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David Clarke's trial

What we know so far about David Clarke's betrayal...

Emily's dad was found guilty by a jury of being a terrorist conspirator.

The witnesses brought forward to testify against him were manipulated into doing so by Victoria and Conrad Grayson, who were guilty themselves and needed to find someone to take the fall.

The first person to betray David was his secretary Lydia Davis, whose testimony supported the damning allegations made by his former boss, Conrad Grayson.

Grayson's testimony detailed the scheme Clarke used to channel money to the terrorists responsible for the downing of Flight 197. All 236 Americans on board that flight were killed.

Find out why Lydia lied.  

The next person to betray David was financial adviser Bill Harmon, who took the stand with searing testimoney against his long-time friend and colleague.

It is revealed that Harmon is just one in a long line of Grayson Global employees to detail Clarke's involvement in the deadly terrorist attack.

"You and David Clarke worked closely together. Did you consider yourselves friends?"

"I thought we were, yes."

"And when did that change?"

"When I discovered that he'd been using inside information to make illegal trades. After I turned him in I found out he'd been laundering money as well."

"And what was the name of the organisation you believe David Clarke was laundering money for?"

"Americon Initiative."

"The same Americon Initiative that claimed the responsibility of blowing up Flight 197 last summer?" 


Find out why Bill lied.

David Clarke's case was spearheaded by federal prosecutor Tom Kingsley, who used the high profile case win to launch him into a career in politics.

"Today I am just grateful that justice prevailed and that this terrible man  has been held accountable for his crimes against the American people.

"As for the future, I have always planned to serve my country however and wherever it needs me most."

Find out why Tom Kingsley lied.