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July 19: My Intern's Eyes

The new season started with a two-hour special:

My Intern's Eyes

Dr. Cox puts J.D.'s skills as an attending to the test.

J.D. struggles with decision-making and responsibility now that he is an attending physician, all the while Dr. Cox is testing his skills.

And while Elliot is learning the ropes in her new hospital, she still feels more comfortable hanging out at Sacred Heart.

Meanwhile, Carla is ready to have a baby, but Turk afraid of moving forward continues to slip her birth control pills.

My Rite of Passage

Secrets and lies.

J.D. questions the bond he has with his interns when Dr. Kelso tells him that inevitably he will begin treating them badly, as it has been throughout history at the hospital.

The Janitor further complicates matters by telling J.D. that his interns only laugh at his jokes to suck up to him.

Meanwhile, Carla visits Elliot at her new job and inadvertently creates an awkward new nickname for her friend when she tells her colleagues an embarrassing story.

Elsewhere, Dr. Cox prevents Turk from warning Jordan about a notorious con man patient in hopes that she'll be mortified and quit.