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Wednesday 19 June 2013

Published: 2:58PM Wednesday June 19, 2013

Staying safe in an armed robbery

What are you meant to do if you’re the victim of an armed robbery? It would never happen to you right? Jehan Casinader has advice in the unlikely event it does.

Reporter: Jehan Casinader

Camera: Richard Postles

Editor: Marc Seidler


A super expensive coffee

Just how different is a $12 coffee from an $8 coffee to a $4 coffee? Does it taste any better? Heather visits Wellington’s Flight Coffee 9 (171 - 177 Willis Street ) to try it out.

Reporter: Heather du Plessis-Allan

Camera: Mike Lowe

Editor: Adam Simpson


Aranui High’s sharp attitude

As our School Series continues, we visit the school with the sharpest attitude. Christchurch’s Aranui High has been through a lot since the earthquakes but still remains positive.

Reporter: Greg Stubbings

Camera:  Daniel O’Sullivan
Editor:  Paul Sparkes


Peter Dunne: It’s been a 'living hell'

MP Peter Dunne says the past few weeks have “been a living hell” with accusations of an affair.

Reporter: Heather du Plessis-Allan

Cameras: Phil Melville & Sam von Keisenberg

Editor: Adam Simpson


The parking mystery solved
Remember that video of the cars parked ridiculously close together on last night’s show? Michael Holland’s found out why. 

Reporter: Michael Holland