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Paul Stenhouse: Behind the scenes, how the Chch time lapse was filmed


By Seven Sharp Producer Paul Stenhouse

Published: 7:45PM Wednesday February 27, 2013 Source: ONE News

Our reporter Brodie Kane recently returned to Christchurch to work for Seven Sharp and couldn't believe how much her hometown had changed.

She wanted to do a story showing the dramatic transformation and wanted to make sure people from around the country could appreciate it. She had an idea. Brodie jumped into the library and recreated some of the pictures TVNZ has from before the quake.

So how did we do it?

Brodie worked with our news video researcher Jeanie Murtagh to find pictures in the TVNZ archive from when pre-quake Christchurch had a vibrant CBD.

Then cameramen Wayne Williams and James Marshall replicated the shots.

This required printing off the before picture and taking it to the same locations as the originals and try and get the same framing.

In some parts of the story editor Kirsten Bolam only had to use a simple dissolve on a well framed shot to show the difference.

But in some of the story, Kirsten wanted to show the transformation of the city over time.

To do that, she needed to cut out each of the demolished buildings and superimpose them into the new vision. She then removed them one by one to show how the skyline has changed.

In the shots where Brodie appeared to be in old Christchurch Kirsten had to cut her out of each frame of video. There are 24 of them a second!

It took a whopping week of work to achieve this effect.