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Shortland Street: The Weddings

Kirsty and Lionel's fairytale wedding - Shortland Street on TV2

Roimata and her dad Henare - Shortland Street TV2

As Bella and Luke's wedding approaches, we look back at 20 years of Shortland weddings. 

istory has proven that anything can happen at a Shortland Street wedding, and it's bound to be memorable!

Chris Warner and Alison Raynor planned to marry in 1993 after an earlier false start.  On the eve of the wedding, the villainous Darryl Neilson drugged Chris, and locked him in a barn.  Left at the altar, a distraught Alison then left the country.

Gina and Leonard's wedding was the Shortland Street event of 1993.   They tied the knot in great New Zealand/Italian style and continue to live happily ever after - although mostly off screen.

There was not a dry eye in the house when Kirsty Knight walked down the aisle to marry Lionel Skeggins.  Things were going swimmingly until Stuart Neilson (prompted by uber-villain Darryl) interrupted the wedding to declare his love for Kirsty. 

Lionel stormed out of the church, but was reunited with his bride-to-be and they got married that evening on the deck of the Toroa.

Chris tried again, marrying Tiffany Pratt in a beautiful and romantic wedding, at which, for once nothing serious went wrong. 

The honeymoon was a different story, when Chris was headhunted for an important job in the States.  They were about to depart when Tiffany gave her ticket to Chris' brother Guy whose daughter Tuesday needed an operation. 

It took longer than the couple expected for Tiffany to join Chris overseas, and when she did she discovered Alison Raynor was back on the scene.  She returned to Ferndale and filed for divorce.

Nick Harrison and Rachel McKenna's marriage of convenience (so that they'd be eligible for student allowances) struck a chord with students around the country. 

The wedding put paid to Nick's relationship with Rachel's cousin Waverley, but it all (eventually) ended well, and Nick and Rachel remained best friends.

Donna Heka and Rangi Heremia had a surprise wedding beside a waterfall, having being taken there under false pretences and surprised by a marriage celebrant. 

It was a beautiful ceremony, and they had a deliriously happy start to their marriage, but it didn't last.

Daffy Waverley Wilson and bad boy Fergus Kearney were an unlikely couple but it was true love and they did make it to the altar in 2001

But before the couple could exchange vows the police interrupted the wedding - and Fergus fled!  He resurfaced to interrupt Waverley's first attempt to marry Nick. 

She turned him down, and a month later married Nick in what was dubbed the TV wedding of 2002.  They are still happily married.

When mad Jack Hewitt was dumped by Rachel McKenna he kidnapped her, and forced her to wear a wedding dress and take part in a mock ceremony in a memorable 2001 Christmas cliffhanger.   Chris Warner arrived in the nick of time, and Jack threw himself in front of a car and was fatally injured.

Anne Greenlaw married Victor Kahu in a memorable 2002 wedding that blended Maori and Pakeha rituals.  The day was ruined when Victor was arrested on a trumped up charge and the honeymoon had to be deferred. 

The couple's happiness was brief and the marriage came to an end when Victor discovered that Anne had been sleeping with his son, Nelson.

In 2003 , Toni Thompson and Matt McAllister surprised everyone by taking a day trip to Rotorua - and returning married.  But Matt never truly believed that Toni loved him. 

Thinking (wrongly) that Toni was seeing an old flame, Matt slept with Li Mei.  Toni forgave him, but he couldn't forgive himself and left the country abandoning his marriage at the same time.  

Judy Brownlee also found love with Max Henley in 2003 .  They were well suited in every way, and blissfully happy, until they discovered that Max had an inoperable brain tumor. 

They married in a moving ceremony at his hospital bed, and Max died moments later.

2003 also saw villainous Dominic Thompson (Shane Cortese) marry heiress Emily Bredican (Sarah Sommerville). 

This was a wedding that shouldn't have happened - both the bride and groom were marrying for all the wrong reasons - but did.  Dom's true love Delphi Greenlaw (Anna Hutchison) did everything she could to stop the wedding but was no match for his scheming mother Ngaire (Ilona Rogers) who locked her in a cupboard. 

Delphi managed to escape and arrived at the church just as the ceremony concluded.  The marriage didn't last and Dom and Delphi did eventually get together, before he was unmasked as the murderer of her brother Geoff (Andrew Laing).

2004 ended on a high with the romantic Christmas Day wedding of childhood sweethearts Tama and Shannon.  They tied the knot on Cheltenham Beach in a ceremony with contemporary Maori elements. 

Nick Harrison was the best man and old favorites Donna and Mihi were among the guests. Their wedding screened as a special one-hour episode on Christmas Day.

In 2004 , Fiji worked its romantic charms on colleagues Chris Warner and Toni Thompson during a working holiday.  Fiji was the beginning of a relationship that would lead to one of the show's most successful marriages.

This culminated in 2005 with a lavish marriage that was dubbed the TV Wedding of the Year. The couple tied the knot at Auckland's Wintergardens with best friends Craig (Renato Bartolomei) and Sarah (Amanda Billing) as best man and bridesmaid.

The marriage of Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) and Andrew Solomon (Paolo Rotondo) may go down as the shortest Shortland Street union ever.  In 2006, after weeks of uncertainty Sarah put her doubts (and her attraction to Craig Valentine) aside, and was radiant as she and Andrew tied the knot.

But moments after the words 'I do' had passed the gorgeous couple's lips, their happiness was blown apart by the arrival of Robyn Stokes (Kirstie O'Sullivan).

As friends and family watched aghast Robyn announced she was pregnant with Andrew's baby! And she was having twins. It wasn't long before that marriage was well and truly over.

Valentine's Day 2006 was the date of Shortland Street's first civil union - between Jay Copeland (Jaime Passier-Armstrong) and Maia Jeffries (Anna Jullienne).  Their romantic (and very pink) ceremony was held in Auckland's Parnell Rosegardens.

Unfortunately, Maia and Jay's union was picketed by Destiny Church protesters.

2006 also saw the arrival of Maia's sister Libby Jeffries (Fleur Saville) to Ferndale announcing her engagement and expecting her family to organize the perfect wedding - in four days.  This Bridezilla had a very unhappy day when her (gay) husband-to-be absconded on the wedding day, leaving Libby to take her feelings out on her mother and sisters.

There were more than a few people surprised when the third Jeffries sister, Tania (Faye Smythe) arrived home from a holiday in 2007 with fiancé Mark Weston (Tim Foley) and announced that they had eloped!

Their on-again-off-again relationship had always been volatile and Mark had constantly had to fight his feelings for Tania's lesbian sister, Maia.

When Tania discovered that Mark was the donor for Maia's much wanted baby, it was the beginning of the end and the marriage didn't last past the middle of the year. 

TK (Ben Mitchell) had often played second fiddle to Sarah's obsession with Craig Valentine, but had patiently waited for his moment with the neurotic Doctor Potts. That moment finally came in May 2007 when they tied the knot in a moving ceremony on the Auckland waterfront.

The Bride wore Red and the Groom had his best mate Alice Piper (Toni Potter) as his best man.

There was a tense moment when TK thought that Sarah wasn't coming as she debated her feelings for Craig yet again, and he almost called it off, but she dashed down the pier at the last minute and the rest is history.

The 2008 traditional Indian four day wedding of Scotty (Kiel McNaughton) and Shanti (Nisha Madhan) was an elaborate affair that took over six full production days to create.

To make sure that the traditional and cultural values of a modern day Indian wedding were done justice, a cultural advisor was brought in to help out.

Of course, a Shortland Street wedding wouldn't be right unless some type of hijinks ensued and there was no end of those! Kip Denton played his part by sleeping with Shanti's sister, both families quarreled and Tania and Scotty's sister, Rebecca spiked the punch at the non-alcoholic reception!

The 2009 marriage of Gerald and Morgan was a surprise in more than one way. Firstly it was as a surprise that the couple were getting married at all given that Gerald's self proclaimed asexuality and Morgan was pregnant with triplets for another couple.

But the unlikely couple, who did have a genuine affection for each other, decided that in order to strengthen Morgan's case for keeping the babies she was acting as a surrogate for, they should tie the knot.

With Libby in charge of the preparations, it was planned to be an extravagant affair, but due to money issues, and a desire to get it all done as quickly as possible, Gerald and Morgan surprised everyone when they secretly got married at the wedding rehearsal with only Chris and Libby as witnesses.

Despite the odds, bad-boy Kieran Mitchell convinced a gullible Sophie McKay to marry him in 2010 and the two fronted up for a lavish church wedding.

But just as they were about to say their "I do's" Libby Jeffries burst dramatically into the church with evidence that Kieran had killed Morgan Braithwaite.  Clutching a photograph of the night in question, she also had the police in tow.

As Kieran was led away to the waiting cop car, a distraught Sophie was left reeling.

However, Kieran's brother Sid confessed to the crime, letting Kieran off the hook.  Kieran later married Sophie and arranged for Sid to flee the country on a false passport.

In 2011, the wedding of TK and Roimata was the focus of our action packed feature length episode.

With wedding guest ready and waiting, TK was forced to choose between his wedding to Roimata and attending the birth of his child after ex-wife Sarah went into labour within minutes of the ceremony!

To Roimata's horror, TK chose his baby, rushing off to help Sarah, who had gone into labour by the side of the road.

But he was too late, caught up rescuing Hunter and Brooke from a fiery car crash, and Sarah was forced to give birth to their baby in a ditch, with only TK's rival Owen to help!

Roimata was devastated but TK eventually made it up to her and the pair eloped to the Bay of Islands.

This time around, odd couple Bella and Luke are set to get married but with a long history of failed Shortland Street weddings, will their marriage go ahead or will fate put a stop to this couple's future happiness?