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Shortland Street

2 - 6 July 2012

Paige (Rachel Forman) and Josh (Chris Tempest) - Shortland Street on TV2

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Mike Edward as Zac Smith - Shortland Street on TV2

Geordie Holibar plays Phoenix in Shortland Street on TV2

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Monday 2nd July (5029 & 5030)

Caught out by Bree, Daniel is forced to explain his aim to scam money from surgical tourism patients.

Bree forces Daniel to see his plan is flawed and Daniel realises Bree is right - it's the hospital he wants to punish, not its patients.

Daniel gets little pleasure from the money he's scammed and donates it anonymously to the impoverished social club.

Despite Bree's derision, Daniel feels good that his anonymous donation will benefit the hard working staff.

However, at the social club get together, Daniel is disappointed to be given the cold shoulder by his friends over his continued antagonism towards Lana.

Daniel is left feeling all his efforts were for nothing.

Rachel is distracted by her concern over Chris but is determined to continue gathering evidence to discredit Bree. Meanwhile, Bree is frustrated Rachel is keeping her off the surgical list.

When it becomes apparent the surgical roster is under pressure due to her absence, Bree uses it to put pressure on Rachel.

Rachel is confronted by overworked surgical staff and is forced to put Bree back on surgeries.

Bree is delighted but Rachel enlists Sarah to keep an eye on Bree and hopes, with Sarah's help, shell be able to ensnare Bree and get rid of her for good.

Chris is rattled by a confrontation with Mitch, an unbalanced inmate. When word gets round he's a doctor, Chris finds himself thrust into the position of unauthorised prison GP.

Chris is concerned when it puts him at odds with the senior prison guard, Mr Maher who is suspicious of Chris' motives. Chris insists that, as a doctor, he holds true to his Hippocratic oath.

Mitch is possessive of his pen and Chris is shocked when Mitch mistakenly accuses Chris' cell mate Gus of stealing it.

Chris feels he must protect Gus when Mitch makes a threat on Gus' life. Chris alerts Mr Maher but is frustrated when Mr Maher fobs off his concerns.

Chris is shocked when he realises Mitch intends to stab Gus.

Compelled to protect his friend, Chris is forced to break his ethical code to save a life, claiming Gus has appendicitis and must be rushed to hospital.

Bree finds Daniel moping about his inability to keep friends and challenges him to be a better person. Daniel tries but it gets him nowhere.

He persists and Vinnie reaches out to him. However, when Lana comes home to find him in her house, Daniel's sense of hopelessness overcomes him.

He realises how much he has lost and, despite Lana's comfort, hits rock bottom.

Bree is pleased to learn Sarah is to supervise her until Brooke reveals that Sarah is really just Rachel's eyes and ears.

Meanwhile, Zac makes a connection with Rachel when she supports him over relationship troubles with Sarah.

Chris realises Gus will bounce back to prison if his appendicitis is discovered to be false.

He calls Bree and convinces her to operate on Gus and keep him in hospital until Mitch's court appearance.

Bree picks up Gus in ED but Sarah becomes suspicious when she rushes him to surgery against TK's better judgement.

Bree pushes on with the procedure, despite Luke and Nicole both believing Guss appendectomy is unnecessary. Sarah and Rachel corner Bree afterwards and confront her.

Rachel stands Bree down and, determined to benefit from Chris' protection, Bree urges Rachel to speak with him.

Rachel does so and is shocked when Chris updates her on the scam he and Bree pulled to ensure Gus remained out of prison and out of danger.

Rachel is appalled and completely compromised. She has no choice but to call Sarah off from her investigation into Bree's surgery.

Bree can't help but savour the win and Rachel becomes angry. Bree leaves and Rachel's anger turns to a sense of instability and she feels the sudden need to drink.

Just as Rachel is about to take a drink, Zac arrives. He counsels Rachel and offers her support.

In prison, Chris relief that Gus is safe is short lived when Mitch decides Chris must pay for his cell-mate's transgression.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Zac share a moment of intimacy and Rachel is thrown to realise she is attracted to him.

Tuesday 3rd July (5031)

Churned up over Zac, Rachel visits. Feeling on the edge after being tempted by alcohol, she is unable to give Chris any comfort over his concerns of being in danger.

Questions from Harry and Phoenix about Chris increase Rachels guilt, and, needing someone to blame, Rachel confronts Gus.

Shes taken aback to discover Gus genuinely was under threat, which puts Chriss actions into perspective.

With this in mind, Rachel puts Zac in his place and refocuses on helping Chris win his case.

Sarahs frustration with Bree has Daniel realising the damage hes caused to his friends and family.

Lanas encouragement is the final kick Daniel needs, leading him to reverse his credit card scam, paying for the refunds himself.

Brees stung when Daniel dismisses her, refusing to help her get Sarah off her back.

Under pressure from Sarah, Bree scrambles to keep Gus in hospital. She organises a biopsy of a mole.  Everyone is shocked when the mole is confirmed as a malignant melanoma.

Chriss situation grows worse when Mitch is transferred to his cell. Mitch threatens him with a knife, and Chris bravely tries to distract, but instead Mitch messes with his head.

Psychopath Mitch is fascinated by Chriss story, and encourages him to talk through his journey surrounding Hayleys murder. Chris obliges.

Later, watching a news report on the trials progress, Chris is sickened to realise Mitch has used him.

Mitch has tailored Chriss emotional story to form a defense, copying Chriss exact words and mannerisms. Chris is horrified to learn hes just help a murderer get out on bail.


Wednesday 4th July (5032)

Distressed by the news of Gus' cancer, Chris asks Phoenix to help him. Phoenix has a chat with Gus and makes a connection.

Gus' son, Jared, arrives and Phoenix is saddened to see their dysfunctional father/son relationship, similar to the problems he's had with Chris.

But when Phoenix tries to begin an honest emotional discussion, it proves too confronting for Jared and he flees.

With Ula's baby officially been taken by the adoptive parents, Maxwell offers to take Vasa and Ula to Samoa as a unifying gesture.

Vasa voices to Nicole her relief the adoptive process has drawn them closer.  Meanwhile, Ula worries that family in Samoa might prove judgemental of her.

Maxwell is offered a brilliant career opportunity abroad and feels conflicted about leaving. He confides in Nicole, who inadvertently lets slip to Vasa.

Vasa is annoyed at first, but she and Maxwell decide to discuss their future with Ula.

However, they are prevented from doing so when Isaiah, Maxwell's pious cousin, arrives.

Daniel is humbled by Lana's ability to forgive him and move on and makes a pledge to himself to strive to be a better person.

So when he finds Sarah frustrated about Bree's slipperiness he warns her not to trust Bree, leaving Sarah confident that Bree has blackmailed Rachel.

Sarah comes down hard on Bree, who realises Daniel must have said something.

She confronts Daniel, who reminds her he still holds evidence that she set up Vinnie and warns her off Sarah.

Realising Daniel has the upper hand, Bree rallies, determined to find something she can use against him.

When Bree learns that Daniel is keen on Lana she realises this could be his Achilles heel.

She discovers that Lana only views Daniel as a friend and begins setting Daniel up to have his heart broken.

Thursday 5th July (5033)

Ula is alarmed when Maxwell's formidable cousin Isaiah, a Minister, expounds against a plethora of sins - including teen pregnancy.

She fears Isaiah is come to pour wrath on her on behalf of her family in Samoa. The more judgemental Isaiah is, the greater pressure Ula feels.

Eventually she reaches boiling point, she unapologetically reveals shes just given her baby up for adoption.

They are all stunned when an upset Isaiah reveals a secret of his own - he has fathered an illegitimate child.

Ula feels for Isaiah and supports him. Maxwell's impressed with her maturity. Ula later insists he should accept the job offer in Hong Kong.

Zac is asked to nurse Gus and at first he finds Gus' argumentative behavior annoying. However, Zac realises Gus is staunchly covering the pain he's in.

Concerned, Zac manages to get Gus to open up and gets an insight into Gus' fear of illness and his concerns for his son, Jared.

Feeling up about being a good nurse, he seeks praise from Sarah, but once again is disappointed when shes put her own needs first.

Bree grasps an opportunity to target Daniel by using Bella's romantic nature. She claims Daniels lack of self confidence is the only barrier to romance with Lana.

Unaware she's being used by Bree, Bella nurtures Daniels chance at love and reveals Lana's attracted to him.

Meanwhile, Bree is alarmed to see Daniel may be on the verge of revealing her secrets to Sarah.

Desperate to keep her plots hidden, Bree manipulates Daniel to make him believe she has told Lana about the camera he concealed in Lana's office.

With his romantic hopes for Lana raised, Daniel wants to be honest and apologises for spying on her. Lana knows nothing of it and, shocked by Daniel's admission, firmly backs him off.

A disappointed Daniel angrily confronts Bree for ruining his chance with Lana.

Pleased her plan is working, Bree goads him further into a bitter outburst. But when a worried Sarah and Rachel interrupt, Daniel realises he's walked right into Bree's trap.

Friday 6th July (5034)

Rachel's disgusted with Bree's machinations, but Bree leaves Rachel with little choice but to discipline Daniel.

Daniel spills all to Sarah about Bree's nefarious cover ups, but Sarah informs him its too late - blowing the whistle on Bree will now look like sour grapes.

Realising Bree's won, Daniel assumes he's fired. He ignores Sarahs pleas that he try to stay Rachel's hand on the axe, and instead seeks out Lana to try and reconcile.

But he's rebuffed when Josh says Lana has a date with him.

Rachel reveals to Daniel that she knows what Bree is like, and doesn't want to fire him and reveals she has a plan in store.

Daniel decides to leave Ferndale for Samoa for a while. He worries he's conceding defeat, but Sarah helps him realise its the mature decision; he owes himself a break.

Daniel tries to find Lana to say goodbye, but misses her. He asks Vinnie if Lana is dating Josh but Vinnie can't provide any answers. Daniel asks Vinnie to give Lana a message for him before he departs for Samoa.

Cat experiences the disapproval of Murray's friends, and realises she's preventing him from enjoying contact with them.

She sets about reaching out to Murray's mates, but her initial attempt with Maxwell, Vinnie and Nicole leaves Murray distinctly uncomfortable.

But Cat eventually wins them round, and Nicole has to admit that although she wanted to hate Cat - she can't. Murrays proud of Cat, reminded why he fell for her in the first place.

TK observes friction between Josh and Paige. He wishes to Roimata they could ease the tension its creating in ED.

When Josh makes a harmless but amateur mistake in ED, TK uses it as leverage to get him to come around for dinner, ostensibly to make up numbers.

TK encourages Roimata to invite Paige. Roimata builds Paige's hopes about connecting with Josh but when Josh arrives at the intimate dinner-for-four with Lana, Paige's hopes are dashed.

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