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Published: 4:06PM Friday August 26, 2011 Source: Q+A

  • Paul Holmes
    Paul Holmes

On Q+A this week:

The Spirit Level has been one of the most influential political books of the past decade, even if strictly speaking its not about politics. Its thesis: That the gap between rich and poor is making us sicker, sadder and more violent. So with inequality set to become a major election issue, we speak to the author of The Spirit Level, Prof. Richard Wilkinson. Will reducing inequality reduce our other social problems? Or is it more complicated than that? And does such intervention risk stifling entrepreneurship, creativity and individual freedoms?

Then, tens of thousands of tourists will touchdown in New Zealand over the next few weeks, expecting a 100% pure experience. What will they make of our polluted lakes and rivers? Is the farming that drives our economy now putting our prosperity in jeopardy? Is it time to ask more of our farmers? Well debate the issue with Federated Farmers President Bruce Wills and Environmental Scientist Mike Joy.

On the panel this week, Political Analyst Dr Claire Robinson is joined by Chief Executive of the Waipareira Trust and former Cabinet minister John Tamihere and Business New Zealand CEO Phil OReilly.


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