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Amy Brenneman as Dr Violet Turner

Amy Brenneman as Violet in Private Practice on TV2

Dr Violet Turner (Amy Brenneman) is a psychiatrist at the Oceanside Wellness Centre. 

Able to deftly advise her patients in their relationships, she's intense, determined and unwilling to let outsiders see the obvious cracks in her veneer. 

Violet dated both Sheldon and Pete at the same time, and has recently discovered she is pregnant with no idea who the father is. Her best friend, Dr Cooper Freedman, has moved in to her home in order to support her during her pregnancy.

Key quote for Violet's character:

Cooper: You're just... you're, uh, you're just honest. That's your fatal flaw. It's my favorite thing about you.
Violet: All right.
Cooper: Come here.
Violet: You want to help me run the bike over with my car?
Cooper: Absolutely.

About Amy Brenneman

In 2005 Amy Brenneman concluded her final season as star, producer and co-creator of the hit drama series Judging Amy.

Her role as Judge Amy Gray garnered two American TV Guide Awards, three Golden Globe Award nominations, three Emmy Award nominations, a People's Choice Award nomination, as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series.

Her first big break was starring as Janice Licalsi in NYPD Blue.

Brenneman's most recent projects include: Nine Lives; 88 Minutes; The Jane Austen Book Club; and Downloading Nancy.

Film credits include Heat; Your Friends And Neighbours; Nevada; Off The Map; The Suburbans; and she appeared in Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her, opposite Glenn Close, Cameron Diaz, Calista Flockhart, Kathy Baker and Holly Hunter.