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Reno Rumble

Starts Wednesday 5 August | TV2

Carly & Leighton

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Flight Attendant and Carpenter
Charity: Kids Undercover

Carly and Leighton won the first series of House Rules and had the entire mortgage on their 1957 sandstone house in Adelaide paid off!

They have since moved to Cronulla in Sydney's Sutherland Shire and bought another house that needs a lot of work.

As the winners of House Rules they know they have a target on their back on this brand new show, but don't feel pressure as they have already proven
themselves in the past.

When pressed they are most worried about competing against Kyal and Kara, as they believe their style and work ethic are on par.

Carly met her sweetheart Leighton when he knocked at her front door hoping to rent her spare room. They fell for each other immediately and their relationship went full steam ahead!

To this day they are the best of friends.

They are not afraid of the Reno Rumble challenge – Leighton would like to take it further and start a tradie Olympics!

He has discovered a new-found love for interior design, and unlike many of the male competitors, contributes to styling choices.

He and Carly didn't think twice about putting themselves forward for more hard work when they learnt they could raise some money for charity along the way.

They feel incredibly lucky to have had their house renovated and mortgage cleared after their previous win and want to “pay it forward” where they can.

Both headstrong and opinionated, Leighton's a larrikin with a bit of a wild side and Carly is bright, confident and full of energy.

Together they are the quintessential down-to-earth, fun-loving Aussie couple whose good-natured personalities will resonate with those watching at home.