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Pete and Addison? Really?

Pete's had a baby with Violet. Addison's just slept with McSteamy and given her best friend's husband the glad-eye. 

Is this the "growth" both characters had to go through before they could make a go of it?

Series star Tim Daly spoke to TV Guide about Pete's options:

TV Guide: You think it's time [Pete and Addison] got it on?

Tim: Daly: TV romances take time. If they burn out too quickly there's no place to go. But the spark between Pete and Addison has a good chance of combusting again.

TV Guide: Addison has obviously slept with both Derek and Mark and carried on a flirtation with Sam. Does all her doctor playing with associates bother Pete?

Tim Daly: Oh for God's sake, Pete cant be worried about that. Especially not Pete, who has banged receptionists and psychiatrists. Please. Its a freaking Petri dish on Private Practice. We're all swimming around in each others bodily fluids all the time.

Sounds like Addison and Pete may be burning up our screens again shortly. Can't wait!