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About Shirley

Shirley on TV ONE

An intimate and revealing biopic of Britains first mixed-race singing star, Shirley Bassey, charting the singer's early career from her humble roots in 1930s Wales to her rise to international stardom in the 1960s.

Featuring a fantastic cast including Ruth Negga as the eponymous singer and Lesley Sharp as her mother, this film charts the rise to fame of Dame Shirley Bassey.

Born in Cardiff's Tiger Bay, the youngest of eight children to a white English mother and a black Nigerian seafaring father, the young Shirley faces racist taunts and stares, but by the age of 12 she has discovered the power of her extraordinary voice. Spotted by astute London agent, Mike Sullivan,17-year-old Shirley has to choose between keeping her illegitimate baby daughter, Sharon, or moving from Wales to London to seek her fame and fortune.

She agrees to leave Sharon with her elder sister, Iris, and Sullivan sets about teaching her how to be singing star. Shirley soon has a hit song under her belt, written by the man who wrote Well Meet Again for Dame Vera Lynn.

Driven hard by Sullivan, and firmly on the road to stardom, Shirley meets and falls in love with young film producer Kenneth Hume, and a destructive power struggle between the two men ensues.

Beneath the wealth, diamonds and furs, Shirley's life swings between triumph and tragedy.