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Kitchen Nightmares


Episode Eight: La Parra de Burriana

This week Gordon is back in Spain to see how Laurence is faring at La Parra de Burriana, an ex-pat restaurant in Nerja on the Costa del Sol, one year on.

When he first arrived he found 26-year-old ex-nightclub manager Laurence who set himself up in business 18 months ago with a loan from his dad and, although he wasn't an experienced chef, manned the kitchen on his own, determined to offer something better than chips to his largely British clientele.

Laurence's menu boasts 72 options including his unforgettable signature dish, prawns in garlic with chocolate sauce.

Running front-of-house is Laurence's mate Alex and sous-chef Norman is on the barbecue serving up a haphazard combination of kebabs and steaks cooked by torchlight.

The Mediterranean menu has a special twist - no-one wants to eat it. The kebabs are raw, Alex has over-booked the place (and failed to clear up the dog mess that litters the dining room) and the punters that are still turning up face an interminable wait for their food.

Unsurprisingly Laurence lost $56,400 last year but still resists Gordon's attempts to introduce a simple menu that will bring customers back.

Will Laurence survive the summer and Gordon's efforts to get him to learn bullfighting? Can La Parra be saved, or will the sun set forever on Laurence's Mediterranean dream?

Now, one year on, Gordon is back to find that the good news is they've survived the winter, but the bad news is that Laurence still has ideas above his station and is planning to run before he can walk with another, second La Parra.

But with cremated desserts and wine gums on the menu, Gordon's about to apply the brakes - Ramsay style.