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The Boys

Meet the original Sharks

Joe Stone
20 year old Joe is a creative writing student from Kidderminster. He's passionate, talks a lot, and is often unknowingly hilarious. His biggest passion at school was the Spice Girls and he carried a Spice Girls lunch box to college for a year. Joe's hobbies include 'buttoneering' - if you find any money - you have to buy a button with it. Joe applied to Shipwrecked because one of his friends did and he insists he won't be scared of the bugs.
Luxury item: Journal

Stuart Mann
23 year old Stuart is an office worker from Stevenage. He likes to flirt and can be a bit of a ladies man. He was spotted by a modelling scout when he was 18 but gave it up for an office job. Stuart loves to hang out with the lads and play football and has a competitive streak. He's never been away to University and Shipwrecked will be his first stint away from home.

Stevie Thomas
21 year old Stevie is an Architecture student from London. He's 6 foot 5" and part of an elite London party scene. Stevie has lots of friends and considers himself to be a father figure to them. He's artistic, confident, and says he's 'in love with being in love'.
Luxury item: Playing cards

Willem Colin
24 Year old Willem is a construction manager from Kent. At home he is the leader of his group of friends known as "Team Will". Willem says he knows from the moment he shakes someone's hand if he will like them or not, and that he's only been proved wrong once. Willem is an action lover at heart and likes to sail, scuba-dive, paraglide and ski in his spare time.
Luxury item: Flippers

Lorenzo Preecha
20 year old Lorenzo is a barber from London. Lorenzo admits he has a fairly cocky attitude and reckons that if there was a challenge he'd do it the best. Lorenzo has no problems attracting the ladies - but thinks girlfriends are more hassle than they are worth. He prides himself on looking different and feels that anyone that doesn't have 'the right look' isn't worth getting to know.
Luxury item: Scissors