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What's happened in Arcadia?

Previously on TVNZ OnDemand's brand new second season of Resurrection...

We returned to Arcadia as Bellamy wakes alone in a field on the outskirts of town. With vague memories of an interrogation, he discovers a week has passed. Sheriff Langston has hit the bottle hard, and as Jacob goes to his tomb at night, he is met by his long dead grandmother Margaret (Game of Throne's Michelle Fairley).

Bellamy is told that he is one of the returned himself, suddenly remembering a struggle in which he was shot and killed previously. He's told by a mysterious woman who has his bones to be her eyes and ears in Arcadia. Another returned, Arthur Holmes, arrives and reveals he's from 1935. He is extremely sick, and can only remember a fire. Margaret Langston rails against her son Henry when she finds out the family factory was closed when Jacob died, and she ventures there on her own, digging up a number of bones hidden inside.

Pastor Tom starts a new church, but when baptising people in the river discovers a number of bones. Maggie arrives on the scene and surmises the remains of what she believes are six bodies are in fact two sets of three people, guessing that Jacob isn't the first returned as the bones date back forty years.  She also finds an identical gash on three sets of the same bone, believing this means someone returned twice, and was killed each time.  Soon after this, a team Bellamy has reported to arrive at Maggie's and confiscate the bones.

In the fourth episode, a flashback to 1935 shows a man wearing a leg brace lynched by a crowd which includes Margaret Langston when she was younger.  Rachael finds out her baby is growing at twice the normal rate, while Janine and Tom get back together and start sharing their house with Rachael.  Margaret decides to throw a family dinner, and Jacob and Henry invite Barbara, Fred's returned wife. Meanwhile, Bellamy hits the library and manages to tie together stories of a black man with a limp back in 1935 who worked for at the Langston factory, photographed with Arthur Holmes.  The Langston family dinner goes sour and Barbara is abused, before Margaret then tells Jacob she knows how to kill other returned.

Bellamy and Fred manage to uncover the theory that Margaret dug the bones up from the factory and dumped them in the river.  A virus is starting to break out among the returned, and a number die and fail to come back.  Maggie ends up enjoying a drink with her mother Barbara and Elaine, and Barbara then goes to Fred's and the two share the night together.  Margaret finds out, and then spends time with Barbara, breaking her down and telling her that she has returned to pay for her sins.  Margaret also says that if Barbara wants to vanish, she will.  Elaine witnesses Barbara disappear and tells Maggie, who checks her mother's blood samples to find them gone.  Meanwhile, Rachael and Bellamy have caught the virus.

Bellamy meets with the mysterious woman from the Government and is given a drug that can slow, but not stop the virus.  He discovers he died as a newborn in Arcadia back in 1934 during a flood, rummaging through the woman known as Angela's office and realising he has unknowingly met his family as Returned recently!  Angela tells him his parents have since died from the virus, but their daughter and Bellamy's Returned sister is still alive.  Margaret continues to deny any involvement in Barbara's disappearance, biting at Fred asking what she ever did for him.  He responds that thanks to Barbara he has Maggie.  Elaine's brother Ray has organised a separatist movement against the Returned, and Bellamy returns to Arcadia to give some of the drug he's received to Maggie so she can help others.  Meanwhile, Henry plans to restore the factory, meeting with a man named Brian Addison who wants to invest in the property.  Brian then returns home to tell a young man in his house about the meeting, calling him Grandpa.  The young Returned responds bitterly about the Langston name and their love of money.

In episode seven, while struck down by the flu Rachael dreams of the man known as Grandpa, stuck in the factory as a fire rages over it in the past.  Margaret wakes abruptly, having shared the same dream, and then meets Brian Addison and ends up having dinner with him, not knowing he has a secret or two.  Rachael refuses the drug Bellamy has brought back to town, and Ray catches the virus at a meeting about the Returned.  Maggie confronts Bellamy about the drug and he finally admits that he is a Returned, and Margaret goes to Brian's home with him for a drink, only to see a picture of the man known as Grandpa.  She leaves with haste, remembering him from her dream, and he emerges from hiding to rail against his grandson.  Rachael somehow makes a miraculous recovery from the virus, and Margaret pays her a visit.  

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