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Q+A: The week ahead

Published: 2:20PM Sunday September 06, 2009 Source: Q+A

PAUL The week ahead, what do you expect, what's going to be of interest to you Mr O'Reilly?

PHIL Well the big thing for me is actually footy, on the 9th, the government's gonna make some announcements around Rugby World Cup, and you know we know the tournament's going along quite well, but there's the big issue about the stuff going on around it, the volunteer programme, and critically for me anyway, the business programme, how are we going to get business people here to actually sell them stuff and so on, and that's gonna be some announcements made on the 9th, that's gonna be interesting, mission critical issue for New Zealand, getting a good Rugby World Cup.

THERESE I'm interested in watching how the Emissions Trading Scheme plays out, what's going to happen, are we going to get finally a grand coalition where we have the two major parties actually leading the way in terms of this policy.

PAUL Should Goff do that?

THERESE I think it's a very good thing for Goff to do, I think he's stuffed up and needs to show some leadership, leading into the Labour Party Conference of course next weekend.  Every time I sit next to somebody on the plane the average person says to me what I don't get is why doesn't this happen more often specially on important issues like the ETS Labour and National together.

PAUL Everybody should hug.

MATT It's not footy because I'm still in mourning, not about you getting the Q+A Award but the Warriors last night, so I think it's more prosaic that New Zealanders are going to be concerned about what's been discovered about the banks, yes they are sending 11.7 billion overseas, yes we are paying too much, there is a question over mortgage, interconnected with why are we paying so much for electricity, it's still on New Zealanders minds.

PAUL Banks, the bank inquiry, no one's listening, no one's watching it, no one's taking any notice of it I don't think, the banking inquiry.

PHIL We've said to the banking inquiry that we're unlikely to turn up and make submissions and the reason is it's about politics not policy, at the end of the day organisations like mine can only talk about policy and that's a rather political thing.  The banks have become a bit whipping boy, in fact they've been around in New Zealand for 150 years, in fact we owe a lot of our wealth to the fact that they're there, that they're stable right now, we need to think positively as well as negatively about things.

PAUL John Allen I think suggested, or Guyon suggested that John Allen had suggested in the past, business people have been too timid in approaching Australia, perhaps too timid in approaching other countries as well, do you agree with that?

PHIL Yeah I do, I do agree.

PAUL Is it simply a lack of resources, when you go into Sydney you've gotta throw money around and people don't have that stuff.

PHIL They're timid for a purpose is the point, I mean they're timid because their average size is smaller, they have to internationalise much quicker because of the small size of the New Zealand economy and of course you're right when you get to Sydney it's a huge place, it's a massive place, so you're absolutely right, but that's why John Allen's appointment's so important, we need to coordinate better, government and business, that'll make a difference.

PAUL And Therese what's your read on how long it's gonna take to get an ETS?


PAUL It's almost impossible isn't it?

THERESE Well it is very difficult Paul, it's very complex, and the intricacies politically in this are also very interesting.

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