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Which Revenge character are you?

Ever wondered which Revenge character you were most like? Well now you can find out with our very own Revenge quiz!

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1. How forgiving are you?

a) You’re merciless

b) You’re pretty forgiving

c) It depends on the crime

d) You might forgive, but you don’t forget

e) You’re extremely forgiving

f) You know how to hold a grudge


2. How do you solve a disagreement?

a) With your brain

b) With your firsts

c) With technological expertise

d) With money

e) With rational words

f) With threats


3. How sociable are you?

a) It’s best you’re not too close to anyone

b) You’re a former party animal who now prefers low key events

c) You’re a loner who secretly craves human connection

d) You’re the Queen of social

e) You’re too busy working for your family to socialise

f) You socialise professionally


4. What do you value most?

a) Family

b) Respect

c) Friendship

d) Reputation

e) Love

f) Status


5. What are you most interested in?

a) Discovering your family’s history

b) Proving yourself in business

c) Computers and gadgets

d) Throwing lavish parties

e) Traveling the world

f) Money


6. Your friends would describe you as:

a) Charming

b) Privileged

c) Intelligent

d) Powerful

e) Loyal

f) Ruthless


7. What best describes your living situation?

a) You live alone

b) You live with family

c) You have a flash house of your own

d) You run a household

e) You live above a bar

f) You’re in and out of the family home


8. This year you’re most looking forward to:

a) Spending time with your mum

b) Exceeding people’s expectations

c) Making money

d) Upholding a good reputation

e) Being a parent

f) Getting your career back on track


9. Your romantic situation is:

a) Recently single

b) You’re in a new relationship

c) You’re single

d) Complicated

e) In a long-term relationship

f) You’re married


10. Your go to outfit is:

a) Something casual – lots of floaty tops, cardigans & jeans

b) A polo shirt and pants

c) A cream coloured suit

d) A bandage dress

e) Casual shirts and jeans

f) A business suit




Mostly As - You are Emily Thorne

You have a very charming personality that can easily disarm anyone. You’re kind to your friends but vengeful when it comes to your enemies. You like being prepared and planning for the future but you tend to be distracted when it comes to matters of the heart.


Mostly Bs - You are Daniel Grayson

You’re a former party animal who used to get into trouble a lot. You feel pressure from your family to succeed and you always feel like the black sheep. On the other hand, you’re eager to turn over a new leaf. You also wear your heart on your sleeve.


Mostly Cs - You are Nolan Ross

You enjoy living the good life and don’t care what others think. You’re intelligent, arrogant and self-righteous. While you appear to have everything, you actually crave attention from the people around you.


Mostly Ds - You are Victoria Grayson

You’re a queen bee who appears to have it all. You like having power and will do anything to be in control. When it comes to love, you have a lot of regrets. You lie often and you keep plenty of secrets. Having a good reputation means the world to you.


Mostly Es - You are Jack Porter

You carry a lot of weight on your shoulders. You’ve had a difficult life but you’ve managed to get by thanks to hard work and perseverance. You’re helpful and loyal to family and you also dream of traveling the world.


Mostly Fs - You are Conrad Grayson

You are well-respected by your peers and business associates. Some might say you’re a successful tycoon who operates with questionable moral integrity. You are ruthless and willing to do whatever it takes to clear your name when things go wrong.