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Shortland Street

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1 - 5 February 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 1 February (5913)


Rachel and Chris plan an event for the staff as a way to help rebuild community spirit after the hostage crisis.

When Virginia plucks up the courage to ask Rachel for her PA job back, Rachel declines.

But Virginia sees an opportunity to impress, and jumps at the chance when Leanne asks her to help organise the party.

Rachel's disconcerted that Virginia's talked her way onto the admin team, but even more concerned to discover that Virginia wears the same perfume as her... and the unidentified second shooter.


From the troubling symptoms Vinnie’s displaying - he's not sleeping well, is overprotective of Michael, and generally stressed - Nicole realises he's suffering the after effects of the hostage crisis.

But her attempts to get him to seek help meet a brick wall: Vinnie's determined to dismiss it. He knows others, like Murray and Bella, are suffering worse.

In the end it's Michael who gets through to him where Nicole's failed.

Vinnie not only agrees to go to counselling, but decides to take a break overseas, to help out his family and get some much-needed R'n'R in the


With Margaret being held by the police, Victoria tries to get closer to Mo. And even when Margaret is released, Victoria senses that she and Mo are growing closer.


Harper's disappointed to realise that Drew's memory of a woman's perfume when he was shot may not be the pivotal evidence she hoped.

Harper discovers the police are investigating key information about a faint smudge of make up left on the gun.

Victoria is perturbed when the police seek her out and annoyed when they want her make up.

There's gossip in the hospital as Victoria, Virginia, Mo and Kylie discuss make up as a key piece of evidence.

When Victoria and Virginia move off, someone notes the smell of Valkyrie perfume in the air.

Leanne is convinced that Victoria was wearing it... but Virginia was also there.

Both women also have access to a master key to the womens' lockers and, moments later, a mysterious figure plants key evidence - the distinctive make up - in Margaret's locker.

She's being framed... but by who?



Tuesday 2 February (5914 )


George is surprised to learn Rachel has received a job application from him. Realising Dayna has gone behind his back, George isn't impressed - he can make his own decisions.

Nevertheless, he agrees to go to the interview, and Dayna hopes he'll thank her in the long run.

At the interview Rachel is impressed and offers him a job off his experience rather than Dayna's influence.

When George tells Dayna the news, it’s clear he's becoming excited about his new job - and so is she.


As Boyd and Bella draw closer over work, Bella tries even harder to resist her feelings for him.

Leanne prompts her, she has no reason not to go for it so she tentatively suggests a date.

Bella's a little disappointed when he doesn't automatically see the dinner for what it is, but she doesn't show it.

Rachel wants to fire Curtis for stealing the hospital security system hard drive, but with no proof she can only suspend him - and threaten to inform the police.

But when Chris sees how much stress Mo is under, he advocates for the Hannahs once more.

When Margaret realises Curtis has vital information about the siege, she insists they tell the police, and wins praise for this from Mo.

Trying to move on with life, Mo visits Drew to apologise for Margaret's wrong-doing. He learns the police are after a certain brand of makeup, and when he collects Margaret's things from her hospital locker, he finds the foundation.

Margaret sincerely denies it's hers... but after all Margaret's lies, Mo can't bring himself to trust Margaret, and he accuses her of shooting Drew.


Wednesday 3 February (5915)

Dayna's relieved to think she's done the right thing by getting George a job at the hospital. His orientation goes well, and he starts to fall in love with medicine again.

But after his first day at the hospital, George is struck by how much he has yet to learn. He resolves to study as much as he can before he starts, and Dayna's left realising she isn't going to be seeing much of her husband for the foreseeable future.


Lucy’s bemused when Ali's uncharacteristically irritable.

Talking to him, she realises he's stressing about money to pay for his wedding, and tries to reassure him.

She's dismayed when he ends up taking on a second job however, and realises she won't be seeing much of her friend for a while.


Kylie's excited when she hears her mother's coming to stay - until she realises Norelle's only come to Ferndale to get plastic surgery.

Kylie has a real problem with Norelle getting work done, and they end up arguing.

TK helps Kylie see that it's Norelle's decision, and they should make amends for the sake of their relationship.

Kylie reluctantly agrees to set up an appointment for Norelle with Chris, and Norelle is thrilled.

But when she sneaks off to see Drew, Kylie worries her mum's up to her old tricks again.


Margaret insists that the makeup Mo found in her purse isn't hers. But after all her lies, Mo can't fully trust his wife - and he refuses to lie for her to the police.

When Margaret won't go to the cops, he goes on her behalf - but still feels terrible when they issue a warrant for Margaret's arrest.

Meanwhile, Curtis tries to convince Margaret to escape Ferndale - saying it's the only way Margaret will avoid going to jail for a crime she didn't

Margaret refuses to take that step, but when she calls Mo, he admits he's gone to the police, and they're coming to arrest her.

Realising this betrayal was prompted by her own history of lies, Margaret has to face the fact that this is the end of their relationship.

She finally takes Curtis's advice, and agrees to flee Ferndale.


Thursday 4 February (5916)


Bella tries to keep her relationship with Boyd professional, but with a little help from matchmaker Leanne, she ends up sitting with Boyd at the party.

When he has a wistful moment over Harper, Bella is there to support him - and Boyd is struck for the first time by how much he enjoys her company.


Kylie finds out that Norelle went to see Drew, not to flirt with him, but to ask whether she's having surgery for the right reasons.

Realising she's been judging her mother completely unfairly, Kylie decides to try and embrace Norelle's lifestyle.

She takes her mother to the hospital party, but is a little hurt when Norelle ignores her, and talks to Ali instead.

And when Norelle gets a little tipsy and starts dancing and flirting, Kylie's had enough. She takes Norelle home and tells her off for embarrassing her at a work function. But she's thrown to realise that Norelle's acting up because she found a lump in her breast at her consult with Chris.

Kylie's shocked, and feels bad to think she's lashed out at her mother, just when she needed her the most.


When Mo returns from the police station, he finds Margaret has fled and Curtis and Jack refuse to tell him or the police who has helped her escape justice.

Angry that Mo went to the cops, Curtis leaves and Mo's left trying to piece his broken family back together.

Unable to bring himself to mislead Jack into thinking that Margaret is innocent, Mo is distressed when Jack turns his back on him too.

Later, Mo tries to reach out to Jack who initially resists, but then softens towards his lonely father.

Mo takes hope that maybe things will be alright with Jack, while Curtis is left stewing at the injustice of Margaret's situation.


Harper can’t help but get a little jealous when Drew starts hanging out with his exes.

It forces her to realise that if she likes Drew, she needs to do something about it, in case she loses him.

As a result, she goes along to the hospital party with him.

He starts out charming everyone, but when things get too much for him, Harper takes him home and finally gives in to her desire for him.


Friday 5 February (5917)


Kylie is stunned by the news Norelle's found a lump in her breast and feels terrible for judging her.

Norelle's shaken by the reality of what she's going through and Kylie's concerned to see her usually cavalier mother so vulnerable.

Bolstered by TK, Kylie's able to offer Norelle the emotional support she needs, and is touched to see a new maternal side to Norelle.


Harper and Drew bask in their romance, until Drew has a fall and accidentally bursts his sutures.

Harper takes him to ED where she admits to Nicole that she doesn't know what the future holds, but romance with Drew is everything she hoped for.

However, the gossip spreads through the hospital that Drew burst his sutures during sex and Bella feels compelled to tell Boyd what's happened.

Boyd isn't surprised Harper has moved on quickly, but reveals he has no interest in romance, making Bella feel like a fool for holding a candle for him - at the same time she inadvertently sets off the hospital fire alarm.


Mo strives to keep his shattered family together.

Determined to right Margaret's wrongs, he attempts to pay back the money Margaret stole, and then apologises to Drew.

When Mo confides to Victoria that it's all part of letting go of Margaret, her romantic hopes flare, but Mo's resolved to focus on his boys and
Victoria finds herself on the outer once again.

Meanwhile, Curtis believes he has evidence that Virginia shot Drew and framed Margaret.

Mo's alarmed to find Curtis fuelling Jack's hopes that Margaret will return and he has to voice the harsh truth that she has gone from their lives and they must move forward without her.

Curtis is furious Mo still thinks she's guilty and leaves.

Feeling betrayed by Mo's lack of belief in them, and his refusal to give Margaret a chance, Jack tells Mo he's not coming home anymore.

Mo's left alone, gutted to think he's failed his sons.