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1 - 5 December 2014

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Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

Shortland Street

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

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Monday 1 December (5641)

Kylie apologises to Ula for not telling her about Garrett's night with Rachel, but gets nowhere and worries their friendship is doomed.

When Ula and Garrett's rift widens, Kylie jeopardises her chances of reconciliation with Ula to challenge Ula to accept Garrett for who he is.

Realising she's been overly demanding, Ula does and she and Garrett make up.

Reunited, a grateful Ula and Garrett sort things with Kylie, but Kylie's already decided the stress of a mortgage isn't worth it - she's not buying the house.

Kane agrees to suffer through Clementine's birthday party for Honour's sake - even when it's relocated to Sugar after hours.

Honour is warmed to see Kane enjoying himself, but Clementine gets jealous that he's the centre of attention and tries to oneup him.

Kane worries Clementine's party methods will get Honour in trouble but Clementine dismisses his worry, accusing him of not knowing how to have fun.

Kane snaps under Clementine's constant mocking, telling her with graphic detail of the night Brett died.

Shocked, Clementine abandons her party.

Honour's conflicted, seeing Kane's still traumatised, but chooses to deal with an upset Clementine first.

Kane's gutted his emotions have ruined things again.

Chris revels in his time caring for Trinity and is warmed to be a part of her life at this age - he wasn't with Harry.

With the audit now complete, Grace starts searching for work and is open to the possibility of staying in Ferndale.

While he's caring for Trinity, Chris is called in to work.

He stays on longer than necessary because he's enjoying himself.

Meanwhile, babysitter Rachel doesn't know what to do with a now feverish Trinity.

And when Chris gets the message in surgery that Trinity's in ED, he kicks himself for being remiss.

Trinity's fine and Rachel feels foolish for overreacting, but Chris is supportive.

As a show of commitment, he resolves to cut back his hours to care for Trinity more.

Rachel's touched by his devotion, but quickly quashes her feelings.

But when he learns Grace has found work in Sydney and is taking Trinity with her, Chris is gutted that he's about to lose his daughter.



Tuesday 2nd December (5642 )

Kane apologises for ruining Clementine's party.

Honour tries to broker a truce between Clementine and Kane.

Despite saying she'll be friends, Clementine and Kane get on each other's nerves as they clean up the party mess at Sugar.

When expensive coffee beans are spilled, Clementine gives a brilliant cover story just as the owner turns up.

Kane and Clementine acknowledge their shared loyalty to Honour and warm to each other as a result.

When Clementine suggests they go away for a few days, Kane and Honour are keen.

Boyd's troubled by the fact that TK still has a grudge towards him over Sarah's death, but feels powerless to fix it.

He rejects Harper's offers to help and is given hope when TK compliments his doctoring in a high-pressure medical situation.

But Boyd's gutted when the patient dies and is pleasantly surprised when TK again bolsters him that he did everything he could.

Capitalising on this, Boyd invites TK to team drinks at the bar.

It seems okay, until Boyd realises TK's barely covering his frustration at socialising together.

TK decides to leave.

Harper tries to stop him - and he channels his anger at her.

Devastated at the thought of losing Trinity, Chris tries again to appeal to Grace to stay, to no avail.

He's so desperate that he turns to Rachel for help finding her a job here, but Rachel is battling her feelings for him and won't get drawn in.

She shifts her focus onto the easier issue - supporting Grace - and tells Chris to back off from pressuring her.

To her surprise, Chris agrees and decides the only alternative is for him to move to Sydney too.

Harry's torn about this, pointing out to Chris that they will both lose Rachel for good if they go.

Challenged, Chris goes to Rachel and makes a passionate plea.

He declares he still loves her and admits there's one reason he'd stay - for her.

Rachel's deeply conflicted - what will she say?



Wednesday 3rd December (5643)

Hardening her heart, Rachel tells Chris to follow his family to Australia.

Chris is gutted, but as soon as she's alone, Rachel falls apart.

Lucy comforts and consoles, insisting she's done the right thing.

Meanwhile, Harry's upset to think he'll lose his family and any hope of his parents reconciling.

Taking matters into his own hands, he appeals Rachel to reconsider.

Rachel agrees to talk to Chris and Harry's hopes soar.

Lucy disapproves, suspecting Chris has used Harry to emotionally manipulate Rachel.

Rachel defends, but when she learns from Grace that Chris never really wanted to go to Sydney, she wrongly suspects Lucy was right after all.

Calm and collected, she keeps her talk with Chris very professional- finding the strength to cut him out of her life for good.

Eager to sell her house, Kylie's annoyed that she has to also gain building consent for the wet shower.

But Kylie actively avoids her home owner responsibilities by cheering up a heartbroken Dallas.

To bolster his self-esteem, Kylie encourages Leanne to feature Dallas in the social club's Christmas calendar, as one of the hospital hunks.

Dallas agrees after much coercion from Ula and Dayna.

But when he explains to Kylie that she really can't sell her house without consent, Kylie fears her irresponsibility may have ruined her chances of selling.

Harper resents being forced to choose between her two friends Boyd and TK.

But, observing how hurt TK is, Boyd encourages her to be the friend TK needs.

Easy in each other's company, Harper is pleased when they reconnect.

Harper sensitively encourages him to face his grief, offering to help with sorting through Sarah's personal effects.

TK agrees but the grief proves too confronting and he makes a pass at Harper to avoid his emotions.

Although tempted, Harper withdraws, insisting it's not right.

Harper confides in Garrett, who challenges her to confront her deeper feelings, believing that she still holds a candle for TK.

Meanwhile, TK takes refuge in Lucy's easy, uncomplicated company.

Hoping her rejection of his romantic advance hasn't damaged their relationship, Harper is upset to discover TK has slept with Lucy.

Harper realises how deeply she cares for him - but now it's too late.



Thursday 4th December (5644)

Harper reels after discovering TK and Lucy slept together, but Garrett challenges her to let go of her jealousy and accept that TK needs to move on from Sarah.

Harper takes his advice to heart and distances herself, which saddens TK.

Lucy is pleased to discover TK doesn't mean to treat her like a one-nightstand but when Sarah's memory is raised, TK realises he still doesn't have closure.

He ends the relationship, leaving Lucy sad but understanding.

TK goes to Harper to help him get closure over Sarah, and the two reaffirm their bond.

Vinnie and Leanne realise their apartment will be too small once the baby arrives.

They break the news to Leanne that they are moving out.

Covering her hurt, Leanne insists she is happy to move out instead.

Guilt overwhelms Nicole and she admits she doesn't want Leanne to go.

Vinnie agrees, and a happy Leanne reminds them of her offer of a deposit for them to buy a house.

Vinnie and Nicole accept, and the three are excited about their new life together.

Off Kane's wish to get out of town, Clementine invites him and Honour to come away with her family for the weekend.

Off her recent lies, Honour worries Ula won't let her go, but Ula does - as long as Wendy lets Kane.

Wendy agrees, as long as they keep in contact and when Murray reminisces on his own coming-of-age trip away, the teens' excitement builds.

Kylie fears potential buyers will expect a heavy discount on the house because the bathroom is unconsented - until Garrett encourages her to keep quiet about it.

Kylie sees the benefits of lying when she's reminded the quick sale hugely benefits Emma.

But Kylie struggles to lie.

And when Nicole, Vinnie and Leanne show an interest in her house, Kylie realises she can't lie to her friends.

She tells them and the real estate agent the truth.

The real estate agent is furious, and refuses to represent the property, calling Kylie on breach of contract.

Kylie's liable for thousands of dollars of cancellation fees.

Her morality's been hard won - but Kylie's now totally broke.



Friday 5th December (5645)

Kylie's frustrated that her honesty only led to more pain and she'll now have to sell her house for much less.

She stays positive, until she goes to work and is lumped with Leanne, one of her disgruntled potential buyers.

When Leanne accidentally shreds Kylie's paperwork, she thinks it was deliberate and vows revenge.

But when Kylie moves Leanne's handbag within easy reach of the public, Leanne pretends it was stolen and sends Kylie to chase after the imaginary thief.

A distraught Kylie returns empty-handed, of course, and then has to suffer Leanne's painful lesson about deception.

But later, Kylie's surprised when Leanne suggests she may have a mutually beneficial solution to her financial woes.

Chris is disappointed that Harry is tempted to stay with Rachel rather than leave with him, but avoids pressuring him.

Touched by this sign of Chris' changed attitude, Harry decides to go with Chris after all.

Troubled by the dawning sense her old family are leaving her, Rachel is heartened to have support in Lucy.

Rachel is moved by TK's talk about how grateful he was to get a second chance with Sarah.

However, Rachel can't bring herself to give Chris one but she wishes him well in his new life and hopes they can manage to be friends again.

She and Chris sadly let go of any hope they'll ever be together.

Honour learns how much Kane is looking forward to the road trip.

But then Clementine turns up with bad news - her parents are staying on in Wellington so the trip is off.

When Honour feels bad about this for Kane's sake, Clementine suggests they just don't tell anyone that her parents won't be at the bach and they go anyway.

Hitting the road, Honour is excited and the teens upbeat.

But she's worried when she sees that their route will take them close to Waitapu, where Brett was killed.

Kane's also very rattled, but that very fact pushes him to overcome his fears and all the ghosts of the past - by revisiting the site where all their traumas began.

Honour is against the idea and when they arrive at the bach, Honour pleads with Kane that they leave.

But a driven Kane refuses, leaving Honour deeply worried about what

awaits them, when Kane comes face to face with his demons...