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It doesn't take money to get ahead through property. It just takes willpower and a little know-how according to Olly Newland, millionaire property investor and host of Property Climbers. 

Newland returns with more expert advice on how to make big profits from property, and avoid the traps.

The episodes follow a range of property climbing Kiwis over several months as they each battle the obstacles and unknowns of their property climbing dreams.

Newland is still involved as the outspoken, confident font of wisdom on each property climbing venture, but his role expands in this series to look at some real life deals that provide insights into his personal success secrets and the deadly sins to avoid as a property climber.

He'll also offer occasional hands on advice to aspiring property climbers in the series when they hit a brick wall.

Viewers can expect plenty of useful investment tips and an entertaining (although sometimes bumpy) ride, as real people risk their hard-earned money.

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