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Coming up on Q+A: September 16

Published: 1:35PM Friday September 14, 2012 Source: ONE News

  • Labour party leader David Shearer. (Source: Breakfast)
    Labour party leader David Shearer. - Source: Breakfast

On Q+A this Sunday, the two main men of New Zealand politics, Prime Minister John Key and Leader of the Opposition David Shearer.

Back from the APEC summit, we'll talk to the Prime Minister about the economic conditions at home and abroad. What did he see in Asia and, given our modern reliance on those markets, should we be worried? What can National do to bolster the economy here? And after this week's historic hui, what's the next step in the water rights debate? Who's going to blink first?

Then David Shearer, on what Labour would do differently. Does it have a plan for jobs and growth? Where does it stand on water ownership? And after his speech on education this week, is Labour on the move?

Also, Professor Jim Flynn, author of a new book "Are we getting smarter?" on the rapid growth in our IQs. Are women now really brighter than men? And can we say gender, or even ethnicity, makes a difference? Or is it our created environment spurring us on? And what role is psychology playing in the global recession?

On this week's panel, Dr Raymond Miller of Auckland University is joined by political commentators Matthew Hooton and Josie Pagani.

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