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Peter Williams: Good riddance SBW, don't come back

opinion Peter Williams

Published: 6:05PM Monday July 09, 2012 Source: ONE Sport

So Sonny Bill says he's going to play in the NRL because he made a handshake deal with some un-named person a few years ago that he would come back and play rugby league.

He says he wants to honour that handshake deal because he wants to keep " his word".

Then he reckons it's a pity he's leaving us, because he was really enjoying the Chiefs, going well in the team and it would be a real wrench to leave.

What nonsense.

Does this guy think we'll think he's a genuine guy, because he's honouring a handshake deal? Keeping his "word"?

What about the actual contracts he's walked out in the last few years? The Bulldogs, Toulon and now the NZRU, for whom I was under the impression he was supposed to be on the payroll till the end of the year.

Keeping his word? Piffle.

He's nothing but an immoral, money-grabbing, and dishonorable piece of work, being manipulated by an appallingly greedy management team that have been way, way too clever for the naive coaches and administrators from New Zealand rugby.

I don't know which is more galling - to see the considerable investment that New Zealand rugby has put into this guy not reach its full potential, or the way the NZRU and Chiefs people have put on smiley faces as their investment goes off to that powerhouse of powder puff rugby, Panasonic, and wish him well with not even a mild complaint about his behaviour.

I'm old fashioned - a deal is a deal. He was supposed to play here till the end of the year, so he's broken that deal, for money and nothing else.

New Zealand Rugby is a soft touch when the bully boys come negotiating. It lies down and takes it.

It can't even enforce a deal to get him to play a few meaningful Test matches against the Wallabies and the Springboks.

The prospect of Sonny Bill Williams playing rugby in New Zealand again must be resisted at all costs. We want players for whom the game means something more than a way to make money - I think they actually go better on the field.

Williams will be remembered as a player for whom the game couldn't do enough. Frankly, he didn't do much in return.

He was an All Black before he deserved to be. He played four decent tests - one against Scotland in 2010 and three against Ireland this year. Oh, and I suppose you can say he went pretty well in those training runs against Japan and Canada at the World Cup.

He was never a factor in a test match that really mattered.

He had the chance to be one of the greats - he's blown it.

I now don't care about his future. I just don't want him around these parts again.

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  • Plus 5 said on 2012-07-16 @ 16:40 NZDT: Report abusive post

    The NZRFU has money by the bucket load to throw at SBW, but no money to pay for the National Secondary schools regional rugby tournament. Blues v chief v canes v southern regions (SI). fully support Peters point. The NZRFU needs to get it's priorities in order.

  • Dknow said on 2012-07-16 @ 13:41 NZDT: Report abusive post

    To say that SBW has been holding back other players is rediculous. Only the best players should always wear the black jersey. If anything SBW challenges others to be better. If we're honest, we hate him for leaving because he takes a huge amount of talent with him. It is our greed to want him to stay with rugby. It's a lot easier to say the money doesnt matter, but would YOU really turn down THAT MUCH money for a short stint? Professional sport is changing. Accept it

  • cueboy said on 2012-07-16 @ 09:29 NZDT: Report abusive post

    No Peter Williams, your not old fashioned just saying what most would like to say but dont have the balls to say it. I think there are a lot out there with this dont rock the boat attitude. SBW your Japan experience lets hope its for a very long time. See you in the old folks home when you get back.

  • donr said on 2012-07-13 @ 11:35 NZDT: Report abusive post

    i have not heard the word piffle in years. SBJ can do whatever he wants. Peter should know too, SBJ is a bit of a showman [unlike Carter and McCaw] .........and no his remorse on the TV simply looks like an act

  • muddypaws said on 2012-07-13 @ 11:07 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Peter Williams is bang on. I couldn't agree more with everything he has said about SBW. Good bye and good riddance.