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Season four, the story so far

Missed the first four eps of Scandal? Get the run-down here!


Olivia and Jake returned from their island paradise after learning of Harrison's murder, and Olivia quickly found herself working with the Gladiators once again. They are currently embroiled in a double-murder mystery...


Quinn has been been holding the fort while Liv was gone, but Abby's jumped ship and is now Press Secretary at the White House. Her boyfriend David also managed to score a job there and through some ruthless tactics, he's quickly risen up the ranks to Attorney General.


Fitz's popularity soared after the death of his son but Mellie struggled to recover, choosing instead to spend her days eating fried chicken and drinking heavily.


We also met a new character, Lizzie Bear (played by Portia de Rossi) who is schemeing to take over the White House.


Lizzie has enlisted the help of a male prostitute to help bring Cyrus down. But will it work?


Meanwhile, Olivia's dad Rowan is back behind the reigns of B613.


And he's hellbent on taking Jake down!


Mellie looks to be getting things back on track, but at what cost to Fitz?


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