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Shortland Street

21 - 25 May 2012

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Callum McKay is played by Peter Mochrie

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

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Monday 21st May (4992, 4993, 4994) Feature length episode! 

Maia wishes Nicole could be involved in Gerald's heart transplant and is touched when Nicole offers to go in the helicopter to help the retrieval team with the heart. Dr Josh Gallagher arrives for his interview and as Maxwell goes to meet him, Lana and Nicole share a friendly moment.  A thrown Maxwell struggles to accept his relationship with Nicole is over and she's seeing women again.

Roimata is challenged when Bailey arrives in E.D. needing medical treatment. Roimata initially believes he is merely drug-seeking, but she's forced to put aside her personal prejudice when TK discovers that Bailey is very sick.

Desperate not to move in with Evan, Ula realises the Coopers can't raise the house deposit if Murray doesn't complete the sale of his bike. Ula sees Murray meet the buyer, who turns out to be Cat, the woman Murray met when he ran out of petrol. Ula unsuccessfully attempts to dissuade Cat from buying the bike. The bike sells and the house deposit goes through, meaning the house
offer is now unconditional. The Coopers plan a celebratory party but a suspicious Murray notices something's troubling Ula.

Chris is relieved and grateful when Rachel decides to trust her instincts and believe him, but they fear they've lost Phoenix. When Chris runs into Hayley and Drew, he sees Hayley's in serious danger and attempts to call the police. Drew steals his phone and drives off, and an alarmed Chris follows. At Hayley's house, Chris hears sounds of violence and decides he must act immediately. He enters the house to find Drew, who claims Hayley is safe in the other room. As Chris investigates, Drew knocks him out. Phoenix receives a text from Chris's phone that appears to be Hayley asking for help. Arriving at Hayley's, Phoenix is shocked to find a bloody and dazed Chris looming over Hayley's body. Chris is devastated to realise he's been framed by Drew.

A desperate Chris gets Phoenix to help him with Hayley as Phoenix dials 111. In ED, Phoenix is concerned when Chris collapses, and he's reluctant to talk with police in case he makes things worse for his dad. In questioning, Phoenix is convinced of Chris's guilt when he learns of Drew's alibi - there's no way he could have been involved. Phoenix clams up, and, off Rachel's concern, admits he doesn't want to be the one to prove Chris's guilt. Phoenix outlines the evidence, and Rachel's shocked to realise the strength of the case against Chris.

Bailey works to persuade Roimata to drop her guard. He exaggerates his symptoms, making out he's no longer a threat, and when he pretends to sleep, Roimata dismisses the security guard. She's shocked when Bailey takes her hostage in the drug room.

Stealing morphine, Bailey escapes pushing Roimata into TK when she calls for help. Callum has heard that Bailey is at large in the building, helps TK to search for him. Callum corners Bailey at the entrance to the roof, but Bailey runs out onto the tarmac - a dangerous distraction to the chopper pilot.

Lana impresses the Jeffries' family with her kindness, and Maia can't resent Nicole's newfound happiness. The family is anxious on learning Gerald's heart is delayed, but Bree takes advantage of the delay to wrangle her way into assisting in the surgery, much to Brooke's annoyance. The family farewell an unconscious Gerald as he heads to surgery, hopeful all will go well.

Bella sends Luke on ahead to the Coopers' party. She gives him a box of old nursing uniforms which prove to be a hit. Ula's less enthused, and, aware Murray has his eye on her, feels the pressure to keep up appearances. With Sarah still on her case, Ula wonders how much longer she can keep her secret. At the hospital, Bella is finally able to leave for the party. She farewells Maxwell and gets into her car. Aware Nicole's on board, Maxwell watches the helicopter approach. He's horrified when it veers into an obstacle and crashes down on top of Bella's car. 

Maxwell and Josh rush to aid the victims of the helicopter crash. They are able to save Bella who insists she's fine and begins to help others. Maxwell finds Nicole trapped inside the wreckage. Maia arrives and Maxwell fears Nicole is dead. They don't have time to wait for the fire truck and Maxwell and Josh devise their own plan to free Nicole.

In ED, Nicole is grateful to him but takes an emotional Maia's hand. Maxwell realises that the door has closed on his relationship with Nicole forever and he backs off. Lana arrives and when Nicole reaches out to her, Maia also realises that any hopes of reconciliation with Nicole are futile.

Libby is desperate to recover Gerald's heart from the helicopter and Josh realises that it has been thrown clear. They find it and Libby hopes that Gerald's operation can go ahead. Later, Josh finds
Bella who, finally overwhelmed by the enormity of the accident she's survived, suffers a panic attack.

Callum and TK abandon their pursuit of Bailey to help the injured. However, Bella finds Bailey in a bad way and brings him to the ED where Callum is assisting. Callum has no time for Bailey, determined to see other more deserving patients.

Ula takes out her resentfulness by ignoring Evan. Evan is frustrated and further upset when he learns from Murray that Ula tried to sabotage the bike sale. Evan confronts Ula who admits that she doesn't love him and doesn't want to move in with him. Hurt, Evan sees no reason to continue the pretence and reveals that he is not the father of Ula's baby.

Rachel counsels Phoenix to tell the police the truth, adamant that Chris is innocent. Phoenix reluctantly follows her advice and Chris realises that it's vital Hayley survives in order to corroborate his story. However, his hopes are dashed when Hayley dies and he is arrested for her murder.

Tuesday 22nd May (4995)

Chris puts on a brave front when hes taken to the police station to be processed. Rachel and Phoenix arrive home, and Phoenix blames himself for Chris' predicament.

At the cells, the reality of what Chris is in for begins to set in.

Libby feels the pressure of the long wait to find out if Gerald survives heart transplant surgery. In surgery, Bree is invited to help out with some tasks, much to Vinnie's alarm.

He can't hold his tongue but when he questions Bree taking an active role, he is banished. The surgery is a success but still Vinnie tears a strip off Bree and fumes when she brushes him off.

The Cooper party falls apart thanks to Ula's revelation. However, their shock is intensified when they learn of the accident at the hospital - and that Bella's been involved.

Meanwhile, Bella is taken to ED by Josh, who is concerned to discover she has long QT and hasn't taken her medication. But he's relieved when TK manages to stabilise Bella.

Her family arrive, and Wendy is upset to learn she's been missing her beta-blockers.

But relief that all is well wins out, especially when Evan turns up, concerned about his sister. The Coopers are united.

Vasa drags Ula to Maxwell's place, and fills him in on her lies about the paternity of her child.

Maxwell is stunned, but when Ula states she lied to them because she didn't feel supported, Maxwell and Vasa determine to be better parents to her, and her unborn child.

When Roimata confronts Callum about the now-very-sick Bailey, Callum realises he's slipped up badly.

He snaps into action to save Bailey, but frets he's not going to recover and berates himself for failing as a doctor and a father.

Roimata bolsters Callum for his numerous successes, and convinces him to fight for his career.

However after Bailey recovers, he won't let the matter lie, threatening to lodge a formal complaint and bring Callum down.

Feeling he's reached the end of the line as a doctor, Callum goes to Rachel and resigns.

Wednesday 23rd May (4996)

Callum is frustrated when Rachel insists he wait for her to review Roimata's incident report before resigning.

Roimata realises Callum's future lies in her hands and she's tempted to bend the truth to protect him.

Later, Callum feels undeserving when Gerald forgives him for missing the seriousness of his condition.

Callum catches Roimata attempting to paint him in a better light and insists she tell the truth.

Callum had bad feelings towards Bailey and Roimata can't be sure that didnt affect his judgement. Roimata is left torn.

Chris is bolstered when his lawyer, Lawrence, is confident hell be granted bail and arranges for Rachel and the boys to visit.

But Phoenix still fears Chris killed Hayley, and he's further rattled when Lawrence reveals how strong the case is against Chris.

Phoenix refuses to visit Chris and support a killer.  Chris is hurt that Phoenix doen't visit but reassures Rachel and Harry that everything will be sorted out soon.

However, he's left worried that his family is being ripped apart.

Vasa's overbearing behaviour has Ula fearing she's lost control of her life.

She's further rattled when she learns Tom is back in town and is challenged by Nicole to consider the role she wants him to play in their babys life.

Meanwhile, Evan feels lost and, encouraged by Maxwell's example, realises that he can still support and provide for Ula and her baby even though Ula doesn't love him.

Ula visits Tom, hoping he will step up but Tom rejects her and Ula is hurt. Later she's stunned when Evan offers to be her lifeline once again.

Ula is tempted to accept but cant take advantage of Evan again and refuses. Devastated, Evan leaves and Ula breaks down when she realises that she is now completely alone.


Thursday 24th May (4997)

Bella bolsters a devastated Evan, who resolves to look to the future.

Meanwhile, Wendy's disappointed when Murray seems set on the idea of renting out their new house instead of moving in.

Wendy knows it makes sense financially, but Sarah reminds her happiness is more important than money.

With this in mind, Wendy insists that they move. Murray agrees but he feels resentful.

Finding a helmet at the bar, Murray thinks he's found Cat - the woman who represents the freedom he's missing out on.

It turns out to be another lady biker, and Murray is disappointed.

Suspended from duty, Callum finds himself yearning for family connection. 

Discussing family with Yvonne and Nigel heightens this need and Callum realises the thought of returning to work fills him with dissatisfaction.

Captivity begins to erode Chris' confidence and Rachels shaken to realise Phoenix still doesnt believe hes innocent.

She helps Phoenix reevaluate his feelings about Chris' guilt, but when Phoenix learns that Lawrence has organised a sympathetic judge, he's appalled to think Chris will escape justice simply by being a Warner.

He vents to Seth, who feels a moral obligation to intervene.

At the courthouse Phoenixs anger at a possible miscarriage of justice disappear when he's confronted by seeing his father in such a vulnerable state.

Rachel reassures Harry that Chris' chances of coming home tonight are very good, but she's devastated when the judge denies bail and sends Chris to remand prison. 

Phoenix assumes that Seth has passed on the information to the courts and that's why Chris is denied bail. .

Witnessing his familys devastation that Chris has to stay prison, Phoenix is shocked by the consequences of his actions.


Friday 25th May (4998)   Shortland Street's 20th birthday episode!

When Rachel finds out that Phoenix told Seth the bail hearing was rigged, she angrily defends that they were simply trying to ensure that the Warner name didn't work against Chris, which it might have.

Rachel berates Seth for his interference but he is quick to deny that he had anything to do with Chris being denied bail. He insists that Rachel take time off to care for the boys.

Having heard about Chris' situation, Marj arrives to support Rachel, who is touched and grateful for her wise and firm counsel.

Rachel visits Chris in remand, where he struggles to stay strong.

Bree and Brooke bond over their shared success, but Bree's concerned when Vinnie threatens to expose her manipulations to Rachel.

Bree pressures Brooke to intervene on her behalf, but Brooke's not sure this will be possible.

She's pleased when Rachel appoints her acting CEO in the short term, but Vinnie is dismayed to realise he'll have to present his incident report about Bree's surgery to Brooke rather than Rachel.

Vinnie challenges Brooke to be a good CEO and deal with Bree fairly, but Bree appeals to her to use her power to protect Bree and make Vinnie's damning report go away.

Brooke wavers - will she be a good CEO, or a faithful sister?

Still uncertain about his future, Callum's given food for thought by Daniel's youthful take on career and ambition.

He's anxious as he waits to hear Seth's decision about his treatment of Bailey, and is relieved to learn he's been exonerated.

He's flattered when Seth offers him the Acting CEO gig but deciding he needs a fresh start, Callum surprises his friends by resigning.

He plans to move closer to Hunter and support him and set out on a quest to re-discover who Callum McKay is.

With a recently arrived Sophie by his side, a liberated Callum leaves for a new life outside Ferndale.

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