support, and in surgery he's impressed by Boyd's handling of a medical emergency.

But when things continue to go wrong and there's no other surgeon to back Boyd up, Garrett's forced to step up and assist Boyd to save Jacinta's life - even though he's not qualified, and is in the midst of a confidence crisis.


Friday 14th October (5630)

Bella worries that her family's recent problems will make a bad impression on Dallas's mum Elaine, but agrees to a family lunch.

She stresses, especially when things don't seem to go to plan and is appalled when Elaine walks in to a full family meltdown.

The lunch is burnt but Elaine smoothly swings in to help salvage the situation.

Getting everyone involved eases the pressure and Bella's two families bond.

Bella's chuffed to feel she's got a bright future as Dallas's wife, but Dallas is left reminded that he's still keeping the kiss with Lucy secret.

Honour continues to enjoy her friendship with Clementine, but misses Kane.

She reaches out to him, but the two get into another misunderstanding and remain at odds.

Honour returns to Clementine, and is inspired by Clementine's strong sense of identity.

Clementine wants to get a tattoo and when she suggests Honour get one too, Honour freaks out.

Clementine goes on her own, and Honour kicks herself for seeming so uncool.

She talks to Garrett about identity and is inadvertently inspired.

She returns home with a tattoo - proud of the big step she's taken.

Garrett is elated when he successfully saves his patient.

Buoyed by his success, he spontaneously tells Ula that he wants to move in with her.

Ula's unsure and Garrett's relieved when his hard work to convince her he's genuine about moving in pays off.

Ula asks him for help on a Honour guardian matter, and Garrett's pleased further to think they're really coming together as a couple.

But, after celebrating the new development by having a joint, Garrett accidentally gives bad advice to Honour.

Ula's furious when it's discovered Honour got a tattoo off his talk, pointing out Garrett's not the responsible person Ula needs.

Garrett's aware he's totally blown it.