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Kadee talks Grey's Anatomy and Sexology!

Kadee Strickland as Charlotte in Private Practice on TV2

Well well well... It turns out Private Practice will be getting some McSteamy action shortly!

Dr Mark Sloan will be gracing Oceanside Wellness' shores in another upcoming Grey's Anatomy / Private Practice crossover (airing Tuesday 20 April at 8.30pm, TV2) 

Private Practice series star Kadee Strickland (Charlotte) told US TV Guide: "You'll get a taste of what you love with Addison and Sloan.We know their relationship is never simple."

When asked about what it was like working with Eric Dane, Strickland responded:

"He kept saying, 'Everyones so nice!'... I'm sure he feels safe and nice [on set at Grey's Anatomy] and now he gets to come over [to the Private Practice set]. It's like he just changed schools."

Talking about her character Charlotte and her recent appointment at Oceanside Wellness, Strickland couldn't be happier with her storylines:

"This whole sexology thing that I get to do? It runs the gamut from trannies to sexual dysfunction. I have tons of stuff to play with. I can't wait!"