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1 - 5 June 2015

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

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Monday 1 June (5751)


After Wendy's admission of an attraction towards Jimmy, Murray is embarrassed and hurt.

Jimmy insists the attraction is one-sided, and Wendy tries to assure Murray it means nothing.

But after both take time out to process, Wendy has to admit to Murray she is dissatisfied.

Murray's alarmed - his marriage is actually in trouble.

Clementine hears about Lucy's breakup with Alex and makes no effort to disguise her relief - in her mind, Alex is gay, so the
break up is best for everyone.

But while Lucy seeks support from Rachel to get through it, Clementine discovers that Alex is truly heartbroken.

She initiates a rare heart to heart with her brother and finally feels she knows him better.

But while Alex is warmed by his sister's support, Leanne is worried - Clementine's determined Alex's sadness stems from his refusal to admit he's gay, and she's determined to get him to face up to this.

Curtis is about to skip town with the money he 'borrowed' from Dayna, but faced with Pixie's upset, he realises he can't leave.

He replaces Mo's car, winning him ground with Mo.

Curtis continues to prove his relationship with Pixie makes him the best support person for her.

Mo starts to believe Curtis has accepted his challenge to step up, until he learns that the car Curtis procured was stolen.

Pixie has a scan and it's revealed her tumour has grown - the chemotherapy hasn't worked and her operation will need to be brought forward.

An emotional Jack loses it at the surgeons, and Mo struggles not to himself.

He's overwhelmed.

And when an upset Pixie reacts badly to them losing the car and clings to Curtis, Mo realises he can't take her support away from her.

Though making Curtis aware he's in big trouble, Mo takes the full tirade of blame from Pixie, souring their relationship in the process.

Though it's a short-term measure for Pixie's sake, Mo's devastated.


Tuesday 2 June (5752 )

Curtis is taken aback that Mo has protected him in Pixie's eyes, and Mo makes it clear he's to be the person Pixie expects him to be.

Pixie is still angry at her dad and when Curtis doesn't come home, she continues to blame him.

But Curtis makes good on his promise and helps Pixie process her early surgery news.

Curtis further redeems himself when he uses the money he borrowed for Dayna to actually replace the family car.

Pixie is comforted when Curtis returns home and goes easier on Mo.

Mo's hopeful this is a sign their family will pull through.

Clementine's dismayed when her attempt to make Alex realise he's gay backfires and only alienates him further.

She refuses to give up but is challenged when Leanne advises her to back off and let Alex discover who he is on his own terms, or risk losing him.

TK is annoyed when radiology prioritises surgical patients.

He vents and is overheard by an understanding patient, David.

TK and David connect and Pania reveals David is a member of the DHB.

She urges TK to capitalise on their rapport by pushing his agenda to extend the ED.

TK is unwilling at first but, realising it's the only way to affect change, finally broaches the matter with David who agrees to meet with him.

Murray believes he's found a way to mend his marriage when Wendy agrees to go on a trip.

But Bella realises Wendy is ambivalent to the idea and urges Murray to come up with a different idea.

And Wendy wins a university scholarship and feels this may the new challenge she needs in her life.

Meanwhile Dayna's paternity results arrive and reveal Jimmy is her father.

Dayna's insistent this means nothing, until she goes to tell Jimmy the news.

She's shocked to feel something for him, and Jimmy and Kane are hopeful this is a sign they could one day be a family.

When Dayna informs Murray and Wendy of the results, Murray feels he's lost yet another of his family members to Jimmy.

He admits this to Wendy when she offers comfort, and his upset over their strained relations makes Wendy see how much she's hurt him.

Giving up her dream of study, she commits to a holiday to repair her marriage.


Wednesday 3rd June (5753)

Murray gets excited about planning their holiday but Bella is dismayed that Wendy hasn't told him about winning the scholarship.

When Murray wants to extend the holiday, Wendy's not enthusiastic but can't bring herself to protest.

However, later she's put on the spot when Rachel congratulates her on the scholarship in front of Murray.

Murray is hurt that Wendy thought he'd get in the way of her doing the course and they again become estranged.

Wendy's at a loss how to fix things.

But the two of them manage to talk honestly and sadly determine that, instead of risking doing even more damage to their marriage, it's best if they spend some time apart.

Wanting to step up professionally, Nicole tries and fails to prove to Vinnie that she's capable of doing an extra shift.

She's thrilled when she proves to Vinnie that she's more on to it than him with household budgeting, and she does get more responsibility - with Michael's boring science project.

Even though she'd rather be working, Nicole finally finds a topic that interests Michael - mould.

And when Vinnie finally comes around and agrees to let her work an extra shift, Nicole's left feeling like she's winning in every area of her life... until Vinnie eats the sandwich Michael was growing mould on.

She's relieved that Michael isn't upset - it means she can concentrate on her chance to advance at work.

But left to his own devices, Michael naughtily decides to put Vinnie's guts of steel to the test...

When TK tests out his super-ED pitch before his meeting with David, it turns out to be long-winded, and a sympathetic Pania tries to coach him.

TK rejects her training, but when he stumbles during the meeting, he resorts to Pania's notes to win support.

David's sympathetic but can't do anything without more support on the board.

Pania's intrigued to learn of an upcoming vacancy on the DHB that could give them the extra support they need. 

Stumped, TK suggests Pania apply herself, and she's excited.

She immediately takes action to give herself the best advantage, but faces a hurdle when Rachel won't agree to gloss over her work misdemeanours if she's asked for a reference.

Furious, a coldly determined Pania determines to take Rachel down - much to TK's



Thursday 4th June (5754)

Pania unsettles TK with her focus on bringing Rachel down, but realises discrediting her will be enough.

When Caleb refuses to do Pania's scheduled profile piece with her, she ropes in TK, pointing out this is a way to get ED's problems in the media.

The proof copy of the article reads as if Pania and TK are a couple and though TK insists Pania set the journalist straight, Pania allows herself a lustful moment and lets the article go to press as is.

When Caleb isn't jealous, Pania takes it as a win.

Rachel sees the article and is furious, but Chris points out Pania isn't a big threat.

Rachel contents herself with stopping Pania from advancing within the hospital.

But when Pania turns up to a DHB meeting and starts undermining Rachel, Rachel realises she was wrong to underestimate her.

Michael continues with his secret science project to feed Vinnie mould and dirt.

It's going well until Vinnie gets sick - and Michael gets very scared.

He tells Nicole what he's done and Nicole thinks it's her fault for not monitoring him closely.

Vinnie's sickness turns out to be a gastro bug, but Nicole still feels guilty.

Vinnie praises her multitasking abilities and is impressed by how much she can take on, winning her more shifts at the hospital.

Nicole is left excited for the future.

Determined to be a rock for his family, Curtis gets Mo to entrust him with the organisation for Pixie's surgery.

When he finds out Pixie's nervous, he handles things his way - by glossing over the dangers and assuring her everything's going to be fine.

But Pixie discovers the risks of the operation and refuses to have the surgery.

Jack thinks Curtis needs to tell Mo but Curtis thinks he knows best and believes he can handle it.

He tells Pixie she needs to step up, which only heaps the pressure on her - but she agrees for the sake of her family.

Pixie tries to be brave but at the hospital, Pixie can't go through with it and locks herself in the car.

While Mo attempts to calm her, Curtis takes a hard line and tries to get Pixie out by force.

A distraught Pixie runs off and Mo and Jack turn on Curtis, blaming him for Pixie's upset.

Feeling he's the only one who was being active, a furious Curtis feels maligned.


Friday 5th June (5755)

Mo learns it will be hard to reschedule Pixie's surgery, and wears Curtis's ire for not stopping Pixie from running off.

Jack tracks an upset Pixie down, and is relieved he's able to offer the support she needs.

Feeling braver, Pixie agrees to late-afternoon surgery Chris has offered, and Mo's hopeful she may get her operation today.

But Chris's day runs late and he can't fit Pixie in - she'll need to be deferred to next week and seen by another doctor.

Mo worries this new surgeon won't be as good as Chris and blames himself for jeopardising Pixie's care.

Curtis is annoyed too, but realises he was wrong to try and force Pixie.

He considers running away himself but Dayna challenges him to stay strong for Pixie.

He does, making a slight thaw with Mo in the process.

Pania's delighted with her success at the DHB meeting, but Rachel's unsettled by Pania's power plays and considers giving up her holiday.

Chris assures her she's no threat but a careful Rachel ensures that she's got Harper to keep a close eye on her.

Harper resists Pania's attempts to get her onside and Pania's determined to win over Harper.

She tries to get TK to invite Harper over socially, but TK wants to focus on Kylie.

Pania's stymied, until she learns about Mo's situation.

She encourages Mo to write a letter of complaint to the paper, pointing out the hospital puts holidays before patient care.

She offers to write it herself.

Mo accepts, desperate to secure Pixie the best surgeon he can and Pania's glad she's found another way to make Rachel and Chris look bad.

Bella's concerned to realise Murray's broken hearted in Wendy's absence, and burying himself in work.

Unsettled to see Jimmy's flirtatious managing style at the bar, Bella ropes him in to get Murray to relax.

Jimmy tentatively tries, but is relieved when Murray suggests they head to a bar instead.

Bella's pleased with Jimmy, but she's dismayed when the men return after gambling at the casino - with a flirty hanger on, Mandy.

Bella is upset when Jimmy appears to be flirting with Mandy more than keeping an eye on Murray.

Feeling dizzy, she enlists Dayna to watch the men while she goes to the hospital.

Dayna's unimpressed when Jimmy continues not to dissuade Mandy from her flirtations, and he's fallen a little in her estimations.

Meanwhile, Bella is shocked to discover the reason for her dizziness - she is pregnant.