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10 - 14 June 2013

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Monday 10 th June (5261 & 5262)

Jasmines annoyed at Dayna for posting her picture on How Hot Am I? and realises she wont be able to remove them from the internet.

Bella's sympathetic but Evan's annoyed at the negative attention Jasmine's picture is attracting from his friends.

Shes too embarrassed to attend her schools cultural festival and face the public reaction to her photo.

Later though, when she asks what people are saying about her photos, Phoenix reveals that his mates think she's hot.

Jasmines surprised and encouraged - but it's a lie to protect Jasmines feelings.

Kylie decides to better her prospects by taking on extra work to achieve them.

Shes frustrated, however, when she cant take any more shifts at the hospital.

Her crush on Evan growing, she decides to work for his cleaning company so she can get the money and get closer to him.

TK, anxious to keep his ED on an even keel, tries to keep Roimata and Josh separated to avoid conflict.

Irritated by TK, and desperate to avoid Roimata, Josh resolves to quit.

TK vents to Harper about the chaos that his department is in but she doesnt want to talk shop, she wants things between them purely sexual.

A weary Chris misconstrues Harrys refusal to be looked after by Rachel as a sign he doesnt feel safe with her.

When Rachel sees Chris has chosen Bella to baby-sit Harry, shes hurt, but increasingly guilty over her role in Harrys injury.

Meanwhile, Bella is concerned when the usually cruisy Harry lashes out at her.

Its too painful for Harry confide his feelings about the separation, so he channels his anger towards Chris, saying that Chriss fault that he got burnt.

Bella tries to check this with Rachel, whose anxiety increases.

When Bella questions Chris, hes forced to admit that Harrys struggling to trust her. Rachels shattered.

Later, however, Chris is shocked to realise that he is the real source of Harrys anger and hatred, not Rachel.

Regretting that hes been unable to sufficiently help Harry deal with the aftermath of his split from Rachel, Chris rallies to support his son.

When Harry grudgingly accepts his apology, Chris is downcast to realise he still has a long way to go.

Harry continues to blame him and a disheartened Chris feels out of his depth.

Hes further disheartened when Rachel rejects an olive branch as she knows she still cant give up the Zolopam.

Later, Bella draws on her own recent life changes to counsel Chris, who is surprised by how astute she is.

Cashing in on the opportunity to earn money and get closer to Evan, Kylie pushes for a formalised arrangement.

When they train together, Evans all business and Kylie works hard to impress.

She succeeds but Evan determines to keep some distance and wants Kylie to clean houses on her own - leaving her deflated.

Josh continues to struggle working alongside both TK and Roimata.

Seizing the chance to work unhindered by a busy TK, he takes on a tricky patient.

However, when the case throws up seemingly insurmountable obstacles Josh feels the pressure.

Determined to solve the case, Josh is angered when TK steps in with an unorthodox approach.

Wound up, Josh enlists Roimatas support to call TK off but TK staunchly goes with his gut and it pays off.

He directs Roimata and Josh to work together leaving Josh annoyed.

Jasmine goes with Dayna to meet a photographer, Lincoln Martell, who has commented positively on Daynas photo online.

Dayna manages to score herself a mini-photo shoot with Jasmine and Phoenix tagging along as chaperones.

Lincoln is underwhelmed by Danynas look on camera but is intrigued by Jasmines geek chic.

Jasmine is persuaded to have her photos taken and manages to impress Lincoln.

Jasmine is stunned when Lincoln offers her modelling work.

Tuesday 11 th June (5263)

Jasmine informs Phoenix that Lincoln has offered to take her on as a model and not Dayna.

Hes surprised but understands the geek chic look that Lincoln can see.

Jasmine doesnt think shes interested in modelling until Phoenix points out how much money she could rake in.

Excited by the idea of earning an income, Jasmine checks with Wendy that its okay.

Wendy is agreeable but urges Jasmine to come clean to Dayna.

Jasmine knows this is the right thing to do but cant hurt Dayna and her dreams to be a model - so she keeps Lincolns offer a secret.

Wendy has her pregnancy termination and Murray buries his own feelings to be strong for her.

Wendy asks him to keep the termination a secret, and Murray successfully distracts Jasmine and Evan.

Although conflicted, hes validated when Wendy admits she couldnt get through without him.

But when he talks to Chris about relationships, Murray is forced to admit to himself that hes not coping.

When Evan gets Kylie in to clean the Coopers house, she finds the post-termination care brochure and some of Lucas baby clothes.

When Murray sees this, he dismisses her. Alone with Lucas baby clothes, Murray cant hold back his grief.

Hearing the MOH intend to send either her or Seth to the Ministry to advise for two weeks, Rachel resolves to deal with Seth once and for all.

Meanwhile, Seth remains determined to use Rachels emotional instability to bring her down.

However, Seths rattled to discover Rachels on to them and Henrys under pressure to save his and Seths careers.

Rachels confidence takes a hit when she learns of TKs whiskey transfusion.

Unaware Henrys been snooping in her bag, Rachel gets to the MOH meeting.

Realising she needs a fix of her Zolopam, shes disturbed to discover her pills have gone.

Rachel realises Seth and Henry have stolen her crutch and she must face Seth unaided.

Wednesday 12 th June (5264)

Struggling without her Zolopam, Rachel wonders how shes going to keep it together to present her Ministry of Health pitch.

But digging deep, Rachel triumphs over Seth by spinning a controversial ED situation to her advantage, and to Seths detriment.

Seth is forced to face Rachels wrath when she declares herself the victor of their longstanding feud.

Rachel is relieved when she convinces Harper to prescribe her more medication, but shes hopeful she doesnt really need it.

Unbeknownst to Rachel, Seth and Henry havent given up the fight and still plan to take her down.

Vinnie is enjoying the closeness he shares with Nicole, but is made to feel awkward by a pointed comment from Josh.

When this ruins their dynamic, Vinnie jumps at the chance to go to the IV with Nicole, using Josh as a third wheel for safety.

Nicole is disappointed when Vinnie chooses to flirt with other women, and Vinnie becomes jealous when he sees Dallas talking to Nicole.

This leads to a pseudo lovers tiff and Josh warns that blurred boundaries lead to heartbreak.

Vinnie resolves to clarify things with Nicole, but is relieved when he manages to preserve the status quo.

Conflicted and regretful over their termination, Murray is resentful when he tries to talk to Wendy, but she postpones their talk to focus on work.

At work, Wendy relieved to feel like shes back on track.

Murrays guilt and resentment grows when hes forced to lie to Roimata that Wendy miscarried.

Wendys concerned when he takes his inner turmoil out on Evan and then deeply unsettled when he overreacts and confronts a young guy from Jasmine's school over her photo.

Witnessing this, Kylie becomes convinced that Murray is angry because Jasmines had an abortion.

Wendy gets Murray alone and demands to know whats wrong.

Backed into a corner, Murray is forced to reveal that he resents Wendy for driving their decision to terminate and Wendy is shocked.

Thursday 13 th June (5265)

Wendy is upset when Murray refuses to talk to her about his feelings, and convinces him that he needs to take some time away from Ferndale.

Aware Wendy wants a break from him, Murray reluctantly agrees.

Later, they argue about the trip and Evans uneasy to think their relationship is on the brink once again.

After seeing Murrays overreaction at the IV, Kylie is determined to talk to Evan.

She finds an excuse to get close to him, but cant bring herself to tell him about the termination brochure.

She tries to test the water and see if Jasmine has revealed anything, but Evan shuts her down.

Later, Evan confides about Jasmines recent idiocy with the online photos, but before Kylie can offload her secret, he decides to remove himself from his family affairs altogether.

Rachels triumph in winning the advisory position with the MOH risks turning to tragedy when she cant find a trusted hand to be her acting CEO.

She feels rudderless when Chris commits to going to Europe with the boys, and lacking any other trusted options, cajoles a reluctant Harper into covering for her.

Joshs decision to stay out late on his own pays dividends when he discovers a new drinking buddy in Harper.

When he realises the feeling is mutual, Josh spurns TKs request for overtime in favour of carousing with her, and cant resist taunting TK by intimating that its a date.

Hes pulled up when Harper tells him off for his behaviour with TK, and is disappointed to think Harpers not an ally after all.

But hes pulled out of his funk when Harper gives sketchy details of a fascinating past om New York, and he's enamoured.

They start flirting, but when Josh makes an overt pass at her Harper calls him on it, making it clear she chooses who she sleeps with - and when.

This only increases Joshs intrigue with Harper, but she suddenly clams up when a stranger rattles her at the bar.

Josh is surprised by the sudden turn, but Harper escapes upstairs, leaving Josh wondering what hes missed.

Friday 14 th June (5266)

Josh is keen to learn why Harper was so scared last night but she initially refuses to explain to him.

Finally, she tells him some of the truth. She ran out on a very powerful man and shes been waiting for him or one of his colleagues to turn up to get her back.

Josh volunteers to look out for her, however Harper is unhappy about revealing so much.

But she is reassured when Josh proves to be a discreet minder.

Vasa wants to intervene when Ula is unprofessional with a patient, but Vinnie strongly counsels her to not meddle.

However, Vasa nearly does intervene when she mistakenly believes Emmas being too tough on Ula.

Unaware of Vasas meddling, Ula appreciates Emmas guidance and the two strike up a friendship.

Talking to Vinnie , Vasa resolves to give Emma a dressing-down.

But Vasa sees Ula has found her own way through and it's bittersweet for her to realise Ula doesnt need her motherly support.

Henrys frustrated when Seth side-lines their plan to be out as a couple to focus on poaching staff from Shortland Street.

Theyre unaware that Kylie has observed their closeness. Kylie later corners Henry and he comes clean.

Hes worried when Kylie is suspicious about Seth wanting to still keep their relationship a secret.

When Seth continue to refuse to go public, Kylie advises Henry to force the issue.

When he sees Seth at the IV, Henry seizes his chance and publicly announces his and Seths relationship - unaware hes just implicated himself in scandal.

Wanting to be a good wife, Brookes concerned that Boyd is doing Chris's job without extra pay, but hes unconcerned.

Frustrated, Brooke hears Harper accuse Seth of poaching staff and hits on a plan to spark a bidding war for Boyd.

She tells Seth that Boyd is open to job offers and an intrigued Seth invites Boyd to meet for a chat.

Scheming on Boyds behalf, Brooke engineers for Harper to walk in on the men talking business.

But things start to backfire badly for Brooke until Henry arrives and implicates himself by outing his relationship to Seth.

Surprised, Brooke stays quiet, relieved the heat is off her and Boyd.

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