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Puzzle Inc


About Puzzle Inc

Puzzle Inc

Your favourite blocks are back on Kidzone24 and more creative than ever, in the second series of Puzzle Inc.

Building on the popular first series, see the different shapes solve new problems and tell fresh stories.

From underwater wonders, to way out in space, modern art to ballets, children are introduced to the basics of colour, maths, physics and creativity and have the opportunity to interact to solve the puzzle before the shapes can.

Watch in wonder as they dance, bounce, skip and jump their way into your hearts all over again.

About the show

This popular Kiwi-made series features a bunch of colourful and loveable shapes, full of life, and packed with personality!

Circles, squares, triangles, rectangles and stars, energetically skipping, dancing, tumbling and solving problems while introducing our young viewers to the basics of shape, colour, maths, physics and creativity. 

Clumsy, sweet and comical, in the end they always get it right!  And they are having a ball!

Aimed at young children, this show takes them on an elaborate adventure to prove what shapes are really capable of creating. 

With distinctive sounds, button eyes, glorious colours and choreography to classical music as you've never heard it before, children everywhere will relate to the storylines, characters and humour. 

They will love interacting with the shapes to help them solve the problem, even before the shapes can!