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Grand Entrance
Every now and then, we like to show you just how we make it in to do the show each Saturday morning. This is one entrance we'll never forget!
Flying into studio

Get On Up
The boys Jeffery and Michael and our very own Jermaine take hip hop dancing to the streets! Taking an awesome routine and breaking it down so that you too, can move like a pro on the dance floor.
Street Style

The Looney Tones - Live Performance!
And from the School of Rock - here's The Looney Tones with Sweet Child of Mine.
The Looney Tones

Sideways Cooking
Fancy yourself a bit of a kitchen whiz??? See what you think about this cooking show with a twist!
Fruit Smoothies

Also check these ones out:

The Baked Bean Disco

Congratulations to Cyrstal Kereama from Palmerston North - she won our Saturday Disney song-writing competition with her great song "The Baked Bean Disco". Here is the great music video that Jermaine made for Crystal's song...
The Baked Bean Disco Video

Mix 'n' Match
Tired of seeing the same old sports on TV over and over? We here at Saturday Disney have got just the segment for you...Mix 'n' Match! See how two different sports come together with incredible results...
Lawnrobics Video

My World
Our friends from all around New Zealand invite us to their place and show Saturday Disney all the cool things about growing up in their home towns. First up, we have Otara...
My World - Otara Video

Saturday Disney Instructional Videos
Who said we never teach you guys anything?!? As a public service to all our viewers Saturday Disney have put together a series of Instructional Videos that can teach you anything from how to have a great sleepover or all the secrets behind having a successful skiing holiday!
How to Have a Sleepover Video

Jermaine and Vicki
For everything you ever needed to know about your favourite presenters, check out their video clips...
All About Jamaine Video
All About Vicki Video