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Monday 10 August (5809 & 5810)


Leanne's horrified to be caught out pretending to be Rachel, but Howard deftly covers for her.

Leanne's embarrassed he's busted her, but is pleasantly surprised when he asks her on a date.

They connect over dinner, and Leanne is given hope for romance.

Her hopes increase when Howard invites her to attend a high-level party Rachel's throwing as his guest.

Dayna's feeling stretched between her duties at the bar and her Victim Support work. 

Feeling her heart is more with The I.V, she accepts Wendy's advice to focus on one thing and do it well.

She returns to The I.V with fresh resolve.

Meanwhile Lucy feels lonely and is grateful when Rachel offers support - and a room at theirs for however long she wants.

Dayna meanwhile has a new focus, and it doesn't include Curtis.

She calls an end to their casual hook-ups, and takes firm control of the bar.

Kylie is embarrassed when Drew doesn't believe her about Pania; after her episode she feels she's lost ground professionally.

But when Drew sees how upset she is when her tox screen results come back clear, he decides to trust her.

Regardless, he can't deny that Kylie is being victimised by Pania in some way, and vows support.

Kylie feels bolstered. She confronts Pania, telling her she's mad to think she can get away with this.

Kylie inadvertently gives Pania an idea for her defence, and agrees under too much pressure.

Kylie's thrown by Pania's new angle.

Mo leaves for a family tangi and although she's nervous about work, Margaret assures him she'll cope fine in his absence.

Jack tests her on her nursing knowledge and she's unsettled to realise how off her game she is.

Despite this, she determines to do her best but is flustered when she's late for handover and learns the car needs expensive repairs.

To Wendy, Margaret appears to be upping her game, but a distracted Margaret administers too much morphine to a patient - who crashes.

Vinnie and Wendy swing in to resuscitate the patient, but Margaret freezes and cannot help them, horrified to think she might have killed her patient.

Vinnie, Wendy and Boyd manage to resuscitate Margaret's unresponsive patient.

But Rachel's very concerned by it and urges Vinnie to take action.

He gives Margaret an official warning, and she is prohibited from giving IV medication until she re-sits the medication test.

Consoling herself after her awful day, Margaret splashes out on a new flat-screen TV for the family.

The kids are astonished they can afford it, but don't probe too deeply when Margaret covers that she bought it on special.

However, when Mo returns from his tangi, he and Margaret argue about money.

Mo knows they're barely coping financially, while Margaret contends that the kids deserve to be happy no matter what.

Mo is left worrying how he will provide for his family if Margaret is spending money faster than they can earn it.

Pania's ire for Kylie grows, to the point that Wendy discovers her talking to herself, fuming about Kylie.

Concerned for Pania's mental health, Wendy approaches Kylie for thoughts on how to help.

However, Kylie makes it all too clear that she can't and won't help; Pania has it in for her - and this only leaves Wendy more uneasy about Pania than ever.

At the I.V, Pania commiserates with Jimmy.

Haunted by a picture of Caleb she finds in her wallet, Pania heads off to bed.

Later, when Jimmy is closing up, she stumbles down the stairs, mumbling that someone is in her room - it's Caleb.

Now Jimmy too is concerned for her sanity.

Rachel and Chris throw a party to launch Surgical Tourism, organised by Dayna with Curtis' help.

Leanne attends as Howard's date.

Drew manages to convince Kylie to accompany him when his date cancels.

At the party, Rachel heralds a new age of prosperity for the hospital thanks to Drew and his revamped department.

However, a drunk, angry Victoria spoils the festive mood when she takes aim at Drew and Kylie, insinuating they'll perform any surgery if the price is right.

Kylie jumps to Drew's defence, and Boyd takes Victoria home.

As the party-goers disperse, Curtis unsuccessfully tries his luck with Lucy... and then Dayna.

Meanwhile, Drew takes Kylie home, and they share a moment of intimacy - just as TK walks in...



Tuesday 11 August (5811 )

Concerned by Victoria's scathing outburst at Drew at Rachel's party, Boyd pushes her to go and apologise.

When Chris is cool with her, Victoria tries to make up for her faux pas, but gets nowhere.

However, when she comforts Steve, she inadvertently impresses Chris, who awards her a coveted place on the osseointegration team.

When she does well in surgery, Boyd commends her, but is thrown to realise Victoria cares only what her new mentor Chris thinks - Boyd is now persona non-grata.

Harper returns home and runs into Drew.

Thrown, she throws herself back into her relationship with Boyd, pushing for an answer to her marriage proposal.

Boyd evades the question, and Harper's left deflated.

When she learns that Boyd's snooty mother is coming to town, she decides to make the best impression possible.

But when Drew winds her up in a meeting, Harper vents her frustration to Boyd in fiery, colourful language... only to realise that his mother heard it all, and she's made a terrible first impression.

A suspicious TK demands answers from Drew and Kylie, refusing to believe nothing's going on between them.

But TK's distracted from his relationship woes when he hears from Wendy that Pania's delusional, and agrees to help Pania however he can.

Meanwhile, an unhappy Kylie resolves to sort things out with TK before his suspicions about Drew wrecks their relationship.

She talks to TK, and hopes they've reconciled their differences... but she's shocked when she discovers TK, true to his promise to help Pania, has brought her home to live with them: the same woman who stalked and poisoned her...


Wednesday 12 August (5812)

TK and Kylie have a showdown about Pania coming to stay.

TK insists he'd never have done it if she wasn't borderline suicidal.

Though Kylie outlines some of her suspicions about the threat Pania was to her while TK was away, it's clear TK's still not ready to hear or believe it all without proof.

Fearing for Tillie's safety as a result, Kylie subtly keeps watch over her.

She's hoping that as TK forces Pania to get psych help he'll realise just how dangerous she is - and that she killed Caleb.

But Drew warns her how dangerous this tactic is - so Kylie happily agrees when TK suggest that he sends Pania back to her hometown immediately.

Both he and Kylie are oblivious to just how badly this news affects Pania...

When she's invited to join the Warners for dinner, Victoria thinks things are looking up for her professionally.

However, when Victoria rants at Drew, mistakenly assuming he's to blame for a botched surgery, Chris is furious.

He gives a stern warning to Victoria, and makes her apologise to a steely Drew - but she still harbours resentment towards him.

Mo's perturbed to learn Margaret was given a warning at work and didn't tell him.

He sees that she's falling back into bad habits (she spends when she's stressed) and insists it must stop. Margaret is left chastened.

She seeks comfort from Curtis but he agrees with Mo.

Margaret is challenged to change her ways by her bad-boy son.

At an awkward dinner with Boyd's mother Susan, Harper gets feisty in defense of Boyd, and fears she's blown it with her.

However, Harper's surprised to find that she's actually gained an ally - Susan's impressed with Harper's chutzpah.

Susan informs Boyd she's arranged for an annulment for Brooke and Boyd - now he has no more excuses not to marry Harper.

Boyd decides to accept Harper's proposal.

When Nicole sees Harper's sparks with Drew, she challenges Harper on her latent attraction to him, and Harper starts to doubt her reasons for wanting to marry Boyd.

Just when she's thinking marriage is off the cards, Boyd proposes to her.

Harper's left stunned - what will she say? 


Thursday 13 August (5813)


When Boyd declares his love for her, Harper's swept up in the moment, agreeing to marry him.

But later, reminded of her questionable motives (her frisson with Drew) for suggesting the wedding in the first place, her doubts return.

She tries to stave them off, justifying that she was just worried about making such a big commitment.

And when she meets up with the flirty Drew, Harper buries the last of her doubts.

When Edwin gets in the way of Jack's study, Mo realises Edwin's going to need to move back home.

He worries Jack will take it badly... but luckily Jack is actually sick of Edwin cramping his home life as well.

When Margaret suggests they spoil Pixie for her birthday with expensive gifts, Pixie assures them all that she doesn't want material things - just cake and family time.

Mo's touched by his daughter's maturity.

Leanne's having a great time with her new beau Howard.

Nicole finds the romance hard to stomach but Vinnie advises her to give them a chance.

Off some expensive presents, Nicole's worried Howard's too good to be true.

Nicole investigates, but can't find anything dodgy about him.

She backs off... just as Howard buys Leanne a new car, for no reason.

Leanne's left gobsmacked.

TK's dismayed when Pania refuses to go home to her whanau.

TK enlists Wendy's help to try to convince her, but Pania feels cornered, and goes awol for a while.

Talking to Wendy afterwards, he's shocked to learn that Pania said Caleb's death was her fault.

And when Kylie tells him everything Pania's done to her, TK finally starts to suspect that Pania's capable of murder.

He challenges her to tell him the truth about Caleb's death, and Pania freaks.

Desperate, she flees, hurting Kylie in the process.

After she steals Kylie's car, she realises Tillie in the back seat... and, struggling to keep it together, Pania determines to show TK that should be part of his life, not Kylie.


Friday 14 August (5814)

Leanne is wary of accepting Howard's lavish gift of a car, but when Nicole voices her disapproval, Leanne changes her mind and embraces Howard's generosity.

Nicole worries but Vinnie

convinces her that Leanne is quite capable of looking after herself.

Meanwhile, Howard suffers headaches and memory loss and Leanne takes him to ED.

Leanne frets to Nicole that she is worried for Howard's health.

Harper diagnoses Howard with Lyme disease - which luckily is curable. Leanne is relieved.

Later, Nicole discovers Howard also has a life-threatening condition - a thoracic aneurysm.

Howard reveals he has known this all along and, citing patient confidentiality, insists Nicole keeps it secret from Leanne.

Rachel makes plans for a family trip to the bach but Harry would prefer to spend time with Pixie, whose birthday is tomorrow.

Rachel suggests inviting Pixie too.

Harry does so and Pixie begs her parents to let her go.

Margaret arranges for the Hannahs to celebrate Pixie's birthday early and Pixie looks forward to a trip away with her boyfriend.

TK discovers Kylie has been assaulted and, with Wendy, sets off in pursuit of Pania and Tillie.

Unable to find them, he phones Pania but she ignores the call.

Kylie arrives in ED and is treated for her scalp laceration and feels guilty for not protecting Tillie.

TK continues to call Pania.

She finally relents and answers when Tillie complains of missing her daddy.

TK begs her to come back but Pania reveals she is headed for hilltop, and ends the call.

TK races to the hill, where he discovers Pania climbing with Tillie towards a cliff edge.

He assures Pania by pretending that he loves her and they can be together.

Pania's hopes are raised for a moment but when she hears police sirens, Pania is gutted - she takes Tillie and heads for the edge...