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New Q&A with Michelle Ny (Monika)

What's changed for you personally since the end of season 1?
I've grown and become a lot more confident in my skin, which makes social situations less awkward.

Do you ever get recognised out in public?
No, and I'm not surprised!

Do you think you would be friends with your character in real life?
No. Monika isn't very social and she isn't very nice.

Now that a lot more people know about the show, do your friends ever try to find out from you what's going on?
Yes, a couple do but I'm not prepared to give out any secrets!

Are there any similarities between you and your character?
We both get nice things from Shanghai. Ha, no we don't actually but we're pretty much polar opposites. I don't go out of my way to brain-wash someone.

Which other TV show would you like to act on?
Skins, 'cause it's badass!

Who's your current favourite singer/band?
Right now i have an intense obsession with Elvis Presley. Hs voice is like satin and man, is he a babe!

Can you tell us a secret from filming on set?
The food is amazing.