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Lydia Davis

Lydia Davis

Lydia Davis is Victoria Grayson 's best friend.

Until recently she was married to Michael, and lived in the beach house previously owned by Emily 's dad, David Clarke.

She has been having a long term affair with Conrad Grayson .

Lydia testified against David in the case of treason brought against him by federal prosecutors.

Her testimony supported the damning allegations made by Conrad Grayson, which accused David of channeling money to the terrorists responsible for bringing down a plane in a 911 type incident.

"David Clarke had everyone fooled, including me. I'm just glad I could help put that monster away."

The takedown (#1):

Emily discovers Lydia was/is having an affair with Conrad Grayson. She then manipulates events so that Victoria discovers the affair and her best friend's betrayal. 

As a consequence, Victoria uses her position as the 'Queen' of the Hamptons to exile Lydia from society.

"Lydia has asked me to announce that this will be her final weekend in the Hamptons..."

Emily then forwards photographic evidence of Lydia and Conrad's affair to Michael's lawyer, who uses it to trigger the fidelity clause in their prenup.

Lydia, a former secretary, is left with nothing after the divorce. 

Lydia's story continues

Lydia asks Conrad to give her money as she has been left with nothing. Conrad gives her $10 million dollars. Lucky girl! She's back in the game...

Lydia threatens to expose Victoria and Conrad for being behind the money laundering and conspiring to blame an innocent man.

Frank Stevens turns up at Lydia's condo to look for evidence of her being behind the Hamptons Exposed fundraiser plan , but gets caught in the act by Lydia, and after a chase-and-struggle, pushes her off the apartment rooftop.

Lydia plunges to the street below, landing on a car. She's out of the game....

But wait - she's not dead, it's just a coma! She's back in the game...