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Shortland Street

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1 - 5 July 2013

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 1 st July 2013 (5279 & 5280)

Josh sports the results of a sound beating thanks to Neil, but instead of sympathy, Harper warns that his continued involvement with Neil means his friends and flatmates are at risk.

In an attempt to protect, Josh moves out, and cuttingly disassociates himself from Nicole and Vinnie.

When Bella takes pity on Josh and tries to reengage him in hospital society, Josh has to be extra cruel to get her to leave him alone, leaving him disgusted in how low hes sunk.

Nicole takes her concerns over the new rostering policy to Rachel but is left frustrated when theyre disregarded.

She tries to settle the nurses but when it becomes clear that many will leave if the changes continue, Nicole doesnt blame them.

Hamstrung by budget constraints, Nicole cant get in bureau nurses or pay anyone overtime, and so has to work a shift herself in a busy ED.

Vinnie offers to join in support at his regular pay rate.

A tired Nicole injures herself and though its not serious, Vinnie sees this as evidence that the rostering system is untenable.

He encourages her to fight back. After Rachels insistence she make the new system work, Nicole is torn.

Dayna convinces a reluctant Jasmine to wag their mock exam, but when theyre caught by Wendy, Jasmine regrets being led astray.

Theyre sat down for a united parental talk, and when Murray and Wendy both make it clear Daynas bad influence has put her place

in the house in serious jeopardy, Daynas distraught.

Desperate to make it up to them, she manically does housework then convinces Jasmine they need to sit the mock exam on their own time to make up for it.

She feverishly invests in her study, leaving Jasmine uneasy.

When Daynas found to have scored lower than Jasmine, Dayna loses the plot and unfairly accuses Jasmine of wanting her to fail and be kicked out.

Jasmine is thrown when Daynas erratic behaviour escalates, and after shes scathing, a hurt Jasmine turns her back on Dayna.

Dayna turns up at the IV in a distressed state and Evan misreads her erratic behaviour for drunkenness.

He tries to get Jasmine to come and get her, but by the time Jasmine arrives, Daynas hallucinating and Evans sure shes taken drugs.

Jasmine takes her to ED, and determines to stick by her friend.

Initial tests suggest that Dayna hasnt taken drugs and its suspected that shes had a psychotic episode.

The psych team confirm this and organise for Dayna to be transferred to the mental health unit.

A devastated Jasmine must say goodbye to her very unwell friend.

Josh apologises to Bella but feels bad when Bellas not only won around but is also back in his orbit and so unsafe.

After performing badly in ED, Josh gives up and walks out.

Over at the IV, he hits the booze until Murray refuses to serve him any more.

Determined to write himself off, he buys more alcohol and imbibes it on hospital grounds, much to Harpers disgust.

Caught up in own woes, she misses Joshs dark hint of suicide. `

Rachel is unsettled to realise that Seth is trying to turn staff against her.

But Rachel believes Harper is on her side when shes prepared to do damage control over her budget cuts and repair Rachels reputation.

But Harper uses the opportunity to turn staff against Rachel.

Rachels unsettled when Boyd confirms that her staff are unhappy, and decides to reverse her unpopular budget cuts, but Harper is forced to follow Seths agenda and convince Rachel to stick to her guns.

Rachel is blindsided by an impromptu meeting to discuss her leadership with the chair of the DHB, Gloria Springer and she's thrown even further when a vote of no confidence is proposed.

She fights, and thinks shes won, but shes crushed when her most trusted ally, Harper, casts the deciding vote against her and Seth is appointed temporary CEO of both hospitals.


Tuesday 2 nd July (5281)

At his first staff meeting, Seth doesnt manage to win full support.

Harper tries to extricate herself from Seths machinations now that she has played her part to stitch up Rachel, but feels trapped when Seth continues to blackmail her.

On a mission to build staff support, Seth is pleased when he wins over Nicole by restoring her budget.

But Roimatas suspicious and doesnt buy Seths good guy routine.

Seth assures Henry that soon changes will enable them to be free and realise their dreams of early retirement.

Brookes relieved when she convinces Boyd hes right to support Seth, not Rachel.

When Seth appears to be keeping his promises to her and Boyd, Brookes gratified her scheming has paid off.

Meanwhile, TK cant shake off his unease about Rachels demise.

Brookes wary when Boyd begins to suspect her involvement in Seths plans, and shes dismayed to realise that aligning herself with Seth may have threatened her marriage.

Betrayed by Harper, Rachel privately reels but keeps her emotions in check.

She tries to keep it together as shes escorted through a crowded Triage and out of the building by Seth and a security guard.

Outside, she bumps into Chris. He forces her to explain the situation.

Chris is shocked that Rachel has been ousted after a vote of no confidence.

When Seth calls into question Rachels emotional stability, Chris decides to talk to Rachel himself.

With her defences still in place, Rachel cant accept Chris support, but Chris doesnt give up, and hes relieved when she finally agrees to let him help.

Back at the Warner home, Rachel draws strength from the unconditional love of Phoenix and Harry, but its still not enough to restore her self belief.

To Chris shock Rachel admits defeat - shes not going to fight for her job.

Wednesday 3 rd July (5282)

A protective Chris determines to find the true reason behind Rachels dismissal.

Harper intimates she was coerced into betraying Rachel, and Chris is further disturbed when Boyd intimates both he and Rachel were politically played by Brooke.

While Rachel seeks solace in family life, Chris demands answers from Brooke and, hoping to make amends with Boyd, Brooke admits that Rachel was set up.

But when Boyd rejects Brooke again, she realises that shes really stuffed up.

Chris hopes the evidence hes uncovered will rouse Rachels fighting spirit and is concerned when she refuses to act on it.

Bella is increasingly concerned about an AWOL Josh.

When Bella sees Josh talking to Neil, and he quickly disappears, she becomes unsettled by Joshs suspiciously elusive behaviour.

But when she finds him drunk, Bella is determined to support him through his despair.

Henry worries that hell lose out to Seths ambition when Seth hints that he has another secret plan.

Returned from her policy course, Sarah is surprised that Seth is open to her antibureaucratic stance.

Sarah is shocked when Seth suggests the best way to avoid bureaucracy is to privatise the hospital under a corporate body, and is challenged to prove Seth wrong.

Fearing his relationship is about to be compromised, Henry is temporarily placated by Seths promises.

Sarahs quest to prove Seth wrong is thwarted when she realise that his figures stack up.

Seth assures Henry he has a plan in place which will allow them to personally benefit from the hospitals privatisation.

Oblivious to Seths deception, Sarah is duped into signing up to Seths plan.

Thursday 4 th July (5283)

Enjoying his new relationship with Nicole, Vinnies unsettled to realise they lack the new couple sexual spark.

Set on rectifying this, Vinnie ambushes Nicole at work, but his efforts to seduce her turn to hilarity when they are busted by Chris.

After a chat with Dallas, Vinnie worries some more, but his over earnest attempt to declare his love only makes Nicole laugh.

Nicole and Vinnie fall into bed but end up watching television instead of anything more passionate.

Seeking something more exciting, Vinnie and Nicole decide to head out on the town.

Sarah has second thoughts about Seth inviting a multi-national company to take over the hospital but is reassured by Seths promises that it will be good for Shortland Street.

Sarahs told to swap jobs with Harper but this puts her off-side with TK and Sarah feels bad.

Sarah feels validated when she feels she will be able to give the staff what they want.

Seth reminds Harper shes still beholden to him and sends her back to ED, adding to her resentment.

Guilty for betraying Rachel, Harper realises she must atone.

But when her attempts to make contact with Rachel fall flat, she realises shes stuck in no mans land.

Bella keeps vigil, watching over Josh as he sleeps on the couch.

The next day, Bella takes Josh to the park and kicks off her crusade to convince him hes a good person.

A self loathing Josh rebuffs her efforts, but Bellas belief in him is validated when Joshs doctoring instincts kick in and he saves a childs life.

Bella sees him as a hero and Bellas perseverance finally make Josh realise he may be able to turn his life around.

Josh stays another night, but Bella is thrown when he is harsh with her.

Worried for him, Bella follows him when he goes out for a walk and sees him get into a dodgy looking car and take off.

Bellas upset to believe Josh never intended shaking his criminal connections.

Friday 5 th July (5284)

Josh reassures Bella hes severed his drugs ties, but feels conflicted for lying.

Bolstered off her positivity, Josh feels good about life again until TK, finally having enough of a case against him, fires him.

Bella implores Seth to intervene as a personal favour, and Seth admits has to give Josh his job back but doesn't explain why.

He agrees to Bellas request and order TK to reinstate Josh.

TK is irked and delivers the news to Josh, making it clear hes unhappy.

Josh tries and fails to make amends with TK, and accepts Bellas praise of him being deserving of the lucky chance hes received.

But alone, Josh ramps up his drug-stealing mission.

Wendys irritated with Kylies hold over Evan, but for the sake of trying to get their son back on side, Murray asks her to play nice.

Meanwhile Kylie notes Evans sadness at the estrangement and is determined to fix it.

She suggests to Wendy they get a family meal together but Wendy's irked that Kylie is muscling in on her family.

Wendy is resistant until Murray commends both the idea and the fact Wendys making an effort as promised, and she cant note her displeasure.

Moaning to Roimata instead, Wendy shares her low her opinion of Kylie, which Kylie overhears.

Though initially rocked, Kylie decides not to get mad, but to get even.

When Rachel makes a conscious effort to put aside work and focus on family, Chris worries shes sublimating her true feelings, and begs off reconciliation for now.

In an attempt to restimulate her drive to save the hospital, Chris tries to get support and information, but fails with both Sarah and Harper.

Resigned, he reevaluates Rachels decision and decides its a valid one. Tempted to let work take a back seat too, he recommits to Rachel.

Meanwhile Harper grows more dissatisfied with the hold Seth has over her, and when she sees that the people she cares about are being compromised too, she decides not to live in fear anymore.

She sneaks into Seths office and steals documents and presents them to Rachel - proof of Seths dastardly plan.

She implores Rachel to fight. Supported by Chris, Rachel agrees to do just that.

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