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Series 11, Episode 9 Where Do We Go From Here 30 Jan 15 00:41:26

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Rapid Response


Rapid Response

About the show

RAPID RESPONSE follows the life-threatening and emotionally charged situations encountered by St John Ambulance Officers as they tend to and save the lives of people in their homes, work-places and on the streets.

Narrated by Harry Lyon, Rapid Response delivers diverse and moving real-life medical emergency stories.

In this all-new series, we accompany previously featured Advanced Paramedics such as Nick Scott who is called to a viscous dog attack; John Takerei as he is confronted with the trauma of a Boy Racer car crash and an alcohol fuelled assault; and Mike McAuley when he tends to a man suffering his sixth heart attack. 

In the previous series, Advanced Paramedic and volunteer lifeguard Stefan Gabor, attempted to save a man swimming out to sea with his bible.  In this latest series he arrives at a party that has turned ugly and is confronted by a man dressed as Jesus.  Stefan also tends to a couple when a wedding ends in tears, and for the first time, our cameras go beyond the workplace and join Stefan at his own wedding.

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