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Resurrection cast

TV2's new supernatural drama Resurrection premieres Wednesday at 8.30pm before moving to its regular time slot of 8.55pm on Thursday. Check out the cast below:

House's Omar Epps stars as Martin Bellamy, an immigration agent tasked with returning a young boy Jacob to his family, only to find out the boy before his eyes died thirty years ago. Naturally confused, Bellamy lingers around the town of Arcadia wanting to uncover how such a thing has happened, all the while protecting Jacob from those not ready to accept the boy's return.

Landon Gimenez plays Jacob Langston, a young boy who wakes up in China and, upon being returned to the United States, is taken to his parents only for them to reveal their son died thirty years ago. At first, Jacob is an anomaly around the town of Arcadia, that is until others begin to seemingly return from the grave, some of them with secrets Jacob may know about.

That 70s Show's Kurtwood Smith stars as Henry Langston, the father of Jacob and brother of Arcadia's sheriff Fred. When his long dead son is brought home to him, Henry struggles to accept reality and deal with the stress he finds himself under. Constantly haunted by memories of the death of his son, the son who now stands before him, Henry embodies the belief that everything that glitters might not be gold. 

Titanic's Frances Fisher plays Lucille Langston, wife of Henry and mother of Jacob. While Henry struggles with the return of their son, Lucille is ecstatic and can't comprehend why her husband is unable to react the same way. For her, questions like why and how matter little. She has Jacob back, and that's all that matters to Lucille.

A Few Good Men's Matt Craven stars as Sheriff Fred Langston, brother of Henry and uncle to Jacob. Thirty years ago when Jacob drowned in the river, the story goes that Fred's wife died too as she tried to save the boy. Yet with Jacob's return, the events of the past are called into question, and as others begin to come back to life too, Fred begins to wonder whether his wife will return next, and what really happened to her.

The Chernobyl Diaries' Devin Kelly plays Maggie Langston, the daughter of Sheriff Fred Langston. Maggie is thrust into the events surrounding the returned as she attempts to solve the mystery of why and how the phenomenon is occurring. As she does though, Maggie ends up unearthing more than she expected.

The Raven's Sam Hazeldine stars as Caleb Richards, another returned who died years ago from a heart attack. He shows up at his family's house only for his son Ray to threaten to kill him. His daughter, Elaine, is more open to his return. However, despite returning from the dead like Jacob, Caleb seems to have a few secrets, and a hidden agenda.

Entourage's Samaire Armstrong plays Elaine Richards, daughter of returned Caleb.