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Nolan Ross

Nolan confronts Emily about her true identity and pledges to help her take down the Hampton elite who betrayed her father.

"Remember I witnessed first hand what these people did to your father..."

Emily's dad invested time and money in Nolan when he was first starting out, and was the one person who believed in him.

"When I met your dad I'd already been laughed out of every boardroom in New York. I was an MIT misfit with a vision nobody got but him. The only reason Nolcorp exists is because your father gave me cash from his personal account to develop it. And that's because he believed in me." 

Nolcorp is a Fortune 500 company which pushes the boundaries of cellular technology. Its success has made Nolan one of the richest men in the world. In business circles he's known for a brazen attitude and a take-no-prisoners leadership style. 

It turns out Nolan met teenage Emily outside the gates when she was released from Juvie .

He told her that her father had died six weeks ago; that she now owned a 49% share in Nolan's company; and passed on David's infinity box which contained details of all the people who betrayed him.


"Violence is only one way to take someone down." - Nolan Ross

Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) is a tech genius and social misfit.

A Mark Zuckerberg meets Howard Hughes type, he has more money than nearly anyone on the island, but has learned the hard lesson that it takes more than vast fortune to cull social acceptance in the Hamptons.

Nolan's pompous and arrogant, but secretly starved for human connection.

Though in public he's unfamiliar with Emily Thorne, the truth is he shares a link to her past, present, and above all, her secret. 

He's the one and only person who knows who Emily really is.  

Which makes him either a useful accessory or a live wire threat to her true agenda.