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Reno Rumble

Starts Wednesday 5 August | TV2

Nick & Chris

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Builder and Business
Development Executive
Charity: Heart Foundation

These brothers say that when they work well together they're a team to be reckoned with, but when they clash, they REALLY clash.

After their previous renovation efforts they now know they need to respect each other's space in order to be successful.

Nick calls a spade a spade and doesn't have time for people who “faff about”. It's not clear if he is referring to Chris.

Since leaving House Rules they've enjoyed the trappings of celebrity, as well as the attention from the ladies.

After the TV show they both scored girlfriends and are currently off the market.

Nick and Chris are practical jokers who plan to find weaknesses in the other contestants and exploit them with pranks to throw them off.

Their strategy for success on Reno Rumble is a “Steven Bradbury moment” – if they can get the other teams to stuff up, they'll sail through.

They really don't want to work with their former House Rules contestant Michelle again. They clashed big time and border on vitriol when her name is mentioned.

Nick says he became a chippy after seeing Scott Cam on TV and is truly excited about meeting his hero.

He and Chris believe property is the key to setting yourself up for life and recently joined forces to purchase their first home together, a three-bedroom
house in Melbourne's northern suburbs.

They are unapologetic about their motivation to be on Reno Rumble. They want to win the cash and have their eyes firmly on the prize.