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New Q&A with Tim Kano (Matt)

How is it being back filming Reservoir Hill season 2?
Awesome, feels pretty lucky and great to have the team back working together again, mostly familiar faces which is wicked.

What's changed for you personally since the end of season 1?
Definitely my passion for acting and the TV/Film industry has grown, I went away for six months around Europe and the USA to catch up with friends and, surprisingly, some of them had heard about Reservoir Hill.

Do you ever get recognised out in public?
Not to my knowledge, I tend to keep my head down and ipod in when I'm getting around places. Usually when people stare or wave, it's to some person behind me and I embarrass myself by waving back!!

Do you think you would be friends with your character in real life?
Yeah I guess, Matt seems like a cool, laid-back guy. He means well and he has mean wheels.

Now that a lot more people know about the show, do your friends ever try to find out from you what's going on?
Not really, but the ones who ask never get an answer out of me because I don't think anyone knows what will happen next in Reservoir Hill. Also, keeping them guessing is fun.

Are there any similarities between you and your character?
A little bit. But I like to laugh a lot and he seems pretty serious. Hard to tell - Matt doesn't give away much. No-one in Res Hill does.

If a movie about your life was made, who would you want to play you?
Will Ferrell.

Which other TV show would you like to act on?
Shorty would be good fun, This Is Not My Life seems like a cool Kiwi show too, with a similar feel to Reservoir Hill. Curb Your Enthusiasm would be a laugh, to argue with Larry David.

Who's your current favourite singer/band?
The Cure.

Can you tell us a secret from filming on set?
Not much of a secret but the food is really good and addictive!