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'Maybe the wrong people are running Team NZ' - Spithill

Published: 8:38AM Friday June 06, 2014 Source: ONE News

Oracle captain Jimmy Spithill says Team New Zealand should think about getting new management if they can't raise the funds needed to make the next America's Cup.

Speaking to TVNZ's Breakfast, Mr Spithill says new protocols brought in for the next America's Cup won't be more costly for Team NZ, instead claiming they will save money.

"This new protocol is all about saving costs. Anyone who says they can't spend less than last time is frankly being poorly managed or maybe giving themselves a big pay rise."

"If the current management team of Team NZ isn't confident they can pull a team together or be competitive and win then maybe the wrong people are running Team NZ."

Team boss Grant Dalton says Mr Spithill is in "la-la land" if he thinks teams can easily raise money for the sailing event when the date of the next America's Cup and the venue have not been chosen.

"Basically without a venue you can't raise the money. It's impossible," he told the Breakfast programme.

"Until they finalise [the venue] we can't finalise our deals."

Mr Dalton also accused Mr Spithill of not knowing what it's like to raise sponsorship.

"I'm sure he wouldn't actually know how it works, so without a final definitive date or venue you just can't put it all together."

Mr Spithill says the venue for the next America's Cup will be revealed by October.