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Road To Athens

Toni Jeffs

Swimming 50m Freestyle

Few names in New Zealand sport get a reaction like Toni's. The newspaper headlines tell the story; refusing to stay in the Barcelona Olympic village in 1992; sponsored by a strip joint; allegedly punched her coach; badly injured her back in a car crash; set New Zealand records; beat swimmers half her age to win the national title and won Commonwealth bronze after little training.  

Incredibly Toni has decided to have one last crack at another Olympic berth after narrowly missing out on a place in Sydney in 2000.   

Road To Athens will be there with her as the 'Games Grandma' attempts to turn back the clock for a final time. To make the New Zealand team for Athens Toni will need to crack the qualifying target at the national champs.

Along the way Toni will try and change training methods she's used for 20 years in an effort to get as fast as possible.   

In the front of her mind will be the simple fact that she has to beat 25 seconds to book her trip to Athens.